Adjective "Brown" Definition and Examples




    1. a dark tertiary color with a yellowish or reddish hue.

    2. Offensive. a person whose skin has a light- or dark-brown pigmentation. adjective, browner, brownest.

    3. of the color brown.

    4. (of animals) having skin, fur, hair, or feathers of that color.

    5. sunburned or tanned.

    6. Often Offensive. (of human beings) having the skin naturally pigmented a brown color. verb (used with or without object)

    7. to make or become brown.

    8. to fry, sauté, or scorch slightly in cooking: t


    "people can be brown without burnings."

    "wallpapers can be brown with greases."

    "skins can be brown from winds."

    "rices can be brown instead of whites."

    "photographs can be brown at edges."

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