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Having a distance larger than usual from side to side; wide.
  1. 'To get such a line across the neck suggests something broad had been pressed into the neck.'
  2. 'Over all is a brilliant blue sky with broad white streaks, and horizontal lines of tiny crosses representing, presumably, stars.'
  3. 'Mary buries her face into Ace's broad shoulder.'
  4. 'At last we left the main highway and turned into a still narrower road, barely one lane wide, with broad dirt shoulders.'
  5. 'It was this colour that tinted his broad moustache, and the short, precise goatee on his chin.'
  6. 'Lifeline Sudan flies in Hercules in broad circles over the area days before food drops.'
  7. 'Thailand's flag consists of a broad blue horizontal band at the center, with narrower bands of stripes above and below it; the inner ones are white, the outer ones red.'
  8. 'Along one side rose a broad staircase, while a door on the left led into the kitchen and a couple more opened out at the far end.'
  9. 'One was a tremendously tall man, with broad shoulders and huge muscles.'
  10. 'Burlap reappears in Work II as the ground on which Jensen painted broad, black brushstrokes suggesting a Japanese mountain landscape.'
  11. 'the valley is three miles long and half a mile broad'
  12. 'The castle itself was measured as being 56 feet high, 56 feet broad, and 38 feet in width, and the thickness of the walls was said to be 8 feet.'
  13. 'a broad expanse of paddy fields'
  14. 'They need to go out in the middle of a sinkhole area and try to find the confining layer - to see if it covers a truly broad area - but they don't do that.'
  15. 'Five upward-facing tines Dr. Baker capture tissue and spread pressure over a broad area, facilitating sturdy fixation and reattachment.'
  16. 'He felt that one would need a significant crack for a fast flow of water between the joints, unless the water accumulated over a broad horizontal area and then formed one rivulet.'
  17. 'While the game examined a broad array of mission areas, our focus was on how the key mission areas of SMDC affect the Objective Force.'
  18. 'The sink-under-counter style of installation, common in Brazil, provides a clean look and allows a broad drainage area.'
  19. 'At the pyramid's apex, the route emerges onto the Shoulder, a broad hump at roughly 26,000 feet and the site of the fourth and final camp before reaching the top.'
  20. 'The sand in the lag deposit arrived at the shore through the action of streams and rivers, meaning that it was collected over a broad area and concentrated in this shore deposit.'
  21. 'I cross the broad area in front of Pass Creek at the 13 mile mark, note the strength of the venturi in the pass as significant, then drive into Red Rocks.'
  22. 'Running buffalo clover once occurred over a broad area of the Midwest.'
Covering a large number and wide scope of subjects.
  1. 'The observations of travellers to Scotland dating back to the 1540s is the subject of this broad selection of material on display at the National Library of Scotland.'
  2. 'Whilst not wanting to obscure these differences, the aim of this paper is to present a broad overview of its subject matter and will discuss English and Scottish beliefs as a whole.'
  3. 'This is a very broad provision, which subjects a wide range of activity to potential criminal penalties.'
  4. 'I have a shallow but broad knowledge of the subject.'
  5. 'Nevertheless, it provides a broad treatment of the subject, including its historical, mechanical, and human dimensions.'
  6. 'Students study a broad choice of subjects over two years, together with a programme of studies designed to develop the student and foster his or her analytical, social and creative skills.'
  7. 'The scope is broad, ranging from international to local events.'
  8. 'Inevitably with such a broad scope and a range of contributors the overall quality is uneven.'
  9. 'Though its title initially suggests an impossibly broad subject, The Black Experience is the story of one Pan-African man.'
  10. 'The subject matter is broad and connects readily with various branches and sub-disciplines of philosophy including the philosophies of law and of economics.'
  11. 'our range of programmes comprises three broad categories'
  12. 'Its range of applicability is broad and seeks to gain understanding of every aspect of the biological world.'
  13. 'A renewable, tissue culture source of human cells capable of differentiating into a wide variety of cell types would have broad applications in basic research and therapeutic techniques.'
  14. 'Since space and missile operations have a wide application, civilian applications are equally broad.'
  15. 'I've come to the conclusion that they are invoking an unwritten rule, a rule with broad application and ramifications.'
  16. 'I define feminism in the broad terms of any deed or action that promotes the equality and liberation of women.'
  17. 'Thankfully, it seems hard to imagine that Disney will be granted this rather broad patent.'
  18. 'They are a small firm with some big ideas for the broad applications of nanotechnology.'
  19. 'the polls registered broad support for Labour'
  20. 'Finally, this poll is being cited as showing broad support for affirmative action and a rejection on the Administration's position in the Michigan cases.'
  21. 'The issue is that to be effective, cultural rebellion, by definition, has to be acting in opposition to something with broad support.'
  22. 'Bush reached out for the broad support of Americans on Wednesday, even those who voted against him.'
  23. 'The regime demands formal negotiations leading to economic assistance and broad support for its internal security.'
  24. 'But from within Mr Sharon's own Cabinet I think there was broad support for this strike, and in fact there's more support for him to go even further, as I said.'
  25. 'Clearly there's some unfairness of the tax code; it's got broad support if we eliminate the marriage penalty tax and the death tax.'
  26. 'Meanwhile, Fine Gael councillor John Browne said he was encouraged by the broad support he received at the recent meeting of Carlow County Council when he raised the matter.'
  27. 'This has broad coalition support and it's bipartisan, and I hope that it can be the real center of discussion as we solve this problem.'
  28. 'Home Rule was not a natural demand of the working class, and Biagini exaggerates the anti-statism of the working class, as there was broad support for intervention and regulation of the economy.'
  29. 'The Chief Executive of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Peter Hendy, says unions are set to fail in its push to get broad community support.'
General; without detail.
  1. 'These are all very broad, general traits and there are always exceptions.'
  2. 'This is, of course, in addition to his unfortunate tendency to make ridiculously broad generalizations and radically oversimplify complex social and moral issues.'
  3. 'This seems like a broad generalisation, but studies have shown what I just explained.'
  4. 'This is the broad agenda for these projects and we hope to report on it in future independent and replicated studies.'
  5. 'It also provides a broad timetable for the future availability of various systems.'
  6. 'The mediums much prefer generalities, broad statements, and vague hints, all of which can be ‘interpreted’ generously.'
  7. 'By World War I their tactics and strategies linked the national to the local in a broad agenda for change.'
  8. 'I stand by the comment as a broad generalisation, and I justify it on more than grounds of narrow personal prejudice.'
  9. 'When I was making Weed Forestin, I was writing in incredibly general, broad terms.'
  10. 'Even the inclusion of the subjects of finance and technology is hardly significant for the developing countries as the work envisaged in these fields is of a very general and broad nature.'
  11. 'a broad hint'
  12. 'Ministers have dropped broad hints that this is when Labour will try to win a third term.'
  13. 'From 1935 to the present, the U.S. census offers some broad indication of the rates of return migration during the southern exodus.'
  14. 'They say they have been given a broad indication that the club wants to stay - but no deal has been struck yet.'
  15. 'The way land speculation hit the private housing market gives us a broad hint of how personal spending power was reduced.'
  16. 'If so, can you name the companies, languages, and give a broad indication of the price paid?'
  17. 'At the awards ceremony, Chris Cairns dropped a broad hint that he might not be retiring from Test cricket just yet, as had been suggested in the media.'
  18. 'In his valedictory speech to the parliament, Cox stopped short of asking for the job of commission president, but dropped broad hints.'
  19. 'Marr professes - rather implausibly - not to be too aware of the issues, but gives a broad hint that he would be against the idea.'
  20. 'Deleeuw suggests that Shakespeare seems to be making rather broad hints about the contradictory nature of the play in these initial scenes.'
  21. 'But Philip Ashdown, the school's chairman of governors dropped a broad hint that Mrs White would be reinstated as head of the school.'
  22. 'The goal of a broad transcription is to record the phonemes that a speaker uses rather than the actual spoken variants of those phonemes that are produced.'
Somewhat coarse and indecent.
  1. 'The humour is broad and robust, but underneath the comedy is delicately balanced with pathos.'
  2. 'Some of the humour may be too broad for more sophisticated audiences, but overall this is a charming way to spend a couple of hours.'
  3. 'He was proud, he said, to come from Kent, ‘where I doubt not is spoken as broad and rude English as is in any place of England’.'
(of a regional accent) very noticeable and strong.
  1. 'He didn't fit the usual rock-star template, after all: he wasn't tall or macho and he didn't disguise his broad North London accent when he sang.'
  2. 'He has the pale, pasty set of the sedentary, a fleshy padding of indulgence and a deep, broad accent with an odd similarity to that of Charles Kennedy.'
  3. 'It was only the following Monday that my manager put his head round the door, and in his broad Dublin accent said just one sentence to me.'
  4. 'Many in the Asian community are born and bred in Keighley and have broad West Yorkshire accents; others have been there for 30 or 40 years.'
  5. 'My father was a bit cross about my accent being too broad - my brothers and sisters were all nicely spoken - and he tried to stop it.'
  6. 'You can see this sense of place in the parts she has played, a largely working-class roster of roles that allows her to keep her broad accent, an accent she says she never wants to lose.'
  7. 'I developed a broad New Zealand accent to annoy my 4th form speech teacher and now I can't get rid of it.'
  8. 'It's an intriguing partnership because Timson sounds very humorous, talks in a broad Lancashire accent and swears like a trooper.'
  9. 'When Bradfordian Hasan Jamal visited a small village in Pakistan the last thing he expected to hear was a broad Yorkshire accent.'
  10. 'Mr Golding is fascinated by the stories surrounding the making of Kes, including the withdrawal of American backing because executives could not understand the broad Barnsley accents.'


A woman.
  1. 'We listen to tough old broad Elaine Stritch belt out a song about tough old broads.'
  2. 'Those broads thought ‘nice’ was nothing more than a place in the south of France to go and get a suntan.'
  3. 'The group has plodded along for more than a decade, balancing ‘real jobs’ with a nice dose of touring, beer, broads, beer… did I mention beer?'
  4. 'I didn't anticipate the broads to be so pleasing to the eye is all.'
  5. 'Her strong, independent characters have more in common with the sassy broads of 1940s and 1950s Hollywood than the insipid, passive roles generally meted out to today's luckless ingénues.'
  6. 'But this is a good show that not only evokes Merman's artistry, but also reminds us that she helped transform Broadway leading ladies from demure innocents to tough and knowing broads.'
  7. 'I asked the bartender (who I started referring to as ‘Greg’ because he looked like a Greg even though his name tag said ‘Stan’) where all the broads were and he just started laughing.'
  8. 'Man, let me tell you, they don't make broads like that any more.'
  9. 'Apparently he had a bevy of broads from the Bronx caring for him, and, in fact, it seemed as though his apartment had become somewhat of a community center.'
  10. 'I still intend to get that film before the group as a tour de force of big-shouldered broads gloriously over-acting.'


1. of great breadth: The river was too broad to swim across.

2. measured from side to side: The desk was three feet broad.

3. of great extent; large: the broad expanse of ocean.

4. widely diffused; open; full: We awoke to broad daylight.

5. not limited or narrow; of extensive range or scope: A modern doctor must have a broad knowledge of medicine.

6. liberal; tolerant: A broad interpretation of the law tempers justice with mercy.

7. main or

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"distributions can be broad with bids."

"wings can be broad at bases."

"terms can be broad for likings."

"studies can be broad in scopes."

"spreads can be broad with mines."

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Old English brād, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch breed and German breit.


broad in the beam
in broad daylight