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Physically strong; muscular.
  1. 'Gordon had brawny tattooed arms'
  2. 'The man facing them was taller than both by a few inches, and had strong, brawny arms.'
  3. 'Sister Miriam was tucked under his brawny arm, her head resting on her father's chest.'
  4. 'By comparison, Frederick looked more like his father, strongly built and brawny.'
  5. 'Under the hood there's a brawny but ultimately very civilised 2.4-litre engine, outputting 170 hp.'
  6. 'The two we select are brawny with fresh fruit and flavour.'
  7. 'It's as big and brawny as you would expect, a classic barbecue wine made in an inky, take-no-prisoners style.'
  8. 'Avery looked to see a brawny, muscular man walking their way.'
  9. 'Two strong, brawny arms reached down and went under the vampire's back.'
  10. 'Unless he watched his step, the brawny man could fall into the channel and drown, only to wash up in a distant place hours - days - later.'
  11. 'I admire the brawny bravado of the pretence, but I'm not convinced.'


1. muscular; strong.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be brawny with musculatures."

"arms can be brawny."

"workers can be brawny."

"wagons can be brawny."

"people can be brawny."

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