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Stupid; very foolish.
  1. 'The decisions of the King will turn out to be more brainless, stupid, foolish, senseless, and imbecilic.'
  2. 'What better place to celebrate brainless caterwauling and noisy drivel?'
  3. 'I'm going to go and read a brainless blockbuster instead.'
  4. 'Churchy is a little too brainless to resist evil at first, though too good-natured to persist in it.'
  5. 'But it's hard to be motivated about a project you're really sick of, that's mostly brainless.'
  6. 'Don't succumb to the squealing demands of the noisy and brainless.'
  7. 'Many assume we are brainless, archaic and ignorant brutes.'
  8. 'He's the stupid, brainless one, and I won't give him any satisfaction.'
  9. 'I smash my car in a completely my fault brainless bimbo type accident, and then I get to not pay for the repairs.'
  10. 'These people, most of them serious, brainless people with no sense of humour, have to think of an insulting nickname for me.'


1. mentally weak; foolish; witless; stupid.

More examples(as adjective)

"sheeps can be brainless."

"people can be brainless."

"urchins can be brainless."

"times can be brainless."

"roads can be brainless."

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