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Squarish in shape.
  1. 'And to be fair, the look of Robots - inspired by the boxy, streamlined look of mid-20 th-century cars and kitchen appliances - does have some charm.'
  2. 'Looking at the unit itself, it seems to be fairly sturdy, which is not a surprise considering its boxy shape.'
  3. 'Although 25% of American households have at least one, many interior designers hate this boxy, tactless armchair.'
  4. 'The exterior locations benefit also from the inherent visual drama of wood-frame houses and boxy, refitted mill buildings seen against the tumescent Berkshire hills.'
  5. 'Next door to a rose-colored, angel-bedecked church, the boxy school glowers behind barred gates like those that surround prisons.'
  6. 'The valets at the Argyle wear boxy grey uniforms that look like overwashed costumes from a 30s musical.'
  7. 'These TV's were very big, very boxy, and not in color.'
  8. 'Toyota and Honda are placing their bets on highly utilitarian boxy shapes oriented towards outdoor recreation.'
  9. 'They presented a huge black miniature city made of machine parts, complete with railroads, an aircraft hangar, boxy apartment blocks, factories and power stations.'
  10. 'I just adore these shiny structured boxy jackets.'
  11. 'the diagonal floor pattern makes the room seem less boxy'
  12. 'Mick is a typical twenty something Essex boy, clerking in the Accounts Department of a local business, living in a boxy flat, and hanging out in the bars and clubs of Basildon at weekends with his little gang.'
  13. 'Fashionable hipsters and art patrons mingled in the boxy gallery tucked in New York's chic Chelsea district.'
  14. 'In New York, it played at the Film Forum, an admirable NYC institution, but also a boxy venue with so little ambience that it may as well be the big screen TV in an eccentric friend's basement.'
  15. 'They loved the charming exterior and intimate feel of the 1939 saltbox, but the interior layout of boxy little rooms was slightly claustrophobic.'
  16. 'I'd immediately see how boxy and small they were,’ says Isherwood.'
  17. 'It's boxy, but you can't beat a 3,000 sq ft home for less than $200k.'
  18. 'Once a boxy room with a tiny adjoining cloakroom, it has been transformed into a contemporary double bedroom with sleeping platform and luxurious en-suite wet room.'
  19. 'The shortage of property in the south means that boxy apartments and bog-standard houses in London's squashed suburbs sell for silly money.'
  20. 'No-one makes them live in those boxy little flats on sprawling council estates, after all.'
  21. 'This in turn required every heated room to adjoin a chimney, dictating compact, boxy floor plans.'
  22. 'Body-miked and artificially boosted in the National's boxy acoustic, the music does not sound anything like opera (unless you listen to opera on jogging headphones).'
  23. 'At times, the recording may seem a bit boxy but on the whole, it has transferred well to disc.'
  24. 'They are a great for apartments but they usually have a boxy sound.'
  25. 'Outstanding beauty was marred by boxy acoustics and the artificiality of studio work.'
  26. 'Unfortunately, the drums do present a problem on ‘Delirious’, a boxy, somewhat shrill piece that utilizes spare, dissonant guitar lines.'
  27. 'The sound is the dry, boxy one favored by Columbia throughout much of its history.'
  28. 'When a wedge sounds boxy, it is often blamed on the preponderance of room modes in a live performance space.'
  29. 'There's still no give to their boxy style of guitar playing.'


1. like or resembling a box, especially in shape: a boxy little house.

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"eras can be boxy."

"structures can be boxy."

"qualities can be boxy."

"launchers can be boxy."

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