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A container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid.
  1. 'a hat box'
  2. 'We carry boxes along a dark, narrow corridor, that has steps up at either end, meaning that it is sunken.'
  3. 'However, simply stuffing empty boxes into a green bin or tossing a used can into an environmentally-friendly container isn't recycling.'
  4. 'It also enhances your gripping power, and helps to strengthen muscles that are used in lifting boxes and other heavy items that you may encounter during household chores.'
  5. 'Officers raided the flat and seized seven boxes containing 72,000 cigarettes.'
  6. 'I pulled a few boxes from the dark attic, using a flashlight, listening to the mice scurry around.'
  7. 'He slammed his feet down hard and rolled the boxes forward under his weight.'
  8. 'She didn't recall injuring herself, but she had been lifting heavy boxes.'
  9. 'Everything nowadays comes in high quality, glossy cardboard boxes, or tins with lovely labels on.'
  10. 'A ripening banana put in a lidded box with green tomatoes turns them red.'
  11. 'The presence of the dozen or so cardboard boxes was hard to miss.'
  12. 'I am fairly certain that cold medication was developed for moms who need to make it through the day without collapsing into a box of tissues.'
  13. 'We were given a box of mystery ingredients and had to come up with something in five minutes.'
  14. 'Seb crossed his legs and gave me a contented smile, taking a handful of MY box of cheesy snacks.'
  15. 'We aren't content with one box of fresh berries, or one balmy day in the garden, or one vacation sometime later.'
  16. 'But you have to be a real wizard in the kitchen to be able to turn a box of random ingredients into a meal that would not feel out of place at a fancy restaurant.'
  17. 'But before I went to the party, I had to get rid of two boxes of Green Party pamphlets.'
  18. 'I can't just go around frivolously spending my hard earned cash on boxes of cookies, to support an organization that has nothing to do with me.'
  19. 'Instead, I'm going to sit here and work my way through our box of 64 granola bars.'
  20. 'Macaroni is my favorite meal but I can't eat a whole box!'
  21. 'How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?'
  22. 'we sat around watching the box'
  23. 'but all I really did as a kid was play in the street and watch the box.'
  24. 'She merely sat curled up on the sofa, the remote for the large screen television in hand, and watched the box quietly, waiting for her friend to arise.'
  25. 'As predicted I stayed home Friday night, kicked back and watched all manner of light entertainment on the box.'
  26. 'the new model is half the cost of an equivalent IBM box'
  27. 'It does nothing except copy a bit of code and has no effect until the box is re-started.'
  28. 'Unplugging and plugging back in the box didn't do anything either.'
  29. 'I always thought I'd be in a box when I finally left here'
  30. 'They stand up, slowly, then pace their dispassionate bodies toward those two coffins, coffin-like boxes.'
An area on a page that is to be filled in or that contains separate printed matter.
  1. 'The remainder of the boxes were filled by pupils in the local Convent Primary School, children attending the playschool and also the little girls in the Brownie group.'
  2. 'They draw up the page with boxes for ads, stories and photographs.'
  3. 'It was a bit of a theme among players and staff in the wake of this triumph, a result that proves Gretna tick the only boxes that matter.'
  4. 'Applicants must indicate their wish to participate in this Scheme by marking the appropriate box on the front page of the application form.'
  5. 'Then click the X box in the upper right hand corner of the screen to return to the desktop.'
  6. 'Now they're forced to tick boxes and fill paperwork in.'
  7. 'Then there's about a million boxes to fill in, but hardly any of them apply to me.'
  8. 'The boxes can also be displayed with or without a caption and colors can be customized.'
  9. 'For those who have visited the site over the year and filled the comment box, thank you and keep it up.'
  10. 'None of this sways the lunatic, however, and the boxes are printed.'
  11. 'a new box appears containing the names of all the programs which are opened'
  12. 'Six boxes appear on the computer screen, each of which contains a different shape designed to be difficult to describe in words.'
  13. 'I've got a complex Javascript form which assembles a search string from information the user has typed into various input boxes.'
  14. 'One at a time, x's start to appear in the boxes on the screen, and you are told that every time this happens you are to push the key corresponding to the box.'
  15. 'Double-clicking on the directory brings the user to the Linux box with the test data, without realizing it.'
  16. 'Your password is a phrase which can be as long as you like, although the box displays about 70-odd characters at a time.'
  17. 'I didn't check the others, but the Opteron box was displaying a generic screensaver over a locked console.'
  18. 'This landing page draws attention to the auction information boxes.'
  19. 'Participants were asked to guess which of four identical boxes appearing on the screen had been selected by the computer.'
  20. 'Leonti stared at the information box displayed on the main monitor of the Sestuan.'
  21. 'For example, users can type queries directly into the search box on the TrustWatch toolbar.'
  22. 'The green cycle lanes and advance stop boxes at traffic lights across the city make life safer for cyclists and could well be saving lives, but accidents that don't happen don't get into the press.'
  23. 'They'll buy this car because it's cheap, and as a result of that, they're going to be tearing around Britain's yellow boxes and bus lanes in a genuinely very good little car.'
  24. 'He carried the ball at pace from halfway towards the box before cracking a right-foot shot from 20 yards out.'
  25. 'Amoruso rose to meet a Ricksen corner and the ball broke in the six-yard box and Flo smacked it into the net for his 21st of the season.'
  26. 'The Hearts captain, in possession, tried to check his run in the box and was bumped over by his pursuer.'
  27. 'Meehan could only blast over from the left hand side of the box after Ferguson slid a precision pass through to him.'
  28. 'ten thousand people booed him when he stepped into the box'
  29. 'He'll never be a star defensively or on the base paths, so his value will come when he's in the batter's box.'
  30. 'He added to his reputation by telling all that he would hit his mother with a pitch if she walked into the batter's box.'
  31. 'If he does, the umpire will merely direct the proper batter to take his place in the batter's box while inheriting the count.'
  32. 'His world may be a mess, but the one place he can control things is in the batter's box.'
  33. 'This leaves the umpire in a position of judgment as to whether or not the batter is properly in the box at least six inches away from home plate.'
  34. 'He inexplicably carried the ball out of the box, dropped it and retrieved it with his hand.'
  35. 'As a batter steps into the box, Vin tells you where he comes from, what his mother and father do, or what he likes to read.'
  36. 'He will be in the batter's box facing Major League pitching every fifth day.'
  37. 'With Edmonds on first base, McGwire started to move from the on-deck circle to the batter's box.'
A separate section or enclosed area reserved for a group of people in a theatre or sports ground, or for witnesses or the jury in a law court.
  1. 'We took our seats in a private box, something that Julius had insisted on trying.'
  2. 'The pair caused quite a stir when they took their seats in the VIP box at Fenway Park.'
  3. 'Croke Park will raise about €22 million next year from the resale of corporate boxes and premium level seats in the Cusack Stand.'
  4. 'What truly matters is the revenue a stadium is able to generate, through such things as luxury boxes, personal seat licenses, and signage.'
  5. 'Thankfully, one of the stadium staff kicked her out of our box.'
  6. 'Who does the NFL think is buying those high-priced seats and luxury boxes?'
  7. 'There will be around 18,000 ‘premium’ seats and 160 executive boxes.'
  8. 'It could obtain the most popular seats, in the boxes and bleachers, and it did.'
  9. 'At the root of the issue is whether Fisher is viewed as a saviour of Exiles rugby, or simply as more interested in saving his own seat in the committee box.'
  10. 'More women sat in the uncovered area on the other side of the government box, but they were much fewer in number than were the men.'
  11. 'Available at furniture, storage supply, or home stores, these boxes come with open shelves, doors, or drawers.'
  12. 'The fishing behind the boxes has slowed down considerably due to the havoc caused by the seals that come into the Ridge Pool with the high tide.'
A protective casing for a piece of a mechanism.
  1. 'Sitting upon a cushion of black foam was a head-sized piece of intricate machinery, composed of a box and three cylinders along one corner.'
  2. 'He laid it down and pressed a blue button on the mechanical box.'
  3. 'The gear is fused into a series of thick, metallic protective boxes situated between the vehicle's passenger and driver seats.'
  4. 'G. Rinker designed and constructed the mechanical feeding boxes.'
  5. 'They continued on like this, until the little box attached to the wall, buzzed.'
  6. 'The woman named Price moves forward and brings out a small box with a red light.'
  7. 'She removed another device, a mechanical box connected by a cord to a piece of metal with a plastic handle.'
  8. 'About half a pint later the box vibrated violently, lights flashed and a voice ordered me back to the waitress, as a seat was waiting.'
  9. 'The emergency shut-off device was housed in a control box situated inside the engine room crew changing room.'
  10. 'Once out of its protective box, any kind of radio wave can potentially ignite it until it is inserted inside the bomb.'
  11. 'Simply plant the accelerator, try to keep pace with the gearchanges in the six-speed box and soak up the noise.'
  12. 'Drop it down to second with some clunking from the sequential box, the revs rise, press the pedal to the floor and the world blurs.'
  13. 'Bungee cords hold the stereo box to the dash, a pair of gloves and a folded shirt serve as shock absorbers between the box and the dash.'
  14. 'The gear ratios of the five-speed box are well spaced and the shifting is smooth.'
  15. 'I realise that Thailand is not a cricketing nation, but wonder if protective boxes are available in Pattaya.'
  16. 'But afterwards they padded me back up and pushed me out the door again - only to discover that they hadn't put my box or thigh-pad back on!'
A facility at a newspaper office for receiving replies to an advertisement.
  1. 'Customers will still have to wait for these boxes - possibly until mid-year, said Sun's chief marketing officer Anil Gadre.'
  2. 'The postman leaves the place mechanically dropping the letters into the boxes, which are collected by the residents leisurely, sometimes a day or two later.'
  3. 'This may mean renting a post-office box without the patient's knowledge.'
  4. 'After Paige went in her room, Emily looked at the box and saw a letter with her name on it.'
  5. 'Ayako rushed down the aisles of little boxes until she reached box 884.'
  6. 'Upon my return from Hobart, I was excited to have the Collingwood FC letter in the box.'
  7. 'They scanned rows of boxes until they found what they were looking for.'
  8. 'The Company's mailing address was a postal box near Mr. Hermitt's home.'
  9. 'He said adding boxes by enlarging the post office building is not feasible because of the costs of renovating the structure.'
A woman's vagina.


    Put in or provide with a box.
    1. 'Muriel boxed up all Christopher's clothes'
    2. 'Once they are butchered and boxed up for shipment, these whales will make their way to market where choice cuts will be sold as delicacies.'
    3. '‘Okay, now you,’ she said as the woman boxed up her dress.'
    4. 'We bought Chinese food for the first and last time from one of those walk-in joints with the pictures of the food above the register that never look like the grayish beige slop they boxed up for you.'
    5. 'They're so used to being commodified that they're anxious to be digitally miniaturized and boxed up in video games - it's no wonder they can't coalesce as a team.'
    6. 'Some of the boxes even have dates of 2001 and 2002 posted on the labels, which I hope doesn't mean the date they were boxed up and put into storage.'
    7. 'It's an enormous room, and it's completely covered in china that looks as if it should be boxed up and sent to the nearest car-boot sale.'
    8. 'So the last of the snow has finally been boxed up and shipped off to the needy, and with it went my last excuses for not exercising.'
    9. 'It was one of those memories you wish that could be boxed up with a nice red ribbon, bow and all, and give it to people as a present.'
    10. 'My mom, my sisters, and I boxed up photos, guns, and heirloom quilts.'
    11. 'No longer will they have to wear rubber gloves to rummage through a bin liner, now it will be clean and dry and boxed up for them.'
    12. 'Cis-regulatory elements described in the text are boxed.'
    13. 'The Walker A, Walker B, and ABC signatures are boxed.'
    14. 'Conserved sequence motifs are in boldface type and boxed with a solid line.'
    15. 'a van had double-parked alongside her car and totally boxed her in'
    16. 'However, over two furlongs out it looked as though Pat Eddery had the four-year-old in trouble as he was boxed in behind early leader Zaajer, seemingly with nowhere to go.'
    17. 'Apparently all the cars behind Mom and Dad were pulling out and passing our little caravan, thereby boxing Buddy in.'
    18. 'He has boxed us in to a situation where our only solution to our go-it-alone policy might well be forced conscription of our young people, and I'm against it.'
    19. 'The Ferrari then pulled in close in front of him, braking, while the Mercedes drew close behind, boxing him in.'
    20. 'To the redundant question of asking to define his style Doucet replied that ‘a style boxes you in [a painfully true statement in today's music scene] and I'm a happy student of all things combined.’'
    21. 'Never underestimate him, never try to box him in.'
    22. 'There's something about singing the part of an angel, or singing soubrette roles in opera, that categorises you and boxes you in, and I don't enjoy that very much when it happens.'
    23. 'I tried to push my way out and run but I was boxed in by the others.'
    24. 'They tried to box her in, but she moved too quickly.'
    25. 'Four years later, in Sydney, Ainslie returned the favor, boxing Scheidt in on the first upwind leg and then hanging on for the overall victory.'
    Mix up different flocks.

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      1. a container, case, or receptacle, usually rectangular, of wood, metal, cardboard, etc., and often with a lid or removable cover.

      2. the quantity contained in a box: She bought a box of candy as a gift.

      3. Chiefly British. a gift or present: a Christmas box.

      4. post-office box.

      5. a compartment or section in a public place, shut or railed off for the accommodation of a small number of people, especially in a theater, opera house, sports stadium, etc.

      6. a small enclosure or a

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      (box)Late Old English, probably from late Latin buxis, from Latin pyxis ‘boxwood box’, from Greek puxos (see box).


      be a box of birds
      box of tricks
      out of one's box
      out of the box
      think outside (or out of) the box