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A round, deep dish or basin used for food or liquid.
  1. as modifier 'a sugar bowl'
  2. 'Put the sugar and butter into the bowl of a food mixer and beat for several minutes till white and fluffy.'
  3. 'The soups were equally good; the potato soup was thick and creamy and was served in a deep bowl with a generous helping of croutons.'
  4. 'He has rapidly figured out that now the least whisker tickle on my cheek awakens me and food appears in his bowl without argument.'
  5. 'Place the flour and salt in the bowl of a food processor.'
  6. 'Granted we have a dog, and his bowl, often containing food, is usually on the kitchen floor, but I haven't noticed any of the birds feeding from it.'
  7. 'Pour liquid into a large bowl and mix in tomato juice, bell pepper, zucchini, onion, cayenne pepper and salt.'
  8. 'I put her food bowl in my kitchen, once again on the slick tile floor.'
  9. 'Put the egg yolk and sugar in a bowl and mix it well, then stir in the mascarpone and vanilla.'
  10. 'Mix the flour, sugar and raisins together in a bowl then add the liquid, stirring well to combine.'
  11. 'This was mixed in a glass bowl with the liquid liver extract and then rolled into balls to be left overnight to harden.'
  12. 'For the chilly version of a chafing dish, serve bowls or cups of food on ice-filled trays, platters, or foil pans.'
  13. 'Each click buys a bowl of food for a rescued animal.'
  14. 'Nicholl's aim is to rescue the real man - who lived in real time and ate real bowls of soup - behind the stereotyped image of the universal genius with which we are all familiar.'
  15. 'After finishing the beef, we ordered bowls of rice and Roti Canai, a kind of Indian crisp pancake, and mixed them in the curry sauce, which tasted delicious!'
  16. 'However, until then you can content yourself with giant bowls of hot noodles.'
  17. 'Not only were we giving out warm blankets to the residents, we were also providing over 1,000 bowls of hot pho ga (chicken noodle soup).'
  18. 'Student exhibitions will have bowls of hummus and chips whereas better galleries have brie, fruit platters and smoked salmon at their openings.'
  19. 'Eventually, the robbers left the bank with nothing more than their very queasy stomachs after having eaten a number of bowls of this wretched vanilla pudding.'
  20. 'Tony said: ‘Our bowls of porridge are a success with all age groups and people from all backgrounds.’'
  21. 'When I was volunteering for the AIDS Ride last year, there were these big bowls of creamy goop that covered the tables at every pit stop.'
  22. 'the McGeorge Rose Bowl'
  23. 'Achilles brings out the prizes for the foot race: a silver bowl for first, handed cup for second, and a half bar of gold for third.'
  24. 'City's Trust will collect £700 prize money and will also hold a commemorative bowl for 12 months.'
  25. 'At the time, the Cup was just the silver bowl atop what is now the trophy.'
  26. 'Last week, Fukuda took home another award - an engraved silver bowl from Tiffany.'
  27. 'The top three finishers in each division receive a wooden bowl as a trophy.'
  28. 'Top cash prize at the nationals is $25,000 plus a very nice silver bowl.'
  29. 'a toilet bowl'
  30. 'The cheesy photos of Georgia that ring the bowl of the arena add nothing.'
  31. 'Now I was seeing mental images of water swirling down the toilet bowl because that's where this conversation was headed.'
  32. 'The sewerage was coming up the toilet bowl in one house.'
  33. 'Personally, I find this practice extremely vulgar, as there always remains evidence of their habit in the U-bend of their toilet bowl.'
  34. 'There are studies that have been shown that if you don't put the toilet lid down, that when you flush the toilet, the drops from the toilet bowl will reach the ceiling.'
  35. 'They unscrewed a Mason jar inside a toilet bowl to get that hollow, massive echo.'
  36. 'Our rubber boots went squish on the way down and sounded something like a plunger being removed from a toilet bowl on the way up.'
  37. 'Sometimes I'd just like to dunk my face in the toilet bowl, slam the lid on it; and commit sewercide!'
  38. 'And next thing you know, you're puking in the toilet bowl, and people are laughing.'
  39. 'She was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet bowl, wounds far from being cleaned, clothes sweat-drenched and dirty.'
  40. 'She then twirled the staff around, then came down into a half-crouch, stabbing down at the ground with the bowl of the staff.'
  41. 'hey, you wanna smoke a bowl with us?'
A natural basin.
  1. 'The levees created the bowl, and now the breach in the levees is filling that bowl up with water.'
  2. 'Beckoning below is a stadium-sized bowl of fresh powder atop an impressive base.'
  3. 'Where the road was, the house seemed to be at the bottom of a shallow bowl of weeds and terrain.'
A stadium for sporting or musical events.
  1. 'This created the effect of a massive bowl with the arena at the lowest point.'
  2. 'Perhaps Bertie might consider an amphitheatre for the orchestra, after he has built the bowl, of course.'
  3. 'Cleveland has a fresh face and while Pittsburgh is in the process of ditching the Three Rivers' stadium, it is not to build a space-age out-of-town bowl or dome.'
  4. 'Widespread grumbling filled the Celtic Park bowl yesterday when the fourth official held up a board revealing four minutes of time to be added on.'
  5. 'The Red Berets all landed safely, although one of them almost rearranged some seating in the northern bowl area of the stadium.'
  6. 'The defence which resisted Holland in the orange bowl of the arena for two hours last week was breached three times at home by Denmark during the qualifying campaign.'
  7. as modifier 'their last four bowl games'
  8. 'If they stay in the top six, they will be guaranteed a berth in one of the four most lucrative bowl games.'
  9. 'Back in my day that was okay because there were only four bowl games.'
  10. 'The Fighting Irish play seven bowl teams from 2000, including Nebraska and Tennessee.'
  11. 'There's still a chance for the Big Ten to place nine teams in bowl games this season.'
  12. 'But after two games it's clear Dame will have a hard time just getting into a bowl.'
  13. 'The Broncos' only previous bowl games were three wins the previous four seasons in the Humanitarian Bowl on their campus.'
  14. 'You have your teams in the bowl games that are strong; anyone one can beat anybody on that level.'
  15. 'Sixteen teams will compete in the group stages on Saturday, with the bowl, plate and finals to take place the following day.'
  16. 'And coming off of two straight bowl seasons and with 18 starters returning, it should be a grand finale.'
  17. 'Michigan and Oklahoma were the two teams we faced the last two bowl games, and we were prepared.'


A wooden or hard rubber ball, slightly asymmetrical so that it runs on a curved course, used in the game of bowls.
  1. 'Stay down until the bowl has travelled a few metres, then bring the back foot up alongside the front foot to complete the delivery.'
  2. 'He came back with a bruise on his cheek where the troll had hit him with a wooden bowl, and grinning like a mad man.'
  3. 'William shrugged, and gripped the bowl with his left hand, picking at something brown with the other.'
  4. 'Correction may involve using a smaller bowl or changing the grip from fingertip to claw.'
  5. 'Staying down until the jack or bowl has travelled 4 to 5 metres towards your objective position is strongly recommended.'
A spell or turn of bowling in cricket.
  1. 'He had his first bowl in senior cricket, sending down a tidy over.'
  2. 'If the opposition bowls well sometimes, we might not score at that rate, but if you look in the recent past the margin of error for the opposition bowlers is quite small, so they've got to be right on top of their game.'


Roll (a ball or other round object) along the ground.
  1. 'I think it's very, very obvious when a ball is not bowled.'
  2. 'You are not allowed to change the angle of your arm as you bowl the ball.'
  3. 'At dawn alert next day Suwanti chained the dogs away from a round jungle-green enigma then bowled the baby into the hedge to its kind.'
  4. 'He didn't bowl a ball in anger for over a year and is only now gently feeling his way back.'
  5. 'This from a little boy with home-made stumps bowling tennis balls.'
(of a bowler) propel (the ball) with a straight arm towards the batsman, typically in such a way that the ball bounces once.
  1. no object 'Sobers bowled to Willis'
  2. 'When the first ball was bowled, Mandira gave a simple catch.'
  3. 'Indian sportswriters covering the game found the city thick with rumors long before the first ball was bowled.'
  4. 'Pollock bowled the first ball of the innings to Trescothick, it went near the bat, the batsman's led, the batsman's forearm and there were a couple of noises.'
  5. 'It was re-arranged to take place at the HSBC Bank Sports Club ground at Beckenham last month - but was again rained off, without a ball being bowled.'
  6. 'Without bowling a ball at Waringstown yesterday, their ICC Trophy Group A clash against the USA was called off due to heavy rain.'
  7. 'A ball wasn't bowled at Alexandra Meadows last week, and their league match against Rishton was abandoned with Bacup on course for victory.'
  8. 'Just five balls were bowled in Barrow's innings when rain forced the players off the field.'
  9. 'Challengers Windermere and Warton were due to come head-to-head for the first time this summer but not a ball was bowled at Windermere because of the conditions.'
  10. 'As soon as Lawson bowled the first ball I've seen him bowl the howl went up.'
  11. 'Four of the top five Indian batsmen were bowled at St George's Park.'
  12. 'They plundered 125 before Pollard was bowled for a fine 72.'
  13. 'He had come to India to bowl those Indian batsmen out and not to get killed by Wes Hall.'
  14. 'On the other side of it, what if an illegal-action bowler bowls a batsman out consistently?'
  15. 'Joshi claimed two more wickets - bowling Pollock and, two balls later, having a defensive Crookes caught.'
  16. 'The home side made a bright start with 64 for the first wicket where Rob Taylor was bowled for 41.'
  17. 'The score had reached 183 when Williamson was bowled for 45 which included three sixes and two fours.'
  18. 'I have observed that Sachin is usually bowled when he is playing forward.'
  19. 'Scarborough was bowled for 98 in an innings that contained 12 fours and 6 sixes and lasted only 72 balls.'
  20. 'Anybody who has ever played the game knows that if a batsman is bowled, there is no need to appeal to the umpire.'
  21. 'they bowled Lancashire out for 143'
  22. 'But it was the first time we have bowled a side out this year and there is a great deal more confidence running through the team.'
  23. 'Because wickets are nowhere near as important as runs, one of the two pillars upon which cricket is built (the ability to bowl a side out) is temporarily removed for the one-day game, then reinstalled like a drop-in pitch for Test matches.'
Move rapidly and smoothly in a specified direction.
  1. 'During the war we had a gig with a cart horse and used to bowl along around the north-west end of town - great transport when petrol was rationed.'
  2. 'Running against the wind was like treading water, running with the wind was like bowling along under sail.'
  3. 'So here we are, in the middle of a solemn, yet frantic, chat-fest of the sort that bowls along after the sudden passage of sad events.'
  4. 'Traditionally happy to bowl along in front Edredon lost the lead long before the leading pack made the sweeping turn for home.'
  5. 'Mr Schoefisch says things could bowl along for another year or two, but at some stage there will be a correction, which could be quite dramatic.'
  6. 'As we bowl along, I sit back and talk to some of the other tourists in the bus.'
  7. 'Graham and I took a wing each, and bowling along down the slope we got up enough speed and launched the lumbering thing into the void.'
  8. 'Firefighters change en route, as they bowl down the Byres Road or hurtle along the motorway.'
  9. 'I have to decide what sort of position my horse wants to be in, whether it's bowling along in front, sitting on the pace, racing alone or in the pack.'
  10. 'Candy Gable was bowled along by the crowd, finishing in 59 minutes.'

More definitions

1. a rather deep, round dish or basin, used chiefly for holding liquids, food, etc.

2. the contents of a bowl: a bowl of tomato soup.

3. a rounded, cuplike, hollow part: the bowl of a pipe.

4. a large drinking cup.

5. festive drinking; conviviality.

6. any bowl-shaped depression or formation.

7. an edifice with tiers of seats forming sides like those of a bowl, having the arena at the bottom; stadium.

8. Also called bowl game. a football game played after the regular season by

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be bowl on debuts."

"seamerses can be bowl."

"people can be bowl."


(bowl)Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘ball’): from Old French boule, from Latin bulla ‘bubble’.


bowl someone over