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Existing as a result of birth.
  1. 'I was born with a sense of curiosity'
  2. 'John was one of a family of five sons and one daughter born to proud parents Jack and Bridget.'
  3. 'The baby is born with a fistula tissue which can connect the esophagus with the trachea.'
  4. 'Cases of babies born with low birth weights are five per cent higher near landfill sites.'
  5. 'A baby is not born with a sweet tooth and will only have a taste for sugar if it is given at an early age.'
  6. 'Two in a hundred children in Basra are now being born with birth defects.'
  7. 'She was born with a rare birth defect that left her with a huge growth on her neck and has spent most of her early life in hospital.'
  8. 'Dame Elizabeth was born to American parents and left London for Los Angeles when she was seven.'
  9. 'If both parents carry the trait there is a one in four chance of a baby being born with the condition.'
  10. 'In Thailand pregnant women eat bananas to ensure their baby is born with a cool temperature.'
  11. 'I think it stems from the tradition of visiting your local shrine one month after the baby is born to do the blessing thing.'
  12. 'a German-born philosopher'
  13. 'Are you a born athlete?'
  14. 'He thrived in the training and displayed the natural attributes of a born soldier.'
  15. 'Are you a born investment banker?'
  16. 'Counting himself neither a born athlete nor a born writer, Irving resolved to work that much harder.'
  17. 'Hannah writes like a born novelist, with a calm, seductive style and an almost Chekovian vision of subtle humour and generosity.'
  18. 'men born to rule'
  19. 'Leading work-expert Nick Williams has identified the twelve principles of the work we were born to do.'
  20. 'He was born to break the rules.'
  21. 't shows teachers how to create and deliver curriculum that helps all students become the motivated, successful natural learners they were born to be!'
  22. 'He was born to serve and served his primary constituency diligently.'
  23. 'Balcon felt he was born to be a soldier.'
  24. '"He was born to teach," says Julius, an assistant research scientist emeritus in the Department of Epidemiology.'
  25. 'He was born to be an actor, and when he conscientiously set himself to a task he could blend his genius with a thoroughly sound and intelligent craftsmanship.'
  26. 'After all, the organisation was born out of industrial struggles in the early 1980s.'
  27. 'The constitution was not born from fear of national authority, as Republicans maintain.'
  28. 'The idea has not been born out of the concern for farmers, but due to political compulsions.'
  29. 'In large measure this had to do with the circumstances in which the Association movement was born.'
  30. 'It is tempting to assume that a movement born in reaction to injustice must be just.'
  31. 'And it is from statements like yours that ideas like liberal media bias are born.'
  32. 'This new Islamist movement was born with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.'
  33. 'In Seattle at the very end of the 20th century a new anti-capitalist movement was born.'
  34. 'There are the jolly good ideas born out of late-night-by-the-Aga desperation.'
  35. 'The idea was born to inspire Bradford residents to attempt new challenges.'
  36. 'his work is born of despair'
  37. 'I'm sure that, for many of our respondents, their answers are born of what happened to them last week or last month.'
  38. 'In a bond born of tears, six mothers smile again.'
  39. 'You and your friends will share extraordinary bonds, born of surviving desperate situations.'
  40. 'It is being portrayed as a last resort but appears to be born of frustration with a regime and a leader the world would be better off without.'
  41. 'She has a certain fondness for Xavier, born of his apparent helplessness in the face of getting by.'
  42. 'Francisco de Goya foresaw the nightmares born of the Enlightenment.'
  43. 'The argument against it is rich with logic and reason, while the argument for it is born of compassion and love.'
  44. 'Oh, how I shall miss her laugh and wonderful wisdom, born of so much experience and an innate sensitivity to life.'
  45. 'Whereas alchemy attests to an optimistic future born of destruction, for Sebald there is no such certainty.'
  46. 'This was less a political protest against war, than a frustrated tantrum born of the left's own sense of exclusion.'


1. brought forth by birth.

2. possessing from birth the quality, circumstances, or character stated: a born musician; a born fool.

3. native to the locale stated; immigrated to the present place from the locale stated: a German-born scientist; a Chicago-born New Yorker. verb

4. a past participle of bear1 . Idioms

5. born yesterday, naive; inexperienced: You can't fool me with that old trick—I wasn't born yesterday.

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"babies can be born."

"winners can be born."

"teachers can be born."

"people can be born."

"children can be born."

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Old English boren, past participle of beran ‘to bear’ (see bear).


born and bred
be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
in all one's born days
not know one is born
there's one (or a sucker) born every minute
I (or he, she, etc.) wasn't born yesterday