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Valuable stolen goods, especially those seized in war.
  1. 'We danced down the craggy coast and ducked into Robin Hood's Bay, the former home to gangs of marauding smugglers who would steal booty from ships wrecked on the treacherous offshore rocks.'
  2. 'He needed to make his mark, especially by seizing booty—gold, perhaps silver, slaves, and land.'
  3. 'Attacks became more frequent from the 830s, and in time land was seized as well as booty.'
  4. 'David's treasury was filled with booty from his conquests; Solomon's with tribute payments and the profits from burgeoning international trade.'
  5. 'Harry talks about the excise men being bamboozled by coffins being carried up the hill and across the moors containing, of course, smuggled booty rather than bodies.'
  6. 'Between 1799 and 1814, when the collection was augmented by artistic booty seized in the wake of Napoleon's military victories, the Louvre was the greatest museum of Western art in history.'
  7. 'The Association had been carrying a valuable cargo of coin and booty from several of the battles, as well as cannon and valuable personal effects, so several salvage attempts were made over the next few years.'
  8. 'Others were seized as war booty and fell into the hands of collectors who valued them but were often at a loss to understand what they were or who had created them.'
  9. 'The drawer from which he had taken his only booty from the raid was locked now.'
  10. 'The Queen's interest in the booty that could be seized from Spanish galleons was not simply greed but necessity.'
  11. 'We left the store with our glorious booty of two maple bars, two chocolate bars, replete with two Pershings: one chocolate, and one maple.'
  12. 'A treasure hunt in the middle of Delhi's hustle bustle is not something you hear about everyday, and to watch enthusiastic children walk their way to a booty of gold coins with the help of scientific instruments and common sense just as rare.'
  13. 'And what item greeted me as I perused the free booty?'
  14. 'The way the two factions split their booty is very likely to affect Taiwan's economy.'
  15. 'Microsoft itself then chipped in, adding a copy of Office XP to the prize booty.'
  16. 'Now his brainchild brings in $1million worth of booty every day from the biggest concentration of treasure ships in the world.'
  17. 'He notes many findings that support the story as it is told in the Book of Joshua, including the fact that the storehouses of grain - a very valuable booty - had been found intact.'
  18. 'Founders Ernst Malmsten and Kajsa Leander begin spending their venture capital booty.'
  19. 'An international fleet of tall ships set sail from Halifax on Monday, leaving behind a bulging treasure chest of tourism booty.'
  20. 'Disney took in a pirate's booty at the box office this weekend.'


A person's bottom.
  1. 'Nobody takes up the musical/political gauntlet dropped by almost every other hip hop artist whose ego has grown fat on the booty shaking, ghetto style anthems that choke video channels.'
  2. 'Hands on the floor, she lowers her booty to the ground.'
  3. 'If your booty is made of stone and you like to swallow lots of dust, then most definitely take the bus!'
  4. 'We've got guys on bicycles who ride by squeezing booties.'
  5. 'OK, I'd like to know what you need to do to have a booty like her's.'
  6. 'That one suit that makes your bust look beautiful, your stomach look stunning, your legs look long and lean, and your booty, well, bootylicious?'
  7. 'Bargain shop your booty off, and you'll have more dough stashed in your cargo pockets.'
  8. 'And from my personal experience, a lot of men are just looking for big breasts, a big booty and a ride.'
  9. 'It seems the bottom - or rather, the booty - has dropped out of the hip-hop market.'
  10. 'I have to say that I strongly disagreed with fixing the one young woman who had a big booty.'

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1. spoil taken from an enemy in war; plunder; pillage.

2. something that is seized by violence and robbery.

3. any prize or gain.

More examples(as adjective)

"commissioners can be booty."


(booty)1920s: probably an alteration of body or botty.


shake one's booty