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A sturdy item of footwear covering the foot and ankle, and sometimes also the lower leg.
  1. 'Wear chemical-resistant boots or footwear during most mixing, loading, and application jobs.'
  2. 'Which is to say, rubber boots are the footwear of choice.'
  3. 'For a similar look, try a pair of cap-toe ankle boots on for size.'
  4. 'Other than that, his feet were shod in sturdy dark grey boots, and he had nothing else.'
  5. 'You will need to wear sturdy footwear, preferably boots, old warm clothes including waterproofs, and bring a packed lunch.'
  6. 'On his feet he was wearing some sturdy walking boots and a few pairs of woolly socks.'
  7. 'The girl was wearing leather ankle boots and the guy was wearing sneakers.'
  8. 'This winter's stylish footwear, from ankle boots to sneakers, will have you praying for more days of snowfall.'
  9. 'The footwear line especially the boots are trendy, some are waterproof.'
  10. 'Gauntlets were strapped onto his hands and wrists, and sturdy boots were on his feet.'
  11. 'How to take care of a horse using leg boots.'
  12. 'Horse boots and bandages are a category that has been increased as equestrians are requesting more specialized products.'
  13. 'Is the overwhelming variety of horse boots confusing to you?'
  14. 'These trailering boots are unsurpassed in protecting your horse's legs from the knees to the heels.'
  15. 'Protect your horse's legs from our large selection of horse boots!'
  16. 'Alternatively, the boot could be filled with cool water and then heated over a fire.'
  17. 'In Hugo's novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the character of Esmeralda is tortured using the boot.'
  18. 'I walked out to my car, grabbed the Denver boot notice off the windshield, and went inside to call the parking people.'
  19. 'The standard Denver boot is designed to fit vehicles that have a flat rim face.'
  20. 'Now, not only do you have to pay the boot fee plus parking ticket fees, you have to type in the code in the Denver Smart Boot, and then take it to a drop off location!'
A hard kick.
    An enclosed space at the back of a car for carrying luggage or other goods.
    1. 'The officer then got the jack from the boot of the vehicle, jacked it up and released Phillips.'
    2. 'Most of the length is the far side of the rear wheels, meaning the boot is truly massive.'
    3. 'You don't want to be ripped off by a bootlegger who sells pirate copies from the boot of a car.'
    4. 'So that would be an explanation for the contamination in the boot of the car but not an explanation for contamination anywhere else.'
    5. 'The security guard was alone at the time and while he was on the ground the robbers pulled money boxes out of the boot of his vehicle.'
    6. 'The boot holds a reasonable amount of soft luggage - those infernal golf clubs might fit in and you still have the suitcase shelf behind the seats.'
    7. 'As a luggage carrier, the boot provides 490 litres of space, and with the rear seats folded down there is a class-leading 1,694 litres.'
    8. 'A full-size spare wheel is under the boot floor.'
    9. 'The Pottages opened the boot of their car, at the very least appearing to ignore the claimant who continued to address them.'
    10. 'Squeezing a fifth person in would have been tight and the boot space was a little skimpy.'
    11. 'For so large a vehicle, the boot is relatively small.'
    12. 'Fill the car with people and the boot will struggle to carry their luggage; a roof box is the best solution'
    13. 'The vehicle, which has yet to be approved by the car manufacturer's board, will be a saloon with four doors and large boot and is intended initially for Asia and China.'
    14. 'Include the rear boot for a combined 260 litres of storage space.'
    15. 'We were wrestling and both fell onto the car boot.'
    16. 'The arrangement was for the heroin to be left in the boot of a car in Brussels in exactly the same way as before.'
    17. 'Set the seat as far back as it will go, and you are rewarded with a veritable ocean of knee-room in the back for such a compact car, but with limited space in the boot.'
    18. 'This gives a well-sized boot and interior that can carry four adults comfortably.'
    19. 'Do not leave property inside the vehicle, even in the boot or under the parcel shelf.'
    20. 'The new car also carries a Fix and Go puncture repair kit, that is a compressor unit and a powerful puncture repair liquid, which is carried in the boot.'
    The process of starting a computer and putting it into a state of readiness for operation.
    1. 'A common way to access these settings is to press the F2 or delete button during the first few seconds of a boot-up.'
    2. 'Is it possible to turn off the kernel boot-up messages?'
    3. 'It's like setting Windows in hibernation mode so that it doesn't have to go through the entire boot-up process when it's called upon.'
    4. 'Make a boot disk in case your computer is damaged or compromised'
    5. 'Make a DOS floppy boot disk, and have the configuration program for each card handy on floppy.'
    6. 'Several manufacturers are now doing this, and it is definitely a nice touch away from the DOS boot disk and flash utility of old.'
    7. 'Custom configurations are not stored when powered off and must be loaded at boot-up (which can be automated easily).'
    8. 'How far into the boot process is the machine when you get this message?'
    9. 'Passwords have even found new niches in the form of boot managers, remote login formats and advanced security systems.'
    10. 'There are dozens of options - one lets you log on automatically at boot-up, convenient for cable and DSL modem users.'
    11. 'I mentioned in my article how I liked the fresh new look and the faster boot-up time.'


    Kick (something) hard in a specified direction.
    1. 'They booted another two goals while a resolute navy unit kicked one more to end the game with an average of one per quarter.'
    2. 'Our sons have already decided that ‘bathrooms are boring’, and are amusing themselves by booting the back of the driver's seat.'
    3. 'Callaghan bounced up and ecstatically booted the ball as hard as he could amid wild celebrations which were something to behold - for those still able to watch.'
    4. 'He could have allowed it to run for a goal kick or even booted it into the stand.'
    5. 'Jackson then had the honour of booting the final points of term - the conversion going in off an upright to the loudest cheer of the night.'
    6. 'Lewis converted three of the tries, as well as booting a first-half penalty.'
    7. 'He was so frustrated in extra time that he took to booting a plastic cup from the dugout.'
    8. 'The kids would boot that ball as hard as they could into the lot of them!'
    9. 'He sat next to her on the bed, nervous of whether she'd boot him off or not.'
    10. 'She adds an encryption so they cannot boot her off the site.'
    11. 'The guard took great pleasure in explaining that if he did, just how much he would relish booting them off the site.'
    12. 'I'm warning you; mind your mouth or I'll boot you off the estate.'
    13. 'Crew members booted them off the plane in Washington D.C. for their drunk and disorderly behavior.'
    14. 'she had been booted out of school'
    15. 'He believed he was ‘untouchable’ but his victims finally became sick of the yob and helped a specialist council unit to boot him out of their neighbourhood.'
    16. 'But just a year later, with the economy in tatters, he was booted out of office by a little-known state governor named Bill Clinton.'
    17. 'Well, that's the term they use when they boot someone out.'
    18. 'Firms hired to improve hygiene will be told to clean up their act - or they will be booted out.'
    19. 'Once in, the members must follow certain protocols of interaction (either directly or indirectly enforced) or they are booted out.'
    20. 'There will be no international commitment to pursue if she is booted out of office.'
    21. 'Are they going to boot him out of office if he doesn't march in step?'
    22. 'Little did he know that one of the first political uses of this transforming technology would be facilitating a way to boot him out of office.'
    23. 'Didn't we already have one of those in the first season and he was booted out very quickly.'
    24. 'Far from booting them out, we want to welcome everyone on board.'
    Start (a computer) and put it into a state of readiness for operation.
    1. no object 'the system won't boot from the original drive'
    2. 'While booting up her PC, she doodled on a small pad of paper.'
    3. 'You have to hit the Connect button before you boot up your computer.'
    4. 'Modern motherboard chipsets will boot from a CD-ROM more easily than a floppy diskette.'
    5. 'Choose one of the icons, and it'll boot up the title screen of the game in a couple of seconds.'
    6. 'Which is faster, getting through airport security or booting your computer?'
    7. 'The humming sound of machinery booting up filled the room, and Cameron knew what was happening.'
    8. 'Secondly, oftentimes when I boot up my PC, the monitor will remain completely blank.'
    9. 'For instance, if I took an already working boot disk and just burn that to a CD, would it boot the computer?'
    10. 'If you boot up expecting to see photo-realistic landscapes, then you're going to be disappointed.'
    11. 'Both of these attacks can be easily subverted by booting the affected computer from a CD-ROM.'
    Place a wheel clamp on (an illegally parked car)
    1. 'At the time I was booted, I was parked legitimately.'
    2. 'Murph's car got booted today in the municipal lot for repeated parking violations.'
    3. 'So let me get this straight: A car was booted because it had too many outstanding tickets.'
    4. 'The car of a resident student was ‘booted’ while parked in Lower Science Lot as a result of six unpaid parking tickets.'


    As well; in addition.
    1. 'he is a likeable guy, and funny to boot'
    2. 'If he tried that he'd lose his catch and hook, line and sinker to boot.'
    3. 'Come on, we chide, they can't have all the wealth, status and talent to boot.'
    4. 'You can calm everyone else's merriness, and, to boot, you can direct the taxi home.'
    5. 'This was a day-trip into the darker corners of immortality and isolation with a slab of comic humour to boot.'
    6. 'So they managed to find her another court, indeed a better one to boot.'
    7. 'Initially I was disappointed at having chosen a stalls seat, and one right at the front to boot.'
    8. 'The A-class is most exciting, with many of the old model's flaws addressed and a new interior to boot.'
    9. 'He did, and with a budget that only afforded him a two-to-one shooting ratio to boot.'
    10. 'Oh, and there's a gardener's cottage at the back of the building to boot.'
    11. 'This track at least has a warm, beating heart to it - and hooray, it's a toe-tapper to boot.'

    More definitions

    1. a covering of leather, rubber, or the like, for the foot and all or part of the leg.

    2. Chiefly British. any shoe or outer foot covering reaching to the ankle.

    3. an overshoe, especially one of rubber or other waterproof material.

    4. an instrument of torture for the leg, consisting of a kind of vise extending from the knee to the ankle, tightened around the leg by means of screws.

    5. any sheathlike protective covering: a boot for a weak automobile tire.

    6. a protective covering

    More examples(as adjective)

    "makers can be boot."

    "brands can be boot."


    (boot)Old English bōt ‘advantage, remedy’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch boete and German Busse ‘penance, fine’, also to better and best.


    boots and all
    boots on the ground
    get the boot
    give someone the boot
    old boot
    put the boot in (or into someone)
    with one's heart in one's boots
    you (can) bet your boots