Adjective "Boost" Definition and Examples




    1. to lift or raise by pushing from behind or below.

    2. to advance or aid by speaking well of; promote: She always boosts her hometown.

    3. to increase; raise: to boost prices; to boost the horsepower of the car by 20 percent.

    4. Slang. to steal, especially to shoplift: Two typewriters were boosted from the office last night. verb (used without object)

    5. Slang. to engage in stealing, especially shoplifting. noun

    6. an upward shove or raise; lift.

    7. an


    "volumes can be boost as markets."

    "places can be boost in quarters."

    "places can be boost by demands."

    "links can be boost in areas."

    "links can be boost by things."

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