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Definitions and examples


Said suddenly to surprise someone who is unaware of one's presence.
  1. 'I kept looking at them, waiting for a face to appear, to say hi or boo.'
  2. '‘When he walks in we'll jump out and say boo,’ Sam whispered as well.'
Said to show disapproval or contempt.
  1. 'But I don't have time to call them, and every time I sit down to write a letter, I end up with some super cheesy gag of an invite. Boo.'
  2. 'They also brew their Vienna lager and Star Spangled Banner (an American pale ale) on occasion, but neither of these were available to try - boo!'
  3. 'Unfortunately, one of the curtain rod kits I'd bought didn't have the mounting hardware inside, so I'm going to have to get another one - boo!'
  4. 'Even worse, you have to fill in a dreaded tax return every year - boo!'
  5. 'I have to get the whole broken on-off button on my cell phone seen to or else buy a new phone - boo!'
  6. 'It's been great, but now I'm really poor, so I need to work. boo.'


An utterance of ‘boo’ to show disapproval of a speaker or performer.
  1. 'I want to hear the boos and jeers up here in Sin City.'
  2. 'The evil Sheriff of Nottingham was played excellently and evoked plenty of hisses and boos - as very good baddie should!'
  3. 'The two cars were greeted with boos and whistles from the grandstands as they pulled up after the race.'
  4. 'He returned yesterday to a deafening roar of hisses and boos and expletives.'
  5. 'During a home game against Dunfermline the player's misfiring performance was subjected to a sustained chorus of boos and jeers from his own fans.'
  6. 'The response drew boos and hisses from some journalists and several walked out.'
  7. 'As the march swung past Number 10 there was a cacophony of whistles, boos, jeers and insults.'
  8. 'The audience responded with a cascade of hisses and boos.'
  9. 'Her pleasantness is met with boos, hoots and catcalls.'
  10. 'The post-match analysts then came on to boos and hisses.'


Say ‘boo’ to show disapproval of a speaker or performer.
  1. with object 'the team were booed off the pitch'
  2. 'The diplomat explained that people were booing, an expression of disapproval.'
  3. 'He actually came out and - when the crowd was booing and asked them to calm down.'
  4. 'Before he could finish, the crowd showed their disapproval by booing him off the stage.'
  5. 'The workers booed and jeered as the manger of the factory addressed their annual Christmas meeting.'
  6. 'They kept traveling the country trying to sell it and people kept booing and hissing them down.'
  7. 'The ever present gangs, all set to boo them, were also in full swing whenever the vocals chords missed the notes.'
  8. 'Rather than booing, fans recall it was more a wall of silence that greeted his efforts, but they would get their comeuppance soon enough.'
  9. 'My brother, who was at the ceremony and game did confirm that yes, people were booing the PM quite openly.'
  10. 'Managers and directors were booed and jeered at as they left and entered the building.'
  11. 'A figure of fun, his name was jeered for his hypocrisy, booed for his betrayal.'


A person's boyfriend or girlfriend.
  1. 'She has also made solo inroads, doing that song about being with her boo.'
  2. '‘I'm not doubting what happened, boo,’ Shayna began sweetly.'

More definitions

1. (used to express contempt or disapprobation or to startle or frighten). noun, plural boos.

2. an exclamation of contempt or disapproval: a loud boo from the bleachers. verb (used without object), booed, booing.

3. to cry boo in derision. verb (used with object), booed, booing.

4. to show disapproval of by booing.

More examples(as adjective)

"prime ministers can be booed."

"sides can be booed."

"decisions can be booed."


(boo)1980s: origin uncertain; probably an alteration of French beau ‘boyfriend, male admirer’.


wouldn't say boo to a goose