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Of or like bone.
  1. 'The dome of the skull, for example, is made of bony plates, which must be immovable to protect the brain.'
  2. 'What's more, they were only scattered bony scales and plates.'
  3. 'Neither of these jawless fish has a bony skeleton, but most of the fossil groups listed on the cladogram had a fairly extensive covering of bony plates.'
  4. 'Dermal bone consists of bony structures (plates and scales) that develop in the skin.'
  5. 'Their slender bodies are covered with rows of bony plates.'
  6. 'The water is strained through a series of bony plates that trap the small creatures making up the baleen whale's main diet.'
  7. 'Their scaleless body is covered in hard bony plates.'
  8. 'The bony plates are absorbed within a few weeks after the fish settle to the bottom.'
  9. 'Like all placoderms, they lacked teeth, instead using the sharpened edges of a bony plate as a biting surface.'
  10. 'A number of types of armor have been found with it, indicating that primitive as well as advanced titanosaurs possessed bony plates in the skin.'
  11. 'Alewives have not seriously been exploited as a fishery in the Great Lakes since these are small and too bony to eat.'
  12. 'They were tough, bony, slightly burnt and very difficult to eat.'
  13. 'This shark feeds primarily on bony fishes such as parrot, trigger, squirrel, surgeon, damsel and goat fishes as well as eels.'
  14. 'But only eat sardines between May and October - they're too bony the rest of the year.'
  15. 'The grayling were somewhat bony, but they finished off the three fish without complaint and supplemented their meal with a handful of the dried berries.'
  16. 'Doctor Conrad wrapped his arms around the boy's bony body and held him as close as he would his own son.'
  17. 'She is very bony and slim; she is unhealthy skinny for being only twenty-eight.'
  18. 'The small cup was shoved gently into her hands by the silent guy and then when she looked up again the bony man lay on the floor gripping his side in anguish.'
  19. 'The girl had a slim, almost bony body that was even more obvious under the tight black trousers and tops.'
  20. 'They worry that they're too bony, awkward, lanky or boyish.'
  21. 'The bony woman waved one gangly arm at another set of double doors that Sam hadn't noticed before.'
  22. 'One tall, bony girl pushed forward through the people around me.'
  23. 'Without looking, Monty pointed a thin bony finger across the narrow inlet where soldiers were pulling a limp, but responding living human from the water.'
  24. 'He was a bony child of twelve, wearing nothing but baggy trousers tied with rope and the bits on his wrists.'
  25. 'In the crowded wards of African hospitals, coughs and bony bodies tell the story of a deadly return.'


1. of or like bone.

2. full of bones.

3. having prominent bones; big-boned.

4. skinny; emaciated.

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"bodies can be bony against people."

"fish can be bony."

"people can be bony."

"fingers can be bony."

"hands can be bony."

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