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A sum of money added to a person's wages as a reward for good performance.
  1. 'Some 90% of firms pay annual performance bonuses to their employees.'
  2. 'Given a choice between saving jobs and preserving your bonus, the Company expects its leaders to do the right thing.'
  3. 'And Burt has a group together that are going to dole out bonuses to the entire team.'
  4. 'The federal government would also reward states with performance bonuses based in part on lower poverty rates.'
  5. 'Cost cuts gave companies more money to pass on to employees in the form of higher wages and bonuses, economists said.'
  6. 'I believe I mentioned before that my company does yearly bonuses to reward us for our previous year's performance.'
  7. 'If you perform well, there is the possibility of bonuses and share options.'
  8. 'Irish employers are looking after their senior staff better by giving them generous bonuses and share options.'
  9. 'It is important to recognize that all labor income, even the bonuses and stock options of CEOs, are included in the labor share.'
  10. 'The tax figures suggest that companies whose fortunes are tied to the slowing world economy are cutting jobs and curtailing staff bonus payments.'
  11. 'They will also receive special share issues and bonuses.'
  12. 'They can decide on how much the terminal bonus or final dividend paid out is.'
  13. 'What the Trustee is after is the shareholder's dividends, bonuses, other payments that result, as a result that come from the share ownership.'
  14. 'I believe perks can be a wonderful bonus for shareholders.'
  15. 'The IRS has specified it can't go to bonuses or stockholder dividends.'
  16. 'However, the added bonus for shareholders comes in the form of industry consolidation.'
  17. 'There was also discussion about the relative tax efficiency of taking the money out of the company by way of bonuses or dividends.'
  18. 'However, as these are with-profits policies, bonuses accrued to date will be small.'
  19. 'In the past, profits had been distributed by way of bonuses.'
  20. 'Each year the life company declares a bonus or dividend based on the returns from their investment.'
  21. 'The company also cut its bonuses last week by an average 5% for policies maturing after October 1.'
  22. 'There is bad news for millions of homebuyers and savers as with-profits insurance companies make their bonus declarations over the coming weeks.'
  23. 'They are also entitled to a share of the company's profits which are paid as bonuses on their policies.'
  24. 'If the print supplements also pick up the same stories from the online edition, that is an extra bonus for the party that has placed the paid news.'
  25. 'As an extra bonus these people are also listening for longer.'
  26. 'Some knowledge of back pain and back related issues would be a bonus.'
  27. 'And the new legislation, allowing registrars to conduct weddings ‘out of the office’ and in more romantic settings, has been an added bonus.'
  28. 'As an added bonus, the southern hemisphere is midway into its summer season, offering warm, comfortable temperatures for vacations this time of year.'
  29. 'It would be a welcome bonus for a team that missed the playoffs with an 18-16 record last season.'
  30. 'As an added bonus, the CDs aren't that expensive.'
  31. 'And, as an extra added bonus, he can actually do the job.'
  32. 'As an extra bonus, the new children's tax credit has now doubled to £20 a week for the first year of a child's life.'
  33. 'Having a Swedish manager who managed an Italian team is also a bonus, because he will have better knowledge of more players from across the globe.'

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1. something given or paid over and above what is due.

2. a sum of money granted or given to an employee, a returned soldier, etc., in addition to regular pay, usually in appreciation for work done, length of service, accumulated favors, etc.

3. something free, as an extra dividend, given by a corporation to a purchaser of its securities.

4. a premium paid for a loan, contract, etc.

5. something extra or additional given freely: Every purchaser of a pound of coffee rec

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"issues can be bonus."

"shares can be bonus."

"promotions can be bonus."

"points can be bonus."

"operations can be bonus."

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Late 18th century (probably originally Stock Exchange slang): from Latin bonus (masculine) ‘good’, used in place of bonum (neuter) ‘good, good thing’.