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(of meat or fish) having had the bones removed before being sold, cooked, or served.
  1. 'If all else fails, steam 12 ounces of boned, skinned sole fillets in a single layer until opaque but still moist-looking in the center, about 5 minutes.'
  2. 'For main courses, the boned skate wing, with mussel, parsley and caper tartare, was simply divine.'
  3. 'Trim the boned lamb shoulder of any large pads of fat.'
  4. 'After a choice of freshly baked bread the stuffed boned quail on parsnip pûrée and truffle velouté was the choice of the starters.'
  5. 'Whatever your favorite types of meat - boned chicken breast, lean cuts of beef or even pork - buy large discounted packages.'
  6. 'A lamb leg can be partially boned, but it's best to leave the large bone in, as it helps to keep an attractive shape.'
  7. 'Rub each of the boned chicken legs all over with a little olive oil and the thyme leaves.'
  8. 'A boned and stuffed quail, on a chestnut and cinnamon risotto with soused figs?'
  9. 'In that case I usually go for a boned loin, ready-tied and scored by the butcher.'
(of a person) having bones of the specified type.
    (of a garment) stiffened with strips of plastic or whalebone to give shape to the wearer's figure or the garment.
    1. 'The bride wore an ivory gown by Amanda Wyatt, with a boned bodice with bead detail.'
    2. 'I'm sure the suede lining helped, but it's rare to find a holster so nicely boned that doesn't require a break-in period.'
    3. 'It was an absolutely gorgeous boned corset covered in silver sequins from Cabaret in Edinburgh.'
    4. 'The bridesmaid wore a boned bodice and full-length skirt in claret red heavy satin, and a claret and gold feather headdress.'
    5. 'The bride wore an ivory satin dress with a boned bodice, scooped neckline, full skirt, a long train, tiara of crystals and a veil with small crystals at the hem.'
    6. 'And take a look at supportive underwear; there are briefs which help hold your tummy in, and if you're really keen, boned basques which squeeze you in.'
    7. 'Most of my dresses have been in ivory, though I am also working on gold designs and the most popular design is a boned bodice.'


    1. having a particular kind of bone or bony structure (used in combination): beautifully boned; raw-boned; small-boned.

    2. having the bones taken out; cooked or served with the bones removed: boned chicken; boned veal.

    3. braced or supported with stays, as a corset.

    4. fertilized with bone: boned land.

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    "meats can be boned."

    "turkeys can be boned."

    "faces can be boned."

    "corsets can be boned."

    "wolves can be boned."

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