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Of or concerning the body.
  1. 'As mentioned earlier, tapeworm proglottids exit the body along with bodily wastes to search for a new host in which to proliferate.'
  2. 'There is a specific regime for retention and release of body parts and bodily samples, and that is good.'
  3. 'Gradually, his body was forgetting basic bodily functions.'
  4. 'Pitta governs bodily functions concerned with heat and metabolism, and directs all biochemical reactions and the process of energy exchange.'
  5. 'It plays a vital role in regulating many bodily functions and is contained in body fluids, which transport oxygen and nutrients.'
  6. 'This does not conflict with the Sikh's aim to move beyond bodily concerns; since the body is one's vehicle for enlightenment one should care for it appropriately.'
  7. 'Four important bodily functions are provided by the muscles of our bodies.'
  8. 'It is concerned with the automatic control of bodily function.'
  9. 'The punishment of the body was compensated by bodily freedom in hurling stones.'
  10. 'There is kinesthetic awareness of one's body and bodily movement in one's conscious action of picking up the spade.'
  11. 'God is not present in bodily form'
  12. 'In William's accounts, the problem at issue is the nature of physical revenants: are they animated by demons, and should they be laid by bodily or spiritual means?'
  13. 'It is axiomatic that the bodily harm was ‘actual’.'
  14. 'He offered no evidence on a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm'
  15. 'The pilgrimage journey is the umbilical cord which connects them with a sacred place, and making the journey is a means of bodily enacting their spiritual identity.'
  16. 'Since the human person is a psychosomatic being, fasting also means satisfying both bodily and spiritual needs.'
  17. 'At the admittance of weakness and limitation, Rachel experienced an extreme slip of bodily control and actually stomped her foot before glaring off in the distance.'
  18. 'So here again we have her as that which is both of the body and outside of bodily experience, both in the world and otherworldly.'
  19. 'The Roses, both of Waylands, Devizes, deny actually bodily harm, saying they were acting in self defence.'
  20. 'He was charged actually with assault causing bodily harm.'
  21. 'Incorporation here is a bodily procedure of internalization that effects a psychological identification.'


By moving a person's or one's own body with force.
  1. 'When something dark and chitinous scuttled out from the scrub, Darius was forced to bodily haul him out of its way.'
  2. 'But it did the trick, as she was hauled up bodily to a more stable position.'
  3. 'O'Grady opened the door and threw Carl bodily out into the night where he staggered a few paces before falling headfirst into a patch of mud.'
  4. 'Kompuu was bodily forced into a chair by a large sink.'
  5. 'Mrs Cunningham practically screamed as she threw herself at her grandson, her arms flailing as she pinned him bodily to the bed.'
  6. 'He barely had a moment to swear before he was lifted bodily from the ground and turned to face the murderer.'
  7. 'Then, with a mischievous grin, he glanced first at the closed door and then at her before reaching over, placing a hand on either side of her waist, and hauling her bodily out of the bed.'
  8. 'Suddenly, with a force propelled by sheer insanity, Charles lifted him bodily and pushed him over the railings.'
  9. 'With the boy protesting all the way, they bodily hauled him out of the cell.'
  10. 'Tilkin tried to move but Bromm bodily forced him to the ground on his knees.'
In one mass; as a whole.
  1. 'It is not moving bodily; it is pivoting from the handle.'
  2. 'Fluid streaming appears to have bodily transported material between different layers.'


1. of or relating to the body.

2. corporeal or material, as contrasted with spiritual or mental. adverb

3. as a physical entity; as a complete physical unit: The tornado picked him up bodily and threw him against the wall.

4. in person: You have to appear bodily at the box office in order to have your reservation confirmed.

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