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A small vessel for travelling over water, propelled by oars, sails, or an engine.
  1. as modifier 'a boat trip'
  2. 'It's interesting that both films start with McCrea on a boat, sailing into unknown waters.'
  3. 'Stromness lifeboat was called out on Sunday evening after a fishing boat with engine trouble began drifting towards shore near the Bay of Skaill.'
  4. 'She shifted her gaze to where he motioned for her to look and saw boats with white sails skimming lazily across the still orange-tinted waters.'
  5. 'At age 72, Pam sails her own boat and each year takes a wicked sailing trip to the Caribbean with friends.'
  6. 'Fu told Baja, as well as reporters, that the fishermen strayed into Philippine waters after their boat engine malfunctioned.'
  7. 'This in turn causes surrounding air to rush into the sail and propel the boat further.'
  8. 'If you are an expert sailor or you can't tell a reef knot from a mainbrace, just turn up and you can be sure of being welcomed on one of the club boats for a sail.'
  9. 'Nearby, fisherman Rolando Ramirez helped others pull their fishing boats from the water.'
  10. 'We were a tight-knit group of three once the boat had set sail, and we were in a large dining area.'
  11. 'It was a short wait and it wasn't long until the three of them were piled into a small boat and sent sailing off into the water.'
  12. 'The two submarines are not dissimilar in size, with the British boats being slightly larger than her French twin.'
  13. 'How many would actually wear a life jacket if it were required at all times on all sizes of boats is a big unknown.'
  14. 'A boat arrives in a port in this country and it has on board cannabis resin.'
  15. 'One of them directed the new arrivals to a berth exactly the right size for their boat.'
  16. 'Droning steadily toward the continent, he gasped when a huge opening in the clouds revealed ships and boats of all sizes dotting the water as far as he could see.'
  17. 'It is my opinion that the Caribbean will have a banner year this year with more boats of all sizes.'
  18. 'They were higher than any other boat when the little ship gave a lurch downwards and uttered a slow groan.'
  19. 'Most of them were relegated to rear echelon positions or they were stewards on the boats or on the ships.'
  20. 'Rats are aggressive, active, and adaptable, and they have accompanied man throughout the world, traveling on ships and boats of all sizes.'
  21. 'Investigative reporter Brian Ross packed up some depleted uranium in a suitcase and shipped it by boat from Jakarta to Los Angeles.'
  22. 'The patrol boat's galley is of course about the size of a small suburban bathroom, and full of machinery, ovens, ranges and so on.'
  23. 'It was stated by Mr J McMeekin, harbour master, that during the past six months, six coal, six petrol and oil, and two general cargo boats called at the port.'
  24. 'I paused there, not knowing where to go, when I noticed a medium sized boat coming up to the shore.'
  25. 'Their fears that people might be on board were heightened when they arrived and found the boat's diesel outboard motor was running.'
  26. 'Most of the mold is cut off and the plants are shipped by boat to Hong Kong where a chemical stimulant is added to enhance the effect of the herbs.'
  27. 'Normally the observations are made from boats, planes or helicopters, but this is a slow process, and many reefs are not easily accessible.'
  28. 'Joining us, one gentleman, Bill Mulhern - you had a ship, a boat out here.'
  29. 'Fachri said it was not recommended for fishing boats, ferries or other big boats to sail in the affected areas.'
  30. 'Each ship or boat nearing the platforms is boarded and searched before being allowed to continue on to the platforms.'
  31. 'Like the general who burned the boats upon landing, leaving no retreat for his soldiers, Smith decided to sell the traditional mills.'
A serving dish in the shape of a boat.
  1. 'This week everyone gets a free Gravy Boat and after a few shipping problems everyone ends up with a dozen gravy boats after weeks of promises by the manager to set things straight.'


Travel in a boat for pleasure.
  1. 'she likes to go boating'
  2. 'The couple spend their time skiing, golfing, boating, traveling and socializing with their friends.'
  3. 'And when he and his wife, Toni, go boating with friends, Andreas sticks to his dress code.'
  4. 'This was the first time I'd ever actually been invited to go boating with them.'
  5. 'Some 69 million Americans go boating at least once a year.'
  6. 'You should always use a little risk management when you go boating.'
  7. 'There is a pretty sprawling lake where you can hike and go boating out in the country a bit.'
  8. 'My children sit in large basins to go boating in the little pond,’ she said laughing.'
  9. 'People walk around the Potala Palace, go boating on the lake, and then pitch tents to rest.'
  10. 'I try to go to Vitosha Mountain and I try to go boating in the lake, I try to be with my family, but it is hard.'
  11. 'Our family suddenly decided that we should go boating.'
  12. 'So many estate agents have boated me around Venice, for instance, that I reckon I now know the Serenissima's darkest alleys better than the little red dwarf in Don't Look Now.'
  13. 'he boated a 2 lb 14oz Dover sole'
  14. 'I have ever seen, and it was a further twenty minutes before the fish was finally boated, a magnificent specimen of about seventy pounds.'
  15. 'On the second troll through I latched into a good fish and after a spirited fight we boated my first decent size Nile perch.'

More definitions

1. a vessel for transport by water, constructed to provide buoyancy by excluding water and shaped to give stability and permit propulsion.

2. a small ship, generally for specialized use: a fishing boat.

3. a small vessel carried for use by a large one, as a lifeboat: They lowered the boats for evacuation.

4. a ship.

5. a vessel of any size built for navigation on a river or other inland body of water.

6. a serving dish resembling a boat: a gravy boat; a celery boat.

7. Eccle

More examples(as adjective)

"trips can be boat."


Old English bāt, of Germanic origin.


be in the same boat
off the boat
push the boat out
rock the boat