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Talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities.
  1. with clause 'he boasted that he had taken part in the crime'
  2. 'Harold loved to boast about the achievements of his family members from his great grandchildren, of which he had ten, to his own children.'
  3. 'He is the one who boasted about having smoked before anyone else in the class.'
  4. 'His philosophy in being an official was to gain the good opinion of his superiors by boasting about his achievements.'
  5. 'Justin Woods doesn't like to boast about his culinary achievements - so let me do it for him.'
  6. 'Singh had even boasted about breaking his court order, so his arrest should have not been a surprise to anyone.'
  7. 'In fact Burns rather overdid the drams when he boasted about his boozing.'
  8. 'He boasted about how police had failed to capture the killer.'
  9. 'Had sales momentum been maintained, Real would surely have boasted about it.'
  10. 'Evan was beginning to learn how to wield a short sword and boasted about his strength and speed.'
  11. 'They will have told someone about it, perhaps even boasted about it.'
(of a person, place, or thing) possess (a feature that is a source of pride)
  1. 'The park also boasts a chillingly effective World Extinct Wildlife Cemetery to illustrate the plight of endangered species.'
  2. 'The house boasts such features as walls constructed from straw bales.'
  3. 'The small village of Rincon area boasts several world class waves, including Trés Palmas.'
  4. 'The town now boasts the Harlequin shopping centre.'
  5. 'Both cities boast a vibrant and thriving business community, featuring many car dealerships, retail stores and restaurants.'
  6. 'For example, their latest motherboards boast features like built-in wireless capabilities and a whole host of software to recover the worst computer crashes.'
  7. 'The Central New York region boasts a highly eclectic butter sculpture collection at the Fairgrounds.'
  8. 'Southeast of Cleveland, the town boasts the world's fourth-largest Amish settlement.'
  9. 'This city boasts a strong spirit of entrepreneurship and a sense of creativity.'
  10. 'This location boasts the standard decor and services of a five-star hotel.'


An act of talking with excessive pride and self-satisfaction.
  1. 'A prouder boast would be that it was ‘the most patriotic’.'
  2. 'His proud boast was that he could not turn on a television anywhere in the world without seeing a film being broadcast that he had helped make.'
  3. 'It has been a proud boast of our law for centuries that it punishes people for what it is proven they have done, not for what some authority or expert theorises they might want to do.'
  4. 'Their proud boast is that they have just spent £40,000 on every bedroom in the place, and they've made sure you can see where every penny went.'
  5. 'That is not an idle boast, for the network is alive night and day with the thundering rattle of powerful locomotives and the incessant clanking of machinery in repair depots and marshalling yards.'
  6. 'It was time to forget about pride and my proud boast of being ‘always well’.'
  7. 'Both claim to have never been beaten at the bar, but that is soon to become an idle boast for one of them.'
  8. 'It is our proud boast that we have the highest number of spaces in Greater Manchester, outside of the city.'
  9. 'The five-star resort's proud boast is that it has no fewer than 42 swimming pools artfully woven into its maze of rooms, apartments and villas.'
  10. 'The cover of David Kuo's new book describes him as an internet goliath, and for once this is not an idle boast.'


(in squash) a stroke in which the ball is made to hit one of the side walls before hitting the front wall.
  1. 'His favourite ploy was a backhand boast pulling Beachill to the front right corner and whatever Beachill did with that tight ball, Parke was ready.'
  2. 'Parke made an error on a backhand boast, which gave Nicol a window and he hauled himself up to hit four winners to get to 8-12.'

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1. to speak with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself.

2. to speak with pride (often followed by of): He boasted of his family's wealth. verb (used with object)

3. to speak of with excessive pride or vanity: He boasts himself a genius.

4. to be proud in the possession of: The town boasts a new school. noun

5. a thing boasted of; a cause for pride: Talent is his boast. It is her boast that she has never betrayed a friend.

6. exagger

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"people can be boast in worlds."

"people can be boast."

"people/places/organizations can be boast."

"roads can be boast."

"penguins can be boast."

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(boast)Late 19th century: perhaps from French bosse denoting a rounded projection in the wall of a court for real tennis.