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A long, thin, flat piece of wood or other hard material, used for floors or other building purposes.
  1. mass noun 'sections of board'
  2. 'The floor was wood and a few boards creaked under his weight.'
  3. 'Nail or screw down loose boards or fittings, and clean all the gaps thoroughly.'
  4. 'Rusted sheet metal, asphaltic roofing, old boards, or slate tiles are other roofing alternatives.'
  5. 'Remove all of the old nails, and resecure any deck boards that may be loose.'
  6. 'If the four cuts were not enough to cut all the way through the board, finish it off with a sharp handsaw.'
  7. 'The wood has severely splintered and several chunks of wood have come out of the boards.'
  8. 'The method of assembly depends on the thickness of the boards and the size of the completed frame.'
  9. 'I recommend you cut the joists after almost all your decking boards are in place.'
  10. 'It is a good idea to paint the exposed ends of the joists and deck boards with a waterproofing for added protection.'
  11. 'New pine planks were stained on one side, and their bottoms were left unfinished because the owners wanted them to cup and warp to match the old boards in another part of the floor.'
  12. 'Therefore, it's not surprising when a gifted producer tries to take a star turn on the other side of the boards.'
  13. 'Drama students from St Martin's College will take to the boards at the Dukes in Lancaster with two distinctly different productions this month.'
  14. 'The only truly horrible performance comes from a simpering actress you want to yank off the boards.'
  15. 'He is on the boards of the Abbey Theatre and Sutton Park School in Dublin.'
  16. 'Secretly, he wants to give it up and go on the boards as a ventriloquist.'
  17. 'Now she is making a welcome return to the boards in a revival of The Solid Gold Cadillac.'
  18. 'One artistic work that stupendously manages this neat feat of perspective is the musical Cabaret, currently on the boards of the Citadel Theatre.'
  19. 'Michael Waldron himself is no stranger to the boards and made a come-back to the stage recently playing the part of Pontius Pilate in the Easter Pageant.'
  20. 'Born into an acting family and brought up on the boards, Alice Ellen Terry left the stage for some years until concern for her children's future prompted a return in 1874 under Charles Reade.'
  21. 'Once again the members of the Musical Society were tramping the boards in their latest production Calamity Jane.'
  22. 'The shearing board should be kept free of locks and must be swept after each animal is shorn.'
  23. 'A raised board minimises interference between shearers and shed workers by giving the shearers their own work area above the wool room floor.'
A thin, flat piece of wood or other stiff material used for various purposes.
  1. 'Use a small piece of paneling board as a pounding board to force two adjacent pieces together.'
  2. 'On viewing the menu board there was a great selection on offer.'
  3. 'The circulating nurse prepares the patient for induction by securing safety straps and providing arm boards and warm cover sheets as needed.'
  4. 'The bucket of fresh water was covered with a board ready to refill a fish tank.'
  5. 'Most of the windows were secured with thick boards, and many doors were large and overly secured.'
  6. 'Never work on roofs without proper crawling boards and roof ladders.'
  7. 'Have the board hung above the workbench with each tool's resting place clearly marked.'
  8. 'You may want to spread a sheet of plywood as a kneeling board over the newly laid tile as you continue to work.'
  9. 'The solution is to clamp a pair of straight-edge boards in place to serve as a saw guide.'
  10. 'After all, it's only chucking three feathered, tungsten-shafted mini-missiles into a board from a short distance.'
  11. 'Throwing a ball in the air while standing on a balancing board is one example of proprioceptive retraining.'
  12. 'If you want to develop balance for skiing, you need to do it while skiing, not by standing on balance boards or stability balls.'
  13. 'Cyclists were instructed to ride over the boards at slow speed twice to get a feel for the task, and then to ride over them at normal path speed.'
  14. 'For our cover boards, we used shirt-board rectangles thinly coated with white glue for the attachment of ordinary household aluminum foil.'
  15. 'Snip chives into little pieces using scissors or mince them on a cutting board with a sharp knife.'
  16. 'I've checked the boards, the panels and the wiring.'
  17. 'If you are using wood boards for your shelving, you will achieve a much finer finish with an orbital sander.'
  18. 'teachers talk and write on the board'
  19. 'Easily affixed to the fridge or kitchen wall, the boards allow you to scribble notes and reminders when they come to you.'
  20. 'She then rose from her chair and began writing things on the board.'
  21. 'To her, the ideal teacher was skilled in all things, even writing on the board quickly and efficiently.'
  22. 'She was scribbling down the different terms and mathematical properties that the teacher had written on the board.'
  23. 'Desks were moved to the walls, books were placed in the appropriate places and the rules were written on the board.'
  24. '‘One of the boys pinned it up on the board before the game,’ said the Bradford boss.'
  25. 'We were commenting how the lesson would be difficult because no-one could read what Mr Foster writes on the board.'
  26. 'If the teacher wanted to do something to earn his money, he could write things on the board in phonetic alphabets.'
  27. 'He walked into his class to see his teacher writing on the board.'
  28. 'Those of you that were unemployed several years ago may remember display boards with attached hand written postcards advertising job vacancies.'
  29. 'On most occasions when I take a workshop, I first write on the board - there are no rules, but there are precedents.'
  30. 'The games would be played across mahogany inlaid boards; the pieces, all ivory of course, would have been carved during the Ming dynasty.'
  31. 'The game board is filled with dazzling colors, wonderful textures, and delightful characters.'
  32. 'Remove the meat to a carving board and cover with foil.'
  33. 'For the scallop crackers, place the feuille de brick sheets on a cutting board.'
  34. 'The paintings are long or tall rectangles or approximately square panels and are about as big as game boards.'
  35. 'In the game, players take turns to push coins up a board with horizontal lines across it.'
  36. 'Slide the pastry on to a board, cover with clingfilm and chill for 30 minutes.'
  37. 'The game board tumbled to the ground and twenty red and yellow marbles rolled in various directions across the floor, beneath the bed, and under the dresser.'
  38. 'They act as game boards for toys and as toy chests, because taking one's favorite toy-carrying case to school is not allowed.'
  39. 'Set the tortillas on a board and cover one half of each with cheese and then spinach.'
  40. 'Thus, even such everyday objects as game boards and dice were buried with the deceased.'
  41. 'These paintings of half-length figures grouped around a gaming board or table were probably meant to convey moral messages.'
  42. 'Our relationship grew over those years and, most of the time, it happened over a game board.'
  43. 'a graphics board'
  44. 'It also offer boards based on ATI graphics chips.'
  45. 'Now he has graduated to reading electronics magazines and relishes at the thought of circuitry boards and diagrams and putting together all manner of devices.'
  46. 'Tests of SLI technology reveal that two graphics boards really are better than one.'
  47. 'ATI's OEM customers, having sold fewer computers, have ordered fewer graphics chips and add-in boards.'
  48. 'Well we just completed our testing of these six graphics boards, along with the winner of our last round, the 9500 Pro.'
  49. 'The company says the chipsets are optimized for Quadro boards, yet support other graphics boards.'
  50. 'The addition of Microsoft NT Embedded is expected to help sales of embedded boards with Intel processors, such as those made by both Intel and MCG.'
  51. 'Several boards can be operated in parallel to produce any desired effective output rate.'
  52. 'We tested boards based on graphics chips from NVidia and from ATI.'
  53. 'Samsung is providing the memory for NVidia's graphics boards.'
  54. '‘Not the greatest,’ Tyler admitted, standing his board in the sand beside him.'
  55. 'Stand on the board and balance without letting the edges touch down.'
  56. 'I stand on a board, my feet unfastened, and learn how to keep balanced by flexing my knees and leaning forward a little.'
  57. 'Whether it is soaring 50 feet through the air on a Skidoo or popping tricks on a board in a half pipe, extreme sports thrive on danger.'
  58. 'You might have noticed more and more people of all ages gliding down the streets on skateboards, sliding along walls and flicking and spinning their boards with various degrees of success.'
  59. 'Well basically it's sky-diving with a board fixed to your feet.'
  60. 'He loved getting up early, grabbing his board and surfing with the sunrise.'
  61. 'I could stand on a board and wobble, but that was about it.'
  62. 'Dogtown Skates introduced boards with elaborate graphic designs on the bottom.'
  63. 'Some of the skaters have told the Alice Springs News they were ordered to line up against a wall and hand over their boards to four police officers.'
  64. 'For the leisure industry, they stock wet suits, surf and ski boards and Yamaha Jet skis.'
  65. 'The innards of the book are carefully cut out, leaving only the book boards (front, back and spine).'
  66. 'Running into the boards in the rinks these days is like running into a brick wall.'
  67. 'When he was cut on the cheek with a skate blade during one battle near the boards, he immediately got the wound patched up and was ready to go again.'
  68. 'He faces the significant challenge of having to battle for the puck along the boards against 220-pound defensemen.'
  69. 'Right now, my team needs more aggression on the boards.'
  70. 'His offensive repertoire is limited, but he stood out on the boards and on defense.'
A group of people constituted as the decision-making body of an organization.
  1. as modifier 'a board meeting'
  2. 'During this meeting another board of directors also had to be elected.'
  3. 'A new constitution and board of directors were put in place after the council threatened to remove funding unless the disputes were resolved.'
  4. 'It was in that sense comparable to the boards of museums, colleges, and philanthropic organizations.'
  5. 'What are directors' attendance records at board and committee meetings?'
  6. 'There were a couple of board members at the meeting.'
  7. 'Most corporations paid directors for attending board and committee meetings.'
  8. 'All the decisions taken were fully informed decisions of a conscientiously acting board or body of trustees.'
  9. 'The Government needs to look seriously at the people on the boards.'
  10. 'Other scientists wrote and e-mailed the board in support of the science standards.'
  11. 'I also sit on the board of our global organization and its governance committee.'
The provision of regular meals when one stays somewhere, in return for payment or services.
  1. 'I quite agree that people should pay for their board and lodgings, but not medical care.'
  2. 'Room and board are the student's responsibility, as is the financing of tuition.'
  3. 'His pay was three pounds and 10 shillings a week, with board and lodgings.'
  4. 'You pay for administrative costs, for your board and lodging (absurdly cheap), and your air fare.'
  5. 'It had been a residential hotel where old ladies paid 17 guineas a week for board and lodging, and Jean had been in the habit of lunching there.'
  6. 'Room and board, a small monthly stipend and unlimited access to studio space are provided.'
  7. 'We did the photo shoot in Tobago, so I had to pay for everyone's air fares, board and accommodation.'
  8. '‘After giving some of his benefits to his parents for his board and lodgings he spends the rest on alcohol,’ he said.'
  9. 'But one man said that he was better off as he normally handed all his benefit, bar the odd sixpence, straight to his mother for board and lodgings.'
  10. 'Personal care should be funded by taxation and board and lodging by individuals, with state help for the poorest'
  11. 'he looked at the banquet which was spread upon his board'
  12. 'He arose when he heard the household stir, and went down to the table, where the board was laid with fresh, hot bread and butter, and golden honeycomb, with strawberries and cream in bowls.'
A distance covered by a vessel in a single tack.


    Get on or into (a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle)
    1. no object 'they would not be able to board without a ticket'
    2. 'We boarded the ship with trepidation, as memories of a previous trip over 10 years ago were not particularly pleasant.'
    3. 'Officials boarded the ship in Italy in early October and seized the cargo.'
    4. 'Finally, I was able to board the ship and find my cabin, which it appeared I was sharing with a young Polish girl, Maria.'
    5. 'Two men said to have a ‘history of hijacking’ were arrested when the coastguard boarded a cruise ship 20 miles off Miami.'
    6. 'In 1805, as creditors circled, he boarded a ship for Philadelphia and never saw Europe again.'
    7. 'He was searched thoroughly before he boarded the aircraft, and there was, in our view, no risk to the security of the aircraft or the safety of people on that aircraft.'
    8. 'Only 10 passengers boarded the aircraft and Air France transported 24 others on the same day.'
    9. 'From there the family boarded a ship and after sailing for 41 days they reached New York.'
    10. 'Commuters must also have their passports scanned in order to board any aircraft.'
    11. 'Finally, we got on a bus and boarded the aircraft.'
    12. 'British Airways Flight BA117 is now boarding through gate number 10.'
    13. 'Flight 2723 to Atlanta is now boarding and we apologize for the long delay.'
    Live and receive regular meals in a house in return for payment or services.
    1. 'The teacher boarded with us as we were the only family who would offer board.'
    2. 'He is boarding at her family's house until he can find his own home.'
    3. 'Liv normally boarded in the room across from me so that we could each have our own bathrooms.'
    4. 'The surveyors and researchers worked, roomed, and boarded at the picturesque site along the edge of the Panama Canal.'
    5. 'From September she will board at the White Lodge in Richmond Park London, the Royal Ballet's accommodation.'
    6. 'She and her sister were both taught to draw by a grammar school teacher who had been boarding at their home.'
    7. 'At eight, Will starts boarding at Horris Hill prep school, taking piano lessons and finally becoming head chorister.'
    8. 'Aged six, he was sent to England to board at Ovingdean preparatory school in Sussex, spending holidays with his grandparents.'
    9. 'A fall in the number of children boarding at private schools has been blamed on Government-imposed costs.'
    10. 'He grew up on a farm in north Yorkshire and boarded at public schools from the age of seven.'
    11. 'Kevin boarded at Auckland's Sacred Heart College during his secondary school years - but his loyalty does not lie there.'
    12. 'She wasn't a Catholic but she boarded at a convent school run by the Sisters of Providence.'
    13. 'Unlike Oxford rival Summer Fields, where most pupils board, at the Dragon day pupils are in the majority.'
    14. 'Some still have grandparents but they are too old or sick to bring them up so they board at the school in dormitories.'
    15. 'Lloyd Ewenin said he attended residential school from age seven to 15 and he boarded 10 months of the year.'
    16. 'His father was a Rugby-educated doctor who thought he was doing his son a favour sending him off to board at public school.'
    17. 'dogs may have to be boarded at kennels'
    18. 'There are several places to board your horse while you take in the activities and history available in the area.'
    19. 'If you are unable to return to your home right away, you may need to board your pet.'
    20. 'The cowboys say the Master Street stable was the last large, affordable place for them to board their horses in the city.'
    21. 'The cats are boarded on one side, the dogs on the other.'
    22. 'Before we leased these acres the land was fenced in corrals and the owner boarded horses.'
    23. 'He was kept up to date with proceedings in the ring by John Clarke of the Irish National Stud, which boards the mare.'
    24. 'If he was hired, the owner might allow him to board his horses for free.'
    25. 'She and her daughter boarded their horses on the ranch.'
    Cover or seal a window or building with pieces of wood.
    1. 'Most of the buildings were boarded up or destroyed.'
    2. 'When the Evening Press visited the property four windows were boarded up and grass and weeds were growing wildly in the front garden.'
    3. 'Officers had difficulty entering the site because it was boarded up and protected by a locked gate and fence.'
    4. 'When we arrived the site was boarded up and the former car park was now just a building site.'
    5. 'It doesn't look good when so many windows are boarded up.'
    6. 'The doors of the house have been bolted shut and some of the windows are boarded up.'
    7. 'Large parts of the city centre were barricaded off, and the windows of virtually all shops and department stores were boarded up with wooden or plastic panels.'
    8. 'The windows are boarded up and covered with bars.'
    9. 'All of its doors and windows were boarded up after the glass was smashed in earlier attacks.'
    10. 'Several buildings are boarded up and vandalised.'
    Ride on a snowboard.
    1. 'I guess my best day out of the whole trip was Friday, where we boarded across to the two lower and relatively small runs on Super Morzine.'
    2. 'My friends and I love to board.'

    More definitions

    1. a piece of wood sawed thin, and of considerable length and breadth compared with the thickness.

    2. a flat slab of wood or other material for some specific purpose: a cutting board.

    3. a sheet of wood, cardboard, paper, etc., with or without markings, for some special use, as a checkerboard or chessboard.

    4. boards. Theater. the stage: The play will go on the boards next week. the wooden fence surrounding the playing area of an ice-hockey rink. a racing course made of wood, used

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