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Not clearly or distinctly visible or audible.
  1. 'About two-thirds the way through the opening credits, the screen fills with a blurry, strangely soft image.'
  2. 'The black-and-white photography is often overexposed and a little blurry.'
  3. 'In the orbital shots, gorgeously blurry color effects swirl around the axis of his body.'
  4. 'In the upper right corner, a transparent, blurry patch of white suggests mist.'
  5. 'Many artists love early machinery, old movie projectors, blurry pieces of film.'
  6. 'vision may be hazy or blurry for a few days after surgery'
  7. 'My eyes get blurry, and I get double vision.'
  8. 'If your eyes go all blurry at the very thought of reading about it, all I can do is encourage you to persevere.'
  9. 'Many of the symptoms, such as fatigue, weight loss, irritability, and blurry vision are often overlooked.'
  10. 'my memories of him are blurry at best'
  11. 'The lines between showbiz and politics keep getting blurrier and blurrier.'
  12. 'The line between dreams, memories, and lived reality is very blurry.'
  13. 'At the moment, the difference between public and private is very blurry in Holland.'
  14. 'Make sure the supporting details are complicated and blurry enough to prevent easy refutation.'
  15. 'The main characters' intentions become more and more blurry and less and less trustworthy.'


1. blurred; indistinct.

More examples(as adjective)

"pictures can be blurry."

"outlooks can be blurry."

"figures can be blurry."

"visions can be blurry."

"talks can be blurry."

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