Adjective "bluejeans" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples

plural noun

Jeans made of blue denim.
  1. 'She walked back to her room and slipped into a black, dressy shirt and a pair of blue jeans.'
  2. 'Cheri walks out of her room in a pair of old blue jeans and a black T-shirt with a red jacket over it.'
  3. 'He was wearing a blue denim jacket, a white V-necked top and blue jeans and spoke with a local accent in a deep voice.'
  4. 'He was last seen wearing a dark denim jacket, blue jeans and black shoes.'
  5. 'He spoke with a local accent and was wearing a red waist - length jacket, navy blue jeans and black gloves.'
  6. 'She was wearing blue jeans and was clutching the opening of her blouse to her chest.'
  7. 'Followed by her was a man no older then Alex and Anna, in a dark navy blue blazer and blue jeans.'
  8. 'She was wearing a short, fawn-coloured jacket, blue jeans and a black jumper.'
  9. 'As for your new rustic brown belt, strap it onto a pair of blue jeans and wear it with brown shoes.'
  10. 'He was wearing a dark coloured baseball cap, dark jacket and blue jeans.'

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1. close-fitting trousers made of blue denim or denimlike fabric, having pockets and seams often reinforced with rivets, and worn originally as work pants but now also as casual attire by persons of all ages.Compare jean (def 2), Levi's.

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"shirts can be bluejeans."


(blue jeans)