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Windy or windswept.
  1. 'Tralee town itself is a good place to come back to after a blowy winter's walk.'
  2. 'And outside, it's cold, blowy and snowy: real Texas, rather than the TV-land place it was to become.'
  3. 'Barely 12 hours after the final round of the British Open at blowy, blustery Royal Lytham and the newly-crowned champion and chums were cracking away on the other side of the world.'
  4. 'Thank you for coming… it's a bit blowy outside.'
  5. 'In the first three days we've seen it calm, blowy and wet.'
  6. 'It was very blowy and some of the greens were tricky but I hit the ball fantastically well and missed only four or five greens which is pretty good out there.'
  7. 'See now, rounding the headland, a forlorn hopeless bird, trembling black wings fingering the blowy air, dainty and ghostly, careless of the scattering salt.'


1. windy: a chill, blowy day.

2. easily blown about: flimsy, blowy curtain material.

More examples(as adjective)

"lawns can be blowy."