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A short loose-fitting jacket, typically bloused and finishing at the waist.
  1. 'No blouson denim jackets, or orange-lined bomber jackets which made a noise like you were wearing a binbag whenever you moved.'
  2. 'But tamed down to their elements - such as zip detailing and cosy down-stuffed linings in bombers and blousons - even these translate as sound casual wear.'
  3. 'The blouson is adapted from a tuxedo jacket provided with an extra large lapel, the end of which goes over the meeting line between the shoulders and the upper arms.'
  4. 'Northern beaver is worked in soft ivory tones in blouson pullovers and jackets.'
  5. 'Two dancers in white make a classical assignation, she on pointe, he in heroic blouson.'
  6. 'Her newer slouchy silhouette offers sporty satin blouson jackets and drawstring pants to mix with sensual hand crochet knits.'
  7. 'Slouchy drawstring pants, a blouson jacket with crystal cuffs, stretchy mini skirts and tiny mid-riff tops.'
  8. 'Basic forms like blousons or trench-coats, shirts or T-shirts, skirts or pants, are always enriched by new unexpected, ironic elements.'
  9. 'All were dressed alike in soft flowing blousons and trousers cut off at the shin, so their movements were unrestricted and fluid, like folk in a dream, or the near dead.'
  10. 'Inside, big-haired models wearing high-shine lipstick strike power poses in aviator sunglasses and leather blousons.'

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1. a woman's outer garment having a drawstring, belt, or similar closing, at or below the waist, which causes it to blouse. adjective

2. of or relating to such a garment, the style it exemplifies, or something considered to resemble this style, as a hairdo: a blouson dress; the blouson effect; a blouson bob.

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"jackets can be blouson."


Early 20th century: from French, diminutive of blouse.