Adjective "Bloody" Definition and Examples




    1. stained or covered with blood: a bloody handkerchief.

    2. bleeding: a bloody nose.

    3. characterized by bloodshed: bloody battle; a bloody rule.

    4. inclined to bloodshed; bloodthirsty: a bloody dictator.

    5. of, relating to, or resembling blood; containing or composed of blood: bloody tissue.

    6. Slang. (used as an intensifier): a bloody shame; a bloody nuisance. verb (used with object), bloodied, bloodying.

    7. to stain or smear with blood.


    "places can be bloody in/at/on dates."

    "people can be bloody to people."

    "competitions can be bloody in sectors."

    "breaks can be bloody in entrants."

    "people can be bloody in/at/on pounds."

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