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The killing or wounding of people, typically on a large scale during a conflict.
  1. 'In many parts of the world it often leads to violent confrontation and much bloodshed.'
  2. 'How much he strong to do as much as possible to stop the continuity of bloodshed.'
  3. 'After all, life is all about sharing and caring and not violence and bloodshed.'
  4. 'He criticised martial law but warned of bloodshed and civil war, counselling patience rather than defiance.'
  5. 'The local people, he said, were more firm in their resolution to end violence and bloodshed.'
  6. 'Fresh troops arrived in the city throughout the day, triggering fears of further bloodshed.'
  7. 'Ignoring his instincts, Hopkins then rides away as the slaughter and bloodshed begins.'
  8. 'Who acts on the principle that violence, force and the threat of bloodshed are worthy tools of diplomacy?'
  9. 'Charle though has decided to call it a day, the endless violence and bloodshed has become too much.'
  10. 'As tragic as the violence up to now has been, even more tragic is the fact that murder and bloodshed continue.'

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1. destruction of life, as in war or murder; slaughter.

2. the shedding of blood by injury, wound, etc.

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"wars can be bloodshed."

"qualities can be bloodshed."

"fears can be bloodshed."

"upheavals can be bloodshed."

"sufferings can be bloodshed."

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