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(chiefly of hair) fair or pale yellow.
  1. 'I had my hair dyed blonde'
  2. 'I was expecting a very large old woman with a stick and bleached blond hair.'
  3. 'He had the same pale face and white blonde hair that he had.'
  4. 'He had light yellow eyes and long blond hair tied back as well.'
  5. 'His blue eyes narrowed as his high-planed face hardened, and even his bleached blond hair seemed to bristle.'
  6. 'His pale, blond hair stuck out unkemptly, almost looking silvery under the dim light.'
  7. 'He had soft blonde hair and fair, freckled skin.'
  8. 'She swept her blonde hair into her pale yellow shower cap and got under the steamy water.'
  9. 'Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue that stand out against her pale skin and blonde hair.'
  10. 'They are tiny, maybe a year old, and both have fair blonde hair and pale skin.'
  11. 'They slashed at his legs and horse, and Julius plunged his sword into the nearest man, a beast covered in blond fur.'
  12. 'Isabella's cheeks heightened in color, but the blond man did not take any notice.'
  13. 'The blonde man was thrown backwards of his horse; dark coloured steed that refused to panic in the following chaos.'
  14. 'Of course I was a blue-eyed blonde baby.'
  15. 'With its blue-eyed, blonde haired leads, does the film cast a slight Aryan look?'
  16. 'Oh, he had Sean's coloring, being blond and grey-eyed, but his face was a little rougher around the edges.'
  17. 'Laughing and giggling, she tagged the light skin of the blond child, then turned and raced the other way.'


A woman with blonde hair.
  1. 'She was a blonde with shoulder-length hair and was listening to music at the same time.'
  2. 'Benji likes dumb blonds, not smart artistic girls.'
  3. 'Most of the women had dark hair - a few were blondes.'
  4. 'On the museum's main floor, you can visit the technicolored rooms where Factor worked his makeup magic, one each for ‘brownettes,’ brunettes, blonds, and redheads.'
  5. 'Some people like blondes, brunettes or red heads.'
  6. 'Aria is also medium height but she is a blonde with wavy hair that falls just below her shoulders.'
  7. 'Alyssa pointed to a guy who was a blonde with spiky hair and dark gray eyes.'
  8. 'I think Asian guys must have a thing for blonds since they've all got this jet-black hair.'
  9. 'Out of two brunettes, and five fake blonds, that's and accomplishment, and it gives me a bit of camouflage when I want to disappear.'
  10. 'I only really meant the blonds that you attract.'
  11. 'So finally, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?'
  12. 'Rick half-turned to look at the screaming woman, a tarted-up blonde with teased hair and flashing red earrings.'
  13. 'Meanwhile, this is a big week for finding out that people whom you thought were brunettes are actually natural blondes.'
  14. 'I wondered whether the myth that blondes are tartier then brunettes stems from the fact they actually need to wear more make-up?'
  15. '‘Of course, when it comes to brains, there really is no difference between blonds and redheads,’ he said mockingly and the whole courtroom broke into laughter.'
  16. 'Who typically has more hair: blondes, brunettes or redheads?'
  17. 'In some portraits she has short dark hair, in one she's an elegant blonde.'
  18. 'I rolled my eyes in mock exaggeration, then returned her smile. ‘Yeah, too bad blonds aren't my type.’'
  19. 'She was with seven other men, three blonds, three brunettes and a bald guy, who were all vying for her attention.'
  20. 'When I said that thing about blonds being dumb, I really don't mean it!'
  21. 'His hair is sandy blonde with silver highlights, fading to white naturally.'
  22. 'Once my hair was completely pale blonde again, I titled my face upward to wash away the smeared make-up.'
  23. 'They range in colours from black to lightest blonde with varying shades of ash, gold, beige, red-violet copper and auburn.'
  24. 'It was a small average sized girl with long blonde plaited hair with random purple and indigo streaks in it.'
  25. 'Caramel blonde is expensive to maintain - it's more moneyed than honeyed.'
  26. 'Even at nearly fifty, her hair was still wheat blonde without more than a minimal hint of gray and her caramel brown eyes as bright as her daughters.'
  27. 'Her natural hair was dirty blonde, but she had it dyed a natural red with black streaks and black underneath.'
  28. 'His strands of hair were tied back by a dark string yet his hair shown bright whitish blonde.'
  29. 'I look and see the most perfect shade of golden blonde that I could have chosen.'
  30. 'I swear every time I see her, her hair looks more and more blonde, I wish my hair would be that blonde again.'


1. (of hair, skin, etc.) light-colored: the child's soft blond curls.

2. (of a person) having light-colored hair and skin.

3. (of furniture wood) light in tone. noun

4. a blond person.

5. silk lace, originally unbleached but now often dyed any of various colors, especially white or black.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be blond with eyes."

"people can be blond at moments."

"names can be blond of cameras."

"hairs can be blond."

"people can be blond."

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Late 15th century: from French blond, blonde, from medieval Latin blundus ‘yellow’, perhaps from Germanic.