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Of the nature of or resembling a block or blocks.
  1. 'Nearly all the department stores dumped their venerable typefaces for blocky san-serif fonts.'
  2. 'The pictures came back blocky, out-of-focus and with the contrast all out of whack.'
  3. 'From behind blocky horn-rimmed glasses he blinked out at the world like a perpetually startled and slightly confused owl.'
  4. 'A diverting entertainment nonetheless, this is one book not to judge by its blocky lime-green cover or its bland layout.'
  5. 'The results are blocky, quirky landscapes shot through with colour that would light up any wall.'
  6. 'Plants form a tight rosette of leaves, not a long blocky head.'
  7. 'Often, it becomes more streamlined, more detailed and less blocky.'
  8. 'I found the big, blocky soap to be uncomfortable and difficult to handle.'
  9. 'He handed her a small brown paper bag with ‘Fantasy Folio’ written on the outside in bold blocky letters.'
  10. 'It was a light shade of gray, and had a blocky appearance.'


1. heavily built; solid; stocky.

2. marked by blocks or patches of unequally distributed light and shade, as in a photograph.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be blocky in conformations."

"sprites can be blocky."

"writings can be blocky."

"types can be blocky."

"tubers can be blocky."

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