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Extremely happy; full of joy.
  1. 'Smiling in blissful content, she tried to remember the last time she had relaxed this much.'
  2. 'Have you seen my two-year-old in the throes of blissful train play?'
  3. 'For a blissful moment I watched everybody happy to be alive and counted myself one of them.'
  4. 'Nobody had ever made him feel so happy before, and he prayed that the blissful feeling would never end.'
  5. 'Life is sweet, and when rejection or responsibility threaten to disrupt my blissful state, I can roll with the punches.'
  6. 'She shivered inwardly, so happy and blissful just to have his body near hers.'
  7. 'The effect of the drug is to summon up people's happiest memories as a means of keeping them in a blissful state.'
  8. 'Until she was five years old, she had a blissful childhood.'
  9. 'Telling someone you love them and they're wonderful is a blissful feeling until you realise they aren't saying it back.'
  10. 'He wandered around the pool with a blissful look on his face, not surprising considering these are his first Games.'
  11. 'As he lay down there, his imagination was filled with blissful happiness.'
  12. 'I have decided that for the rest of the trip I shall live in my own, blissful world where everyone is full of good intentions.'
  13. 'Organised by the hotel s massage therapist Sally Miller, the weekend promises to be a blissful experience.'
  14. 'And, after three blissful days of broadband, our livebox dies on us.'
  15. 'And that's without mentioning the wide skies, the winding roads and a blissful lack of mobile phone reception.'
  16. 'And though she was happy her friend was leading such a blissful marriage with Matthew, she couldn't help but be a little jealous.'
  17. 'I still dream about the blissful day I expelled her, and the happy humdrum months that followed.'
  18. 'This morning at about 6AM, I was awakened by the blissful sound of rain falling.'
  19. 'This is displayed in their ability to play slow, blissful songs and step back from the full onslaught of their upbeat material.'


1. full of, abounding in, enjoying, or conferring bliss.

More examples(as adjective)

"ignorances can be blissful."

"moments can be blissful."

"days can be blissful."

"weeks can be blissful."

"hours can be blissful."

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blissful ignorance