Adjective "blink" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


Shut and open the eyes quickly.
  1. with object 'he blinked his eyes nervously'
  2. '‘Okay, my turn,’ I said quickly, blinking rapidly to make up for the past few seconds.'
  3. 'His mouth was open slightly and his eyes where wide open and not blinking.'
  4. 'The man blinked, before opening the door wider and ushering me inside.'
  5. 'Arielle blinked twice before opening her eyes fully and staring at Luke with her usual cheery smile.'
  6. 'She blinked open her bloodshot eyes and didn't really seem to see me.'
  7. 'He blinked quickly and then turned to look at the half open door where his mother was leaning inside.'
  8. 'It took him a little while, but he finally opened his eyes, blinking tiredly.'
  9. 'The door opened and a tall thin man appeared, Koishi blinked and quickly stepped away.'
  10. 'We pushed it open, and stood blinking in the dark of the hall.'
  11. 'She says it all very quickly and I blink as I take it in.'
  12. 'Elizabeth blinked back tears'
  13. 'A frown appeared on his face, as he desperately tried to blink his tears back.'
  14. 'My eyes began flooding with tears, but I tried to blink them back.'
  15. 'I blinked my tears back and followed behind Matt.'
  16. 'She lay there for a few seconds before blinking the tears back.'
  17. 'I felt my eyes mist at the mention of my father's name, and then blinked the tears back.'
  18. 'Victorian morality and its inherent contradictions wouldn't have blinked at the pair's duplicity.'
  19. 'We don't even blink at these expressions of violence any more.'
  20. 'Well, purchasing power is up for sure and nobody blinks at a thousand rupees for a ticket anymore.'
  21. 'As ever, he thinks he will be the last to blink.'
  22. 'It looks like they're playing chicken to see who's going to blink first.'
  23. 'On the matter of generic pharmaceuticals, it seems to be a case of who blinks first.'
  24. 'Well, Katherine Graham didn't blink, and the rest, as they say, is history.'
  25. '"Each one is waiting to see who will blink first," said one foreign diplomat.'
  26. 'He'll have to hope Labor blinks even if no new evidence is produced.'
(of a light) flash on and off in a regular or intermittent way.
  1. 'They're looking for the indicator light to blink on, then off.'
  2. 'As they prepared to go against whatever was up ahead, the emergency lights blinked out without warning.'
  3. 'I mean, he could be talking until morning if they didn't have a little red light blinking there on the podium.'
  4. 'A red light blinking in the answer machine slowly flicked on and off.'
  5. 'A red light began blinking and flashing in the room, and an alarm went berserk.'
  6. 'The overhead lights blinked once, then went out, casting the compartment in darkness.'
  7. 'After a few seconds, the antenna stopped moving and another light blinked on.'
  8. 'Lights were blinking on the signs that commanded vehicles to stop.'
  9. 'It was traveling faster than most small planes and he watched the white light blinked out.'
  10. 'With most cameras the correct-focus indicator light will blink rapidly and the shutter release won't fire.'


An act of shutting and opening the eyes very quickly.
  1. 'Trials with excessive eye movements, blinks, or blockage were rejected.'
  2. 'A cat will say ‘hello’ with a slow blink, the polite cat will look away after it has blinked.'
  3. 'So far as the vehicles go, colors can be changed in what amounts to a physical blink of an eye.'
  4. 'The blue eyes closed, staying shut longer and tighter than a blink would require.'
  5. 'Tying a balloon at the gate to the zoo, he catches the blink of a cashier before she rings up another fee, hungers for the moment a turtle slips into water.'
  6. 'Vicki caught his blink of shock and silently began to pray that he could help them.'
  7. 'Voters are seen as a strange and volatile lot, who could turn bad at the blink of an eye.'
  8. 'Rachel and Annette both halted and turned, Rachel giving a blink of surprise at the tall and handsome man approaching.'
  9. 'In a single blink, Justine had analyzed him and the situation she was in.'
  10. 'It is an eye open to the reader as it translates its complex turns, blinks, and refraction onto the page.'
  11. 'Feargal would have given her all this without a blink'
  12. 'If I would get the chance I would fight them tomorrow without a blink of my eye.'
  13. 'Without a blink she marched to the trapdoor and began the descent, doing her best not to look Jorte in the eyes.'
A momentary gleam of light.
  1. 'She gave Sasha a short blink from her light and heard the car motor start.'
  2. 'It should come as no surprise that, when the slightest blink of yellow light came into view, I recklessly sped towards it.'
  3. 'But a blink of sunlight was a harbinger of hope for the Edinburgh team as they gradually but determinedly fought their way back into this game.'
  4. 'Yesterday we had rain, rain and more rain, a little blink of sunshine and then thick mist!'
  5. 'Then there it was again, a blink of light in the grass about three yards away.'

More definitions

1. to open and close the eye, especially involuntarily; wink rapidly and repeatedly.

2. to look with winking or half-shut eyes: I blinked at the harsh morning light.

3. to be startled, surprised, or dismayed (usually followed by at): She blinked at his sudden fury.

4. to look evasively or with indifference; ignore (often followed by at): to blink at another's eccentricities.

5. to shine unsteadily, dimly, or intermittently; twinkle: The light on the buoy

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be blink in lights."

"people can be blink."


Middle English: from blenk, Scots variant of blench, reinforced by Middle Dutch blinken ‘to shine’. Early senses included ‘deceive’, ‘flinch’ (compare with blench), and also ‘open the eyes after sleep’: hence blink (sense 1 of the verb) (mid 16th century).


in the blink of an eye (or in a blink)
not blink an eye
on the blink