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Made holy; consecrated.
  1. 'Upon hearing that I wanted to know more about Islam and to possibly convert, Mohamad invited me to a men's group where they talked about the Qur'an and the blessed prophet.'
  2. 'A study of the seven-fold occurrence of ‘I am’ in John's Gospel will underline the deity of our blessed Lord.'
  3. 'Is this the marriage that is blessed or the marriage that is on the brink of destruction?'
  4. 'May all Am Yisrael be blessed in the merit of the great deeds you are doing.'
  5. 'Even the birthday of the Holy Prophet, which was the most happy day for the whole mankind, was never celebrated by the Holy Prophet himself, nor by his blessed companions.'
  6. 'Amid all the shrines, the libations and the blessed food, it was time to take my leave from the Venkateswara Temple in Helensburgh, New South Wales.'
  7. 'Through you, O blessed one, worthy mediator, may we complete the sacrifice!'
  8. 'Gradually the call to preach ‘the glorious gospel of the blessed God, the gospel of the good news to lost sinners’, had been developing in Richard.'
  9. 'During the service they prayed for God's blessings on their work and had their hands anointed with blessed oil.'
  10. 'Let us look next at the sinless life of the blessed Son of God.'
  11. 'the Convent of the Blessed Agnes'
  12. 'The saintly qualities of Fr. Solanus compare with those of Blessed Mother Teresa, according to Fr. Benedict Groeschel.'
  13. 'blessed are the meek'
  14. 'I was infinitely blessed to get it all, but that leaves me in my present predicament - yamless, on my toes, spinning as fast as I possibly can.'
  15. 'Regardless of these differences: I pray you will be blessed in your practise.'
  16. 'I cannot think of another artist whose canvases convey so clearly quite what a blessed existence the painter believes he leads.'
  17. 'We are blessed at Harvard in not having some imported windbag sound off to us in the Commencement exercises in the morning.'
  18. 'Those men who are absorbed in devotion for Vishnu are blessed in the world.'
  19. 'Our church communities are blessed by the rich diversity of people that God has created as the body of Christ.'
  20. 'Though we know we shall die, we are blessed to be ignorant of when or how we shall die.'
  21. 'May you be eternally blessed as a member of our people.'
  22. 'Fortunately, I was blessed to become a part of the great humanistic conversation at Princeton University.'
  23. 'The good news for Gators fans is that the team is blessed at line-backer, with stalwarts such as Byron Hardmon, Mike Nattiel and Matt Farrior.'
Used in mild expressions of annoyance or exasperation.
  1. 'And there's not a blessed thing wrong with that.'
  2. 'There was not a blessed thing I would change except the stop in Laughlin/Bullhead City.'
  3. 'My father is in a hospital in Florida out of his mind on pain-killers while awaiting surgery and there's not a blessed thing I can do except wait for the phone to ring.'


1. consecrated; sacred; holy; sanctified: the Blessed Sacrament.

2. worthy of adoration, reverence, or worship: the Blessed Trinity.

3. divinely or supremely favored; fortunate: to be blessed with a strong, healthy body; blessed with an ability to find friends.

4. blissfully happy or contented.

5. Roman Catholic Church. beatified.

6. bringing happiness and thankfulness: the blessed assurance of a steady income.

7. Informal. damned: I'm blessed if I know.

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"people can be blessed by successions."

"people can be blessed in lives."

"people can be blessed by responses."

"people can be blessed by gods."

"people can be blessed by churches."

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