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Lose blood from the body as a result of injury or illness.
  1. 'some casualties were left to bleed to death'
  2. 'A heavy blow to the temple from a full alcopop bottle left him bleeding heavily and as he tried to drive off, the group climbed on to his car and attempted to break the windows.'
  3. 'The area bled when probed, and the adjacent palatal tissue appeared to be folded.'
  4. 'You know that some group of people will arrive bleeding and broken wearing Viking helmets or the togas of a gospel choir.'
  5. 'The other freed Briton, Mark Covell, 33, remains in an Italian hospital where he is being treated for internal bleeding and broken ribs.'
  6. 'It is imperative that each side branch of the saphenous vein be identified and bleeding be controlled before division.'
  7. 'It was a shallow burn into my flesh, but enough surface area to make it bleed profusely, and added to that, my veins tend to be very close to the surface of my skin.'
  8. 'It's caused by the lining of the womb appearing in places where it shouldn't outside of the womb but still responding to hormones, growing and bleeding monthly.'
  9. 'His clothes were torn and he was bleeding heavily in multiple areas.'
  10. 'William Golding once wrote that you know you're a writer when you sit and stare at a page until your forehead bleeds.'
  11. 'Dazed, he scrambled to his feet and discovered he was bleeding in the chest area.'
  12. 'He knew he was bleeding by the wetness seeping down his leg, but he lacked the will to check out his injury.'
  13. 'And even then, we would continue to bleed slowly from IED attacks and ambushes on a regular basis.'
  14. 'He was going for an Xray of his lungs as he'd continued to bleed from his lungs and mouth.'
Draw blood from (someone), especially as a former method of treatment in medicine.
  1. 'And even if the doctor lived next door and you could call her, she would only bleed you and put smelly poultices on your forehead to balance your humors.'
  2. 'He bled me with a clean blade and checked my blood for anything unusual.'
  3. 'This painting of a Greek vase, dating from 480-460 BC, depicts a surgeon bleeding his patient.'
  4. 'They are like the doctors of old who sincerely believed bleeding the patient was the way to get rid of the disease because that is what their textbooks and wise men told them.'
  5. 'I can just bleed you and make sure that you still have enough to live.'
  6. 'It's like treating TB or typhus by bleeding the patient with an unsterilised knife - it's a new century folks.'
  7. 'I can bleed her and lance the infection, but's that all.'
  8. 'There was no need for physicians to bleed residents of this part of Ohio because the mosquitoes did the job.'
  9. 'When the patient recovered consciousness, Rush would examine the pulse and bleed the patient again if necessary.'
  10. 'There were razors in the medicine cabinet that could bleed him out, painkillers behind the mirrored glass that could put him to sleep forever.'
  11. 'But despite the fact that the doctors treated him, bled him, and gave him medicines to drink - he recovered.'
  12. 'Freud argued explicitly that, since the mind was constantly being replenished with its mental fluid, the libido, it would have to be bled in much the same way as doctors bled the diseased body.'
  13. 'They could bleed us very slowly as long as we are willing to put troops in there and keep them there.'
  14. 'Its balance of financial and armed clout should give it a longer shelf life than the Soviet Union, whose military establishment bled its command economy to death.'
  15. 'Some want to eat them, others just want to bleed them of their money and others wouldn't mind blowing them up out of spite.'
  16. '‘It's as if they want to cut our throats and slowly bleed us into submission,’ said another bar owner.'
  17. 'Many are fearful that they are being brown bagged and that this is just the first of many new taxes designed to bleed them of all their spare change.'
  18. 'For all she knew, that whole ‘dazed’ expression could simply be an act to bleed her of her precious coins.'
Allow (fluid or gas) to escape from a closed system through a valve.
  1. 'Other heat is bled into injector delivery pipes too - even though carried along the boiler they're hard to thaw; sometimes you need a fusee.'
  2. 'CO 2 was bled into the gas loop as required, beginning 5 h into the photoperiod.'
  3. 'A gas operating system bleeds gas out of the barrel - usually near the muzzle - and uses it to push an operating rod, or the bolt, to the rear.'
  4. 'Then bleed the air out of the hose, remove the tool and open the regulator to bleed the air in the tank.'
  5. 'Gas flow to the assimilation chamber was measured by a mass-flow controller, and gas was also bled off to serve as the reference gas for the CO 2 and humidity measurements.'
  6. 'I was in the process of bleeding the water cooling system when I took this pic - you can still see the tiny air-bubbles.'
  7. 'Dragged backward by the buckle, Jimmy bleeds some air into his dry suit but then finds himself too buoyant so that he ascends and collides with the ice above.'
  8. 'And because there is no air going into the radiators there is no need to bleed them, so they are also likely to last longer.'
  9. 'Trainline reservoir air was bled from inbound railroad cars before they were weighed at #3 or #5 track scales.'
  10. 'The gas did not affect any horses, and Billings fire crews monitored the gas fumes while utility crews shut down the line and bled the pressure out of it.'
  11. 'air can be got rid of by bleeding the radiator at the vent'
  12. 'Then bleed the air out of the hose, remove the tool and open the regulator to bleed the air in the tank.'
  13. 'Fill the tube with water and bleed the water down using the high bleed on the gauge.'
(of a liquid substance such as dye or colour) seep into an adjacent colour or area.
  1. 'The dye should easily bleed from one sheet to the next.'
  2. 'Information technology continues to improve exponentially, and this progress bleeds over into adjacent fields such as genetics, robotics and nanotechnology.'
  3. 'When using fresh berries in cakes, you must fold them in very gently so as not to bruise them, which will result in the glorious colour bleeding into the mixture.'
  4. 'The color bleeds out of some fabric; and may deposit itself into other fabric.'
  5. 'After they finished each color, they put tape in between each section, so that the colors wouldn't bleed into each other.'
  6. 'Colors are moderately saturated, though a few of the British redcoats are so bright red that the color bleeds somewhat.'
  7. 'I heard that the color red bleeds in Saturday Night Fever, but that they had cleaned it up for this transfer.'
  8. 'In the event that too ambitious trimming results in bleeding, styptic powder should be applied to the wounded nail.'
  9. 'What remains as a memory, though the colour has bled away, is the fast scudding of clouds, and the rush of sound over my head, the wind in the trees: as if the waters of life have begun to flow.'
  10. 'In the past, the only contrast was between the grey tinge of the hard-boiled egg and the beetroot dye bleeding all over the plate.'
  11. 'the picture bleeds on three sides'


An instance of bleeding.
  1. 'Pathologist Dr Adam Coumbe gave the cause of death as pontine haemorrhage, a bleed in the base of the brain.'
  2. 'Headaches occasionally, but not often, arise from serious problems like a tumor or a bleed into the brain.'
  3. 'He has now begun suffering spontaneous bleeds.'
  4. 'If you are on the pill you do not expect to be pregnant, and you will probably still have a period-like bleed in your pill-free week.'
  5. 'But a few days later things took a turn for the worst when Susan suffered a heavy bleed.'
  6. 'Experts say there is no need to abstain unless there is a history of miscarriage or the woman has experienced a bleed.'
  7. 'Most bleeding problems are clinically minor, although patients are unlikely to view such bleeds in these terms.'
  8. 'Doctors later found she had suffered a small bleed in her head which has affected mobility on her right side but specialists are pleased with her progress.'
  9. 'Haemophiliacs need to inject themselves two or three times a week with clotting concentrates for bleeds.'
  10. 'It was the evidence of all the other experts in the case that in most instances subdural bleeds could be explained as being a reaction to mechanical forces.'
The escape of fluid or gas from a closed system through a valve.
  1. as modifier 'open the bleed valve'
  2. 'The air bleed in the ballast tank facilitated maintenance of a constant pressure.'
  3. 'The bleed air duct light remained on following shutdown, potentially indicating a very serious aircraft malfunction.'
  4. 'A bleed orifice may be disposed between the directional control valve and the source of fluid, in parallel with the check valve.'
  5. 'You'll have to install the radiator next, followed by the pump and fill and bleed kit.'
  6. 'Implant failures are characterized by their degree of severity: silicone bleed, leak, and frank rupture.'
  7. 'Was it on the wing, and was hot bleed air blowing on the fuel tank?'
  8. 'Our No. 1 bleed-leak light illuminated, so we secured the No. 1 bleed system.'
  9. 'On a daily basis check that the claw air bleeds are clear.'
  10. 'This condition would have been intolerable, requiring the execution of the boldface procedures and shutting down all bleed air in the aircraft.'
  11. 'Imprints in the bottom surface of the delamination represent entrapped bleed water.'
An instance of printing an illustration or design so as to leave no margin after the page has been trimmed.
  1. 'She opened it to a full bleed picture of the reverend himself and showed Frank the elaborate signature.'
  2. 'Just been watching Steve Jobs' Macworld Keynote speech, iPhoto was just simplicity itself and the demo of iPhoto book with 10-50 full page bleeds was just awesome.'
  3. 'colour bleed is apparent on brighter hues'
  4. 'Colors and fleshtones are natural looking, detail is sharp with no edge enhancement and blacks are solid with zero bleed.'
  5. 'In the 14 Stations of the Cross, painted between 1958 and 1966, you get delicate strokes of black which contrast with the crisp margins of zips - some animated by bleeds at the edge.'
  6. 'You no more need to be terrified about washing your new outfits for the fear of colour bleed.'
  7. 'He uses effects to create upsetting organic images a la David Fincher, though where Fincher uses dirty yellows and negative bleeds, Cunningham uses steely grays and lens flares.'
  8. 'One place shows a bit of shimmer and another place has a slight color bleed; but if you weren't looking intently for it you'd never notice.'
  9. 'Blacks are solid, with no bleed or shimmer, while shadow detail has great clarity and depth.'
  10. 'The film uses a great deal of blacks and shadows and they come through solid with no bleed or shimmer whatsoever.'
  11. 'Colors are bright and well within their ranges, no noticeable bleed in the reds or blues.'
  12. 'Video quality is uniformly solid, though some videos are overly bright, with some examples of minor edge degradation and color bleed.'
  13. 'Black levels are beautifully presented with no bleed or shimmer apparent.'

More definitions

1. to lose blood from the vascular system, either internally into the body or externally through a natural orifice or break in the skin: to bleed from the mouth.

2. (of injured tissue, excrescences, etc.) to exude blood: a wart that is bleeding.

3. (of a plant) to exude sap, resin, etc., from a wound.

4. (of dye or paint) to run or become diffused: All the colors bled when the dress was washed.

5. (of a liquid) to oo

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be bleed on scalps."

"people can be bleed from lacerations."

"people can be bleed."

"cuts can be bleed."


Old English blēdan, of Germanic origin; related to blood.


bleed someone/something dry (or white)
my heart bleeds (for you)