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  1. 'At first, and indeed for the first hour or so, the play - set not just in a nursing home but in the bathroom of a nursing home - seems bleakly realistic.'
  2. 'This tale of privileged Asian-American high schoolers whose studious, overachieving image serves as a cover for criminal activity drew criticism for the bleakly amoral light it throws on its subjects.'
  3. 'Inis Theatre focuses its warped lens on the bleakly comic world of love and those who want it… taking on the three-minute mating game for the curious, the desperate and the deranged.'
  4. 'Apart from the odd murder, armed robbery, and depraved party, it's mostly sitting around bleakly decorated social clubs, playing gin rummy and eating.'
  5. 'The phone rings so the father goes downstairs, sparing Lewis from a beating but leaving him shocked and scared, slumped against the door staring bleakly into the camera.'
  6. 'A chisel-faced Van Gogh stares bleakly from a green ground, Francis Bacon is a massacre of distorted whorls and Sarah Lucas peers over a wilting cigarette.'
  7. 'At every machine an earnest young (or not-so-young but trying to look it) person pumps bleakly away, intimidatingly burning those extra pounds, trimming those recalcitrant inches.'
  8. 'As for his business trips abroad, the reality was bleakly mundane: three or four days watching television in a lonely room in the Geneva airport hotel, after which he'd return bearing gifts from the duty-free shop.'
  9. 'There are also a lot of rousing singalongs devoted to Gough's belief in the transcendental power of love, balanced by lyrical dramas bleakly pondering death and the afterlife.'
  10. 'In a bleakly appropriate coda, just as we finished discussing the rehabilitation of mined lands, a one-legged man on a bicycle pedaled gamely past our car.'

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1. bare, desolate, and often windswept: a bleak plain.

2. cold and piercing; raw: a bleak wind.

3. without hope or encouragement; depressing; dreary: a bleak future.

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"albums can be bleakly."