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A coloured jacket worn by schoolchildren or sports players as part of a uniform.
  1. 'Look a little closer at the well-groomed kids with innocent, idyllic faces in school blazers or the teens that look identical to their parents except for their age.'
  2. 'At the time the footage was taken she was wearing her uniform of dark blue blazer, grey skirt, white shirt, school tie and blue jumper.'
  3. 'I hung my freshly pressed jackets and blazers, complete with the school crest on the pockets and the name Barrett on the laundry mark, in the closet, next to Dave's.'
  4. 'He was wearing a white shirt, school tie, grey pants and a blue blazer with their school emblem on it.'
  5. 'Nikki held up black - rather than purple - school blazers.'
  6. 'There are newbies in perfect, crisp school uniforms, blazers and everything.'
  7. 'It was at Ballantynes that my mother bought my school uniforms including navy serge gym frocks, felt and panama hats, monogrammed hat bands and blazers, and of course, summer and winter gloves!'
  8. 'The mini-museum features documents and exam results from throughout the school's history, as well as photographs dating from 1897, sports kits from as early as the 1920s and school blazers.'
  9. 'Don't you think all school blazers should be washable?'
  10. 'His rapt audience, 16 Indian cricket players in blue blazers, chortled in approval, and later took turns to pump the general's hand.'
  11. 'His father, with an air of exhaustion, wore a navy blazer and pale green shirt and tie.'
  12. 'John was a colourful figure, with a predilection for striped blazers, white silk dinner jackets, hats, buttonholes, and club ties, of which he had a magnificent collection.'
  13. 'They all wore blazers but the maroon monstrosities were more like space jackets.'
  14. 'Tweed sports jackets are all the rage, and the best part is that you don't need to worry about matching patterns when it comes to blazers and button-down shirts.'
  15. 'From argyle cardigans to tweed blazers, check out the look of fall 2004 and enjoy all the attention.'
  16. 'For the rest of us, cardigans and pullovers should do unless a blazer or suit is demanded by the occasion.'
  17. 'Those who came looking for suits, blazers, shirts and pants went away satisfied that the products came not only at affordable rates, but were also worth the price.'
  18. 'Where do you see anyone in coloured blazers apart from the stock markets?'
  19. 'Having worked in a haberdashery, the rule of thumb was that button-down collar shirts go with sport jackets and blazers.'
  20. 'To make your upper body look more muscular, wear small shoulder pads in your blazers, jackets and sports jackets.'

More definitions

1. something that blazes or shines brightly.

2. a sports jacket, usually a solid color or striped, having metal buttons and sometimes an insignia on the breast pocket, as one worn by a member of a club, school, or the like.

3. a small cooking apparatus using as its source of heat a spirit lamp, hot coals, etc., used especially for preparing food at the table or outdoors.

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"shirts can be blazer."

"jackets can be blazer."

"hats can be blazer."


Late 19th century: from blaze + -er. The original general sense was ‘a thing that blazes or shines’ (mid 17th century), giving rise to the term for a brightly coloured sporting jacket.