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Used to express annoyance.
  1. 'I completely wasted my entire day in unproductive activity and left the blasted room hours later seething with frustration and disgust.'
  2. 'The sleeves would ride up your arms when you swung, the shoulders were too tight, and we wound up taking the blasted things off when we had a shot that really mattered.'
  3. 'The blasted thing would not stop ringing.'
  4. 'He winced as he reached for the bar of soap, cursing the blasted hot water tank that never seemed to actually spit out hot water.'
  5. 'Later that morning I brought the blasted computer into one of the two public lounges, settled into a plush chair and tried to concentrate.'
  6. 'Bury yourself in some textbooks until the whole blasted thing blows over.'
  7. 'But we never get to appreciate that, because the blasted music never stops!'
  8. 'Everyone is suffering from this blasted cold thanks to him!'
  9. 'The blasted sheep had simply stormed into the house to have a good look round.'
  10. 'All in all we must have wasted about fifty gallons of water and never did succeed in getting the blasted thing to run.'
Withered or blighted; laid waste.
  1. 'an area of blasted trees'
  2. 'Exploring the island by minibus, he finds a blasted landscape of rock and dust and minimal vegetation.'
  3. 'His smoky shots of blasted earth and gnashing machinery, spraying explosions and blackened pits create an oppressively alien landscape hostile to man and woman alike.'


    1. withered; shriveled; blighted; ruined.

    2. damned; confounded: This blasted pen leaked all over my shirt.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "musics can be blasted."

    "people can be blasted."

    "leaders can be blasted."

    "televisions can be blasted."

    "springers can be blasted."

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