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A destructive wave of highly compressed air spreading outwards from an explosion.
  1. 'The owner was not at home, but the blast blew out the front wall of his home and left him homeless.'
  2. 'Three other soldiers were wounded as the blast blew off the tanks turret, pinning them down.'
  3. 'The manager of the state fire investigations unit said the pressure wave from the blast was powerful enough to lift the roof off the building.'
  4. 'The blast blew the glass out of every apartment window in the block.'
  5. 'The shock wave from the blast kills the majority of fish species on the reef and causes severe damage to its structure.'
  6. 'The blast blew out windows and walls, overturned tables and cut electricity, plunging the hotel into eerie darkness.'
  7. 'Yesterday a fire service spokesman said: ‘The blast just blew the whole of the front of the shop off.’'
  8. 'The blast caused a shock wave across the town, smashing windows and shaking houses.'
  9. 'The principal effect of a bomb is explosive blast, which may be combined with fragmentation or incendiary effects.'
  10. 'The plane shuddered with shock waves from the blast.'
  11. 'a bomb blast'
  12. 'He swung the gun around, firing two sharp blasts at the other man.'
  13. 'He had to fly in that cruel place, where the air is as destructive as a nuclear blast, for 4,000 miles.'
  14. 'They were accused of being the main conspirators and facilitators of the bomb blasts.'
  15. 'In a land mine blast and a grenade attack on a camp, four security personnel died.'
  16. 'Bomb attacks in London in 1992 resulted in guidance being published on how to design for bomb blasts.'
  17. 'Two bomb blasts and a bomb threat last week have caused tension and disturbance in the region.'
  18. 'Three police officers were wounded in a grenade blast earlier during the raid.'
  19. 'The destructive blast impacted with the road to the left of the middle Jeep.'
  20. 'The race is on to save the lives of those injured by the bomb blasts; many tourists, however, are unaccounted for.'
  21. 'Later 20 people were wounded in a grenade blast which police said had been aimed at a security patrol but missed its target.'
  22. 'United's four-goal blast'
A strong gust of wind or air.
  1. 'He pulled out his combat knife and punctured his air bag sending a blast of hot compressed air in his direction.'
  2. 'When I stepped out of the car, I was hit with a blast of icy wind.'
  3. 'They're going to take some getting used to, though at least the blast of fetid air from the tube station makes us feel right at home.'
  4. 'She pulled her duster closer around her and shivered at the icy blast of wind Mother Nature sent her way.'
  5. 'For once the weather bureau got it right and the predicted cold front arrived last night with a blast of icy wind.'
  6. 'Without warning, strong blasts of wind blew around them, ripping trees from their roots.'
  7. 'The wind delivered consistent blasts in between gusts and gales.'
  8. 'I love winter, the chill in the air, how the fresh blast of wind brings colour to my cheeks.'
  9. 'Their shapes were distorted by the howling blasts of icy wind.'
  10. 'The blast of cold wind almost hits me on the face, reminding of the real feel of Christmas in our place.'
A single loud note of a horn, whistle, or similar.
  1. 'The now familiar, spine chilling bugle gave a long blast and the enemy surged forward.'
  2. 'In those days he didn't even have a police radio: three sharp blasts on a whistle was the only way to summon help.'
  3. 'Things make a rapid right turn with this song though - a blast of guitar bursts out unexpectedly.'
  4. 'The phrases noted above are like blasts from an air horn or plastic trumpet, blaring technical correctness.'
  5. 'A blast of melody rang throughout the crowd, and immediately everyone began to dance around, grabbing the nearest person to be their partner.'
  6. 'Entering the building, a blast of noise assaulted her ears.'
  7. 'Her mysterious silences and then her loud, abrupt blasts of sound had made him curious, so he walked to the door, and rested his had on the door knob.'
  8. 'The album is studded throughout with glorious blasts of trumpet adding to the CD's general utter charm.'
  9. 'By 10 am a few sheets of lightening and blasts of thunder echoed throughout the valley.'
  10. 'Plumes of white vapor fill the air, and the blast of a steam whistle announces the train's departure.'
A severe reprimand.
  1. 'Another blast of criticism was aimed at the good lady wife of the rock musician.'
  2. 'She gives the leftie columnist a big blast for the dishonesty of his criticisms.'
  3. 'So it is no mystery why my blast at the historian did not get the attention his did.'
An enjoyable experience or lively party.
  1. 'The energy was fantastic and even the people backstage were having a blast.'
  2. 'The crew, nerds given the opportunity to create worlds, are having a blast making the movie; and so are the stars.'
  3. 'The first time was a great time, the second time was a blast.'
  4. 'And most importantly of all, these two-seater ragtops are a real blast to drive.'
  5. 'The party had been a blast, but the cleaning up was no fun.'
  6. 'I had the greatest time, some of those rides are a real blast.'
  7. 'I can't wait to party and have a blast at your restaurant!'
  8. 'Dancing with my friends was a blast, dancing with strangers was too.'
  9. 'I went there last night for the first time - what a blast!'
  10. 'It's a real blast, even for those who aren't hardcore fans of the series.'


Blow up or break apart (something solid) with explosives.
  1. 'From a safe distance, a disposal expert presses a button, triggering an explosion which blasts the mine to pieces.'
  2. 'The missiles struck her, blasting apart most of her engines and missile launchers.'
  3. 'The explosion blasted the vessel into fragments, split the bed of the harbour and sent a mushroom cloud of smoke and debris surging three miles into the sky.'
  4. 'One tornado blasted apart a theatre just minutes after a movie ended.'
  5. 'Explosions or collisions blast the objects into smaller pieces, increasing the number of objects further.'
  6. 'The windows and doors were all blasted away, but the main structure stood solid, and they survived with but a few scratches.'
  7. 'A van filled with homemade explosives blasts the federal building in the city.'
  8. 'Actually, the present lava dome at Mount St Helens is the third dome to form since the 1980 eruption, the previous two having been blasted away by the subsequent eruptions.'
  9. 'As the doors were blasted away, an audible gasp was heard from within.'
  10. 'The attacking vehicles had been blasted apart, so there wasn't much left to salvage from them.'
  11. 'the force of the collision blasted out a tremendous crater'
  12. 'She then flew up as his plasma canon blasted away a large crater.'
  13. 'A large hole has been blasted into the mountain, where cement, stones and steel bars pile high, destroying the greenland.'
  14. 'This allows the attacking soldiers access to the building through holes blasted in the walls.'
  15. 'With a dramatic swish of his cape, he ran out the hole he had blasted, jumping incredible distances just like the creatures they had faced.'
  16. 'The new pictures show that most of the moon is dark, but impacts have blasted holes in the surface to reveal much brighter material underneath.'
  17. 'The raised cap of limestone has been blasted out.'
  18. 'He leaped at her but she just kicked him away before blasting out an exit in the wall.'
  19. 'the car was blasted thirty feet into the sky'
  20. 'Explosion after explosion erupted, blasting dirt, mud and smoke high into the air.'
  21. 'The rocket launcher allows you to blast rockets in the air.'
  22. 'A huge black blur struck the ground where he'd been standing scant instants ago, and a shower of dirt was blasted upwards from the impact.'
  23. 'The explosion blasted her off the cliff, but she was holding herself up by a claw.'
  24. 'This video has something of the emotional effect you get when you see the video from the Saturn V launch that blasted the first humans at the moon.'
  25. 'Fowler was blasted with an air rifle'
  26. 'Thrill seekers who blasted a car dealership with BB guns came under fire from community leaders who are calling for the toy weapons to be outlawed.'
  27. 'Both of the metal slabs on his hips unfolded into their gun modes and began blasting away the enemy units two at a time.'
  28. 'Before she could do too much damage, he used a hidden gun to blast her away.'
  29. 'Helicopter gunships blasted the town last week.'
  30. 'In his mind, he blasted six large holes in the blimp's gas cells.'
  31. 'He turned and began to fire his machine gun wildly before he was blasted full of holes.'
  32. 'The more unusual ways of scattering ashes include packing them into fireworks which are then fired into the sky and putting ashes in shotgun cartridges to be blasted away.'
  33. 'Before the stupid creature knew it, I had blasted several rounds of fire from my weapon.'
  34. 'In a separate incident, a woman was critically ill in hospital last night after she was blasted with a shotgun in her house.'
  35. 'From there the heat blasts right through the interior window shade and into your home.'
  36. 'Sitting in the carpark, watching the sheets of rain blasting across the tarmac, there really wasn't much else to do but go home.'
  37. 'Bits of silver metal blasted in every direction.'
  38. 'She opened the nozzle and a powerful stream blasted out onto the hillside behind the house.'
  39. 'I wrenched around, my blood pressure blasting into the stratosphere.'
  40. 'A wave of power blasted in the direction of the hunters, knocking them off their feet.'
  41. 'Foot traffic blasted by him, men and women, in pairs, in groups, all alone.'
  42. 'The students began blasting past cars and began heading towards the airport entrance.'
  43. 'The wind was blasting hard into my face and against my body.'
  44. 'They blasted past the ship in one of the speedboats to quickly survey the reef's outer walls.'
Produce or cause to produce loud continuous music or other noise.
  1. with object 'an impatient motorist blasted his horn'
  2. 'Hundreds of other drinkers packed into the warren of rooms as the star's voice blasted out of the sound system.'
  3. 'I started the car and blasted the radio, as I put it in reverse and drove out.'
  4. 'Extravagantly costumed masquerade troupes shimmied down the streets as trucks with speakers piled high blasted out calypso and soul.'
  5. 'The workers customised the float with campaign slogans and blasted out classic tunes from popular bands.'
  6. 'The body beside him slumped forward onto the steering wheel and the horn blasted loudly through the silence.'
  7. 'Hands wave madly in the air as the first grinding guitar riff blasts through the speakers.'
  8. 'The stereo blasted loudly as the people on the streets flashed by the window at unreal speeds.'
  9. 'In the last of a series of protests and parties by radical groups, youths drank and danced as a stereo system blasted out tunes.'
  10. 'The sweet sounds of the band blasted out of the speakers.'
  11. 'Pupils aged between five and 18 blasted out renditions of well-known songs.'
Kick or strike (a ball) hard.
  1. 'He chested the ball on to Robinson who blasted his 30 yard effort over the bar.'
  2. 'Instead of blasting the ball wide of Main, the striker elected to shoot straight at the keeper.'
  3. 'He blasted 17 fours and four sixes in an unbeaten 101, both reaching his ton and winning the match with his final six.'
  4. 'He blasted a twenty yard free kick inches over the crossbar.'
  5. 'Then, four minutes from time, the striker blasted the ball against the bar with an empty net in front of him.'
  6. 'Up stepped Parker to blast the ball past Marshall from the resultant kick.'
  7. 'He stands over the free-kick and blasts the ball hopelessly at the US wall.'
  8. 'His through ball put his teammate clear, but as the shot fell to him on his weaker left foot, he blasted his shot over.'
  9. 'In one fluid movement, he flicks the ball from his left foot on to his right foot, then blasts a volley into the net.'
  10. 'Which can you blast harder, a tennis serve or a slap shot?'
  11. 'The young Motherwell striker managed to blast the ball into the side netting.'
Criticize fiercely.
  1. 'Critics blasted him for pouring taxpayer funds into badly managed banks and unneeded infrastructure projects.'
  2. 'He has blasted the Mansfield striker's ‘poor attitude’ during his loan stay at Wetherby Road.'
  3. 'Conservatives question whether TV ads for a new film blasting the president could unfairly impact voters.'
  4. 'General election candidates were blasted yesterday for sending thousands of unsolicited vote-getting phone messages to their constituents.'
  5. 'Last night, he blasted someone in the audience for booing the mere mention of that band.'
  6. 'I suppose that some people may blast me for these criticisms and claim that they found his adventures compelling.'
  7. 'The association blasted an independent report released by the government yesterday claiming speed cameras save lives.'
  8. 'It was also a colossal failure, shunned by audiences and blasted by critics as ‘pretentious.’'
  9. 'A farmer has blasted officials who threw out his appeal over rights of way across his land.'
  10. 'She has been blasted by one of Hollywood's top directors, as one of the rudest women in the industry.'
  11. 'Now, she's blasting a judge for releasing two suspects held in her daughter's still unresolved case.'
(of a wind or other natural force) wither, shrivel, or blight (a plant)
  1. 'damn and blast this awful place!'
  2. 'your reputation is blasted already in the village'
  3. 'As for Glasgow, they've already blasted Munster off the park in the Celtic League.'


Expressing annoyance.

    More definitions

    1. a sudden and violent gust of wind: Wintry blasts chilled us to the marrow.

    2. the blowing of a trumpet, whistle, etc.: One blast of the siren was enough to clear the street.

    3. a loud, sudden sound or noise: The radio let out an awful blast before I could turn it off.

    4. a forcible stream of air from the mouth, bellows, or the like.

    5. Machinery. air forced into a furnace by a blower to increase the rate of combustion. a jet of steam directed up a smokestack, as of a steam

    More examples(as adjective)

    "systems can be blast."

    "patrols can be blast."


    Old English blǣst, of Germanic origin; related to blaze.


    blast off