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Innocent of wrongdoing.
  1. 'The cult of multiculturalism holds that all minorities are victims of the majority, and therefore minorities must always be blameless.'
  2. 'They are, no matter what happened in this case, blameless here.'
  3. 'The report proves he is absolutely blameless.'
  4. 'To her legions of adoring fans, she is faultless, blameless and unbeatable.'
  5. 'He has told his fellow coaches that they have to be blameless, beyond reproach in everything they do.'
  6. 'In this upside-down world picture, nobody is too discredited to be fashioned into a hero and nobody too blameless to be set up as a villain.'
  7. 'For what it's worth, he did not play badly yesterday, and was blameless for all three goals.'
  8. 'He basically tried to change the subject to the defendant's otherwise blameless life.'
  9. 'He is described as an upright, blameless, and very very wealthy man.'
  10. 'This is irresponsible and certainly unfair since, so far as the world was concerned, he was a perfectly blameless young man.'


1. free from or not deserving blame; guiltless: a blameless child.

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be blameless in things."

"people can be blameless in respects."

"agencies can be blameless as for things."

"people can be blameless."

"places can be blameless."

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