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Malicious or spitefully critical.
  1. 'Get set for the most miserable, petty, bitchy and nasty few weeks you've ever experienced.'
  2. 'A series of bitchy comments sent poor George into a massive sulk and he posted a message to say why he would be closing the forum.'
  3. 'Most of the women I like are capable of great feats of bitchy behaviour.'
  4. 'This is a bitchy business but he never had a nasty word to say about anyone.'
  5. 'I didn't know whether to make a bitchy remark about the large bruise on his forehead.'
  6. 'If you do want to judge someone else, then just do it and be a bitch about it because judging others is kind of bitchy.'
  7. 'Having been surrounded by females my entire life I know a lot more catty bitchy violent women than I do men.'
  8. 'This movie has it all - the dorky sidekick, bitchy cheerleaders and an amiable working class.'
  9. 'I'd rather stay my cynical, sarcastic, socially retarded, bitchy, liberal and satirist self.'
  10. 'Kim's ears were almost on fire as she heard the vicious, bitchy whispers around her.'

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1. characteristic of a bitch; spiteful; malicious.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be bitchy towards people."

"people can be bitchy at trainings."

"people can be bitchy as to people."

"people can be bitchy."

"worlds can be bitchy."

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