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Resembling a bird in appearance or behaviour.
  1. 'a bird-like dinosaur'
  2. 'I always prefer this to apple pie, which has too much fruit and pastry for my bird-like appetite.'
  3. 'With bird-like grace her tiny hands spread over the instrument, ringing the strangest mix of classical, traditional, and indie.'
  4. 'He depicted two mysterious, bird-like figures in brown and black and bits of red.'
  5. 'The enigmatic pilferer was working to retrieve his family's sacred book The Thievius Raccoonus, stolen by the dastardly mechanical Clockwerk, a bird-like villain who did away with Sly's parents when he was young.'
  6. 'From the start he felt separated from other children by the scars that disfigured his bird-like face.'
  7. 'On the second track, there is actually what appears to be a loop of a bird-like electronic chirping.'
  8. 'He is an outwardly jaunty, bird-like figure haunted by the loss of his wife, Jessie.'
  9. 'He tilted his head to one side in an almost bird-like manner.'
  10. 'Clutched loosely with one bird-like hand, was a massive scythe.'
  11. 'A bird-like shriek caught her attention.'

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1. having the appearance or characteristics of a bird, as quickness, lightness, fragility, etc.: birdlike gestures.

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"figures can be birdlike."