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An animal that uses two legs for walking.
  1. 'Australopithecus postcranial skeletons demonstrate that these forms were upright bipeds.'
  2. 'Modern humans are bipeds - we have two feet.'
  3. 'It's possible, for example, that early hominids living as bipeds in patchy forests became easier targets for leopards and other predators.'
  4. 'In an upright biped, like humans and Australopithecines, the head is balanced on top of the spine, whereas in the quadruped like a chimpanzee the head is slung from the front of the spine.'
  5. 'Analysis of the pelvis, thigh bone and knee joint indicate that Lucy and her kind walked on two feet, making them bipeds.'


Using two legs for walking.
  1. 'Our implementation of dynamic programming is performed in a reduced dimensional subspace of a simulated four-DOF biped robot with point feet.'
  2. 'The ultimate aim of the human evolution is to become ' human ' instead of a well dressed and well armed biped animal.'

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1. a two-footed animal. adjective

2. having two feet.

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"types can be biped."


Mid 17th century (earlier ( early 17th century) as bipedal): from Latin bipes, biped- (from bi- ‘having two’ + pes, ped- ‘foot’).