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A device which uses a living organism or biological molecules, especially enzymes or antibodies, to detect the presence of chemicals.
  1. 'Some century-old chemistry could have a strong impact on important issues in biosensors and other nanotech devices, according to a Purdue University research group.'
  2. 'That means they might attract specific molecules, which would make them useful as biosensors to detect single molecules or cells.'
  3. 'Ever-increasing demand for new data inputs, miniaturization, and ample data-processing capacity drive the development of new chemical sensors and biosensors.'
  4. 'The growing ability of researchers to synthesize nanomaterials opens up the possibility of using synthetic molecules such as biosensors to probe cellular function.'
  5. 'He also agrees with predictions that the technology to make computer chips smaller and self-assemble small numbers of molecules on a surface will soon make diagnostic sensors and biosensors available to doctors.'
  6. 'A biosensor uses biological elements - such as antibodies, proteins or cells - as the basis of a sensor.'
  7. 'This five-room ‘house’ is outfitted with infrared sensors, computers, biosensors, and video cameras for use by research teams to work with research subjects as they test concepts and prototype products.'
  8. 'The use of optical biosensors to monitor the nonspecific adsorption of a soluble protein or peptide to a synthetic surface has been reviewed.'
  9. 'These results demonstrated that immobilized recombinant bacterial sensing cells could be used reproducibly in a biosensor device.'
  10. 'They have been used especially for the study of cell adhesion or protein interactions as well as for the design of biosensors on electrical devices.'

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1. a device that senses and transmits information about a biological process, as blood pressure, of an individual under observation.

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"technologies can be biosensor."