Adjective "Bind" Definition and Examples




    1. to fasten or secure with a band or bond.

    2. to encircle with a band or ligature: She bound her hair with a ribbon.

    3. to swathe or bandage (often followed by up): to bind up one's wounds.

    4. to fasten around; fix in place by girding: They bound his hands behind him.

    5. to tie up (anything, as sheaves of grain).

    6. to cause to cohere: Ice bound the soil.

    7. to unite by any legal or moral tie: to be bound by a contract.

    8. to hold


    "undesirabilities can be bind for lives."

    "proteins can be bind to sugars."

    "particles can be bind to haptens."

    "opinions can be bind for courts."

    "lefts can be bind by traditions."

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