Adjective "bewitch" definition and examples

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Cast a spell over (someone)
  1. 'Trying to remain calm Leo asked, ‘And who is this lady sorceress that you say has bewitched men everywhere, and why should you warn me?’'
  2. 'In the end, the exasperated adults were compelled to employ the services of a piper, who bewitched the children with music and led them into a hollow mountain.'
  3. 'The Indians could bewitch my children, and my wife didn't want to go.'
  4. 'He accused the goodwife of bewitching his daughter.'
  5. 'The DC ordered the immediate arrest of the woman who vehemently denied keeping ghosts or bewitching the girl.'
  6. 'His descendants included Helen, who pretended she was bewitched.'
  7. 'She also reported that the malefic cleric had confessed bewitching other people and recruiting a teenager into the ranks of the witches.'
  8. 'It follows the adventures of Gerda and her search for her faithful companion Kay after he is bewitched and imprisoned by the Snow Queen in her ice palace.'
  9. 'The Duke oversees the case between Brabantio and Othello, whom he believes to have bewitched his daughter with magic.'
  10. 'they both were bewitched by the golden luminosity of Italy'
  11. 'He felt bewitched, entranced by this woman full of life, brave and strong.'
  12. 'He had laughed, he had charmed me, almost bewitched me.'
  13. 'The woman at the centre of it all, is certainly bewitching in the flesh.'
  14. 'This is a body of new work produced over the last twelve months which intrigue and bewitch the viewer.'
  15. 'His works enchant, bewitch, stimulate and evoke; in the face of them, some people laugh with joy, still others weep as they've never allowed themselves to.'
  16. 'Why do witches and old women fascinate and bewitch children?'
  17. 'According to James, ‘These photographs express the charm and bewitching nature of contemporary Chinese women’.'
  18. 'And yet we were as bewitched and delighted as any first-timer.'
  19. 'The music came to us from an unknown, incomprehensible world, and it bewitched us.'
  20. 'Many of his chambermaids and servants have been bewitched by his charm.'

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verb (used with object)

1. to affect by witchcraft or magic; cast a spell over.

2. to enchant; charm; fascinate: The painter bewitched the crowd with his latest work. verb (used without object)

3. to cause someone to be enchanted; cast a spell over someone: She lost her power to bewitch.


Middle English: from be- ‘thoroughly’ + witch.