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The second letter of the Greek alphabet (Β, β), transliterated as ‘b’.
  1. 'There I learn the alphas and betas of science and a few million other very important things for the perfect and complete education.'
  2. 'It descends from the Phoenician symbol bth, which was adopted by the Greeks as beta, B, then by the Romans as B.'
  3. 'But surely that alpha beta would have been earned for a course in Greek rather than Latin or Aramaic?'
  4. 'The whole belt, promptly named United Quadrants was divided in four administrative quadrants: the alpha, beta, delta and gamma quadrants.'
  5. 'beta carotene'
  6. 'Thalassemia refers to a group of hereditary disorders of the control of globin synthesis, causing too much or too little synthesis of either the alpha or the beta globin chains.'
  7. 'There are several types of simple proteins known as globulins in the blood: alpha, beta, and gamma.'
  8. 'Treatment in this way causes precipitation of the alpha phase from the beta.'
  9. 'These structures contain stem cells that will differentiate into islets of Langerhans containing functioning alpha, beta and delta cells.'
  10. 'Then the hemoglobin gene duplicated, and the copies differentiated into the forms known as alpha and beta.'
  11. 'The G protein consists of alpha, beta, and gamma subunits.'
  12. 'However, in addition to those forms of energy, such as beta, alpha, theta, delta, brain waves, other fields of energy are also believed to be created.'
  13. 'Does a fetus attain an alpha / beta / theta/delta brainwave state?'
  14. 'During the transition from a waking - to a drowsy-sleep state, the participant might lose the dominant beta / alpha frequencies.'
  15. 'For every dominant alpha individual, well endowed with strength, cleverness, and hence females, there are more who lose out, and therefore end up as resentful and unsuccessful betas, deltas, and zetas.'
  16. 'Golembiewski, Billingsly & Jaeger proposed three types of change - alpha, beta and gamma.'
  17. 'Google has a new database in beta: a catalog database.'
  18. 'Like dtSearch, it offers a list of words as you type, although Google has offered a limited version of this feature in beta for its main search engine.'
  19. 'In fact, however, Sun is still in beta with this CPU program and not set to launch a publicly available utility computing system for weeks.'
  20. 'The online help files in our version were still in beta.'
  21. 'I did encounter a few well-known limitations and bugs in the current beta, but I managed to get around them.'
  22. 'Firefox and Mac version in beta in a couple of months.'
  23. 'At that time, MSN officials declined to discuss when and if they planned to broaden the beta to other countries.'
  24. 'Teoma, in addition to having its search results displayed on Ask Jeeves' site, is scheduled to come out of beta in the second quarter of 2002.'
  25. 'He also declined to say when the second Windows Vista beta would ship, although expectations are for very early in 2006.'
  26. 'Microsoft highlighted the support for Opteron as one of the major new features in the second beta.'
  27. 'Beta Virginis'
  28. 'It was hoped that the Ulysses's skill would prove decisive in the tough battleground of Beta Centauri.'
  29. 'The vote was nearly unanimous, only Simon and a few officers who's planets had close ties to Beta Crucis.'
  30. 'beta emitters'
  31. 'As a result, beta particles interact less readily with material than alpha particles.'
  32. 'By 1963, the year of my parent's marriage, the average release of beta emitters from reactor effluent was 14, 500 curies per day.'
  33. 'The sum total of alpha, beta and gamma radiation emitted per second after a week, a month, a year etc. is easy to calculate, if a bit laborious.'
  34. 'Once in the body, these unstable atoms release alpha, beta, and gamma radiation that damages dividing cells.'
  35. 'Beta decay is one of three principal forms of radioactive decay: alpha, beta, and gamma.'
  36. 'A radioactive material gives off alpha, beta, and gamma emissions.'
  37. 'The emission energies of alpha, beta, and gamma (,, and) particles vary as well as the emission range.'
  38. 'The emission of the electron's antiparticle, the positron, is also called beta decay.'
  39. 'Titanium 45 has two forms, one a beta positive and gamma emitter with a half-life of 3.08 hours and a second form with a half-life of 21 days.'
  40. 'The reactor would shut down and harmful heavy neutrons, most destructive to human life, would be absorbed, he says - though some alpha, beta and gamma radiation might escape.'
  41. 'At age 17 the beta coefficient for Personal Meaning was - 1.88, while that for the next strongest construct, Interpersonal Understanding, was -.77.'
  42. 'It we were to equate the rate of return on a bus firm's stock to the rate of return on the market portfolio (i.e. a beta coefficient of 1.0), then the risk-adjusted nominal cost of borrowing would be 25.03%.'
  43. 'The beta coefficient is .29 for HISCFREQ and .31 for HISCQUAN.'

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1. the second letter of the Greek alphabet (β, B).

2. the consonant sound represented by this letter.

3. (initial capital letter) Astronomy. a star that is usually the second brightest of a constellation: The second brightest star in Taurus is Beta Tauri.

4. Chemistry. one of the possible positions of an atom or group in a compound. one of two or more isomeric compounds.

5. the second of any series, as in chemistry or physics.

6. Also called beta coefficient, beta line. Stock Exch

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Via Latin from Greek.