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A strip of leather or other material worn, typically round the waist, to support or hold in clothes or to carry weapons.
  1. 'a sword belt'
  2. 'A classic-looking leather belt is around my waist, its buckle engraved with two simplified, overlapping trees.'
  3. 'His jerkin was decorated by a flamboyant lace frill around the neck, and like Tudor he carried a sword attached to a belt round his waist.'
  4. 'He reached to his waist and undid the belt buckle as he was talking to the corpsman.'
  5. 'He buckled his sword belt around his waist, and then he picked her up.'
  6. 'As he buckled the gun belt back around his waist, feeling fully dressed again at last he suddenly stopped and sniffed at the air.'
  7. 'A sharp, curved dagger dangled on a leather belt at her waist.'
  8. 'There was a brown leather belt tied around her waist and it had a place for a dagger sheath and a sword sheath.'
  9. 'Another teaching nun, Sister Annunciata, like the others wore a long, thick, leather belt from waist to toe beside her rosary.'
  10. 'I bought a leather belt with a heart-shaped buckle on it, from my favourite vintage clothes shop.'
  11. 'She threw on her silver bangle bracelets and grabbed her leather coat, not bothering to zip it up or tie the black leather belt at the waist.'
  12. 'Pupils have reserved seats fitted with belts and have to sign a code of conduct, with their parents, before they are allowed a place on the buses.'
  13. 'The seat belt sign blinked off meaning it was safe to un-buckle the belts.'
  14. 'Inspector Lyons urged motorists to use their belts and in particular children in the rear seats.'
  15. 'Why then has the commercial market been held back, all these years, to 2-and 3-point belts?'
  16. 'Volvo introduced two design concepts at the show, seeking consumer input on the comfort and user friendliness of the belts.'
  17. 'Ryder then jumped into the back seat, shimmying into the middle and buckling up the waist belt.'
  18. 'With the inertia reel belts used in cars nowadays, it is vital to ensure the belt is pulled very, very tightly around the seat to ensure it stays tight and the seat cannot wobble.'
  19. 'The Pistons a year ago donned the title belts because they played great defense.'
  20. 'On the line were Edge and Christian's WWF world tag-team title belts, which were suspended high above the ring.'
  21. 'A photograph of the new Russian champion holding aloft the title belt after the fight was even submitted, complete with black eye.'
  22. 'In 1949 those two met again in a title fight and Robinson retained his belt with a convincing unanimous decision victory.'
  23. 'If he wins any of the various title belts, he will become Scotland's eighth world champion.'
  24. 'The belt has been awarded to him because of his best performance and fight in India and for winning gold medals in several championships.'
  25. 'Based on their level of action in recent months, it seems only a matter of time before the kin are wearing title belts.'
  26. 'Such was his superiority, in fact, that when he won the event for the third time in succession in 1870, he was awarded the championship belt in perpetuity.'
  27. 'Around 1930 Jigoro Kano created a new belt to recognize the special achievements of high ranking black belts.'
  28. 'The March campaign will determine if he keeps his title belt.'
  29. as modifier 'brown-belt level'
  30. 'A candidate for black belt will realize that the belt is not as important as the lessons learned along the way.'
  31. 'The belt levels start at white, then, red, yellow, blue, green, brown, and then finally black.'
  32. 'Luke, who has a yellow belt in karate and is also a keen motorcyclist, has passed the entrance test for the navy.'
  33. 'I planned to take the yellow-belt test in mid-December, which is the first belt level you can achieve.'
  34. 'One of the changes he is credited with is the introduction of many colored belts to recognize advancement in Judo.'
  35. 'Janine beat more experienced rivals to win the senior traditional Kata coloured belt section at the Yorkshire Karate Championships in Morley.'
  36. 'He also has an orange belt in judo and regularly goes hill walking.'
  37. 'To facilitate giving instructions, one of the two judoka's wears a blue judogi or a red belt.'
  38. 'Mikonosuke Kawaishi is generally regarded as the first to introduce various colored belts in Europe in 1935 when he started to teach Judo in Paris.'
  39. 'And Kruger, who holds a third dan belt, said judo could put Zambia on the world map if it was given the support that soccer enjoyed.'
  40. 'I might be extremely sore today, but I was still managing to mix it up quite successfully with belts of my level last night…'
  41. 'Giving evidence, the defendant, a judo blue belt, had told the court he had been babysitting for friends and when they returned, he went to his house for some beer.'
  42. 'No wonder then that the other three international belts didn't rank him inside their top 15 places.'
  43. 'My handwriting was terrible and every English period without fail my teacher in my first year gave me the 'belt' until my writing improved.'
  44. 'I guess I cried so much thinking that I might get the belt and was teased relentlessly by the other kids that I got off with just a slap on the hand.'
  45. '"At school there were certain teachers who you really didn’t want to get the belt from," he said.'
A continuous band of material used in machinery for transferring motion from one wheel to another.
  1. 'Most of the belts are off the machines, or on idler wheels, so that when the mill is running only the machine being used is operating.'
  2. 'The unit offered on temporary loan features a ‘boat style’ cam and a belt / pulley spindle drive instead of flexible drive.'
  3. 'A timing belt or timing chain links the crankshaft to the camshaft so that the valves are in sync with the pistons.'
  4. 'Traditionally these machines have belts and pulleys to change increment speeds, which wouldn't change so often.'
  5. 'So we stopped at a repair shop to fix the dynamo belt.'
  6. 'The cam belt of my Audi TT snapped and destroyed the engine, costing me more than £4,500.'
  7. 'Faster and faster, the big belt spun, louder and louder the machinery hummed until the pitch was at its highest.'
  8. 'The guard covering the chain drive on the belt had worn out, exposing the mechanism.'
  9. 'When you check in for a flight, make sure the agent tags all your suitcases before sending them down the conveyer belt.'
  10. 'Emma, Death, and Muad unloaded the carts onto the conveyer belt.'
  11. 'Amy laughed hysterically at her joke and placed the items on the conveyer belt.'
  12. 'The rest of the rubbish is placed onto a conveyer belt, urea is added and it is taken to the digester.'
  13. 'Someone came and hand delivered them to us rather than us standing and watching the conveyer belt for almost an hour.'
  14. 'They went round and round in a long line and then Liza talked to a man at a desk who put the suitcases onto a conveyer belt and then gave them their tickets.'
  15. 'But downstairs, where checked luggage is scanned, only the conveyer belt had power.'
  16. 'The hot dogs are heated at one end and sent down a conveyer belt to the other.'
  17. 'All that jostling around on conveyer belts, handling without care and being thrown in with the cargo is exhausting.'
  18. 'This company has flour on the floor and on its conveyer belts.'
  19. 'Others are draped in belts of machine gun bullets, or carrying rocket-propelled grenade launchers over their shoulders.'
  20. 'We continued onwards, running from one piece of cover to the next while the machine gun chewed through belts of ammunition.'
  21. 'Despite the burden of an ammo belt and the machine gun, Archer out-ran all of the recruits.'
A strip or encircling area that is different in nature or composition from its surroundings.
  1. 'a belt of trees'
  2. 'A similar picture is seen in the Silurian, with five communities inhabiting the same area and forming concentric belts parallel to what was then the shoreline.'
  3. 'This explains the composition of much of the asteroid belt as well as the inner planets.'
  4. 'Apart from Strathmore and Buchan, the rest - and most of the central belt - was moorland, scrub, and marsh.'
  5. 'Now I have a temporary desk space in the upstairs back room we're using as a library, very cosy and snug, and a view over the belt of woody scrubland at the back of the estate.'
  6. 'The coastal belt was a restricted area and written permission was needed to enter it.'
  7. 'Rosetta will leave the benign environment of near-Earth space to the dark, frigid regions beyond the asteroid belt.'
  8. 'The Scottish electricity network is strong in the central belt but in areas such as the Galloway hills, and the north west the same can't be said.'
  9. 'South Waziristan is the largest but least developed area of the tribal belt.'
  10. 'A similar observation led Hart to average his data for species composition in circumpolar belts.'
  11. 'Because they were formed in two very different areas, the planetesimals in the two belts have different compositions.'
A heavy blow.
  1. 'Out of the clear blue he landed a belt on them and I never felt such pain.'
  2. 'I quickly put a smile on my face before he gave me a belt.'


Fasten with a belt.
  1. '"Ready?" he asked as she belted her coat.'
  2. 'She belted her drab-coloured trench coat firmly around her–she would need its strong, deep pockets to carry any stones she did find–and slipped quietly onto the landing.'
  3. 'They'd break pieces out and let it fall down to the beach, or some would have bags belted around their waists, one on each side of them to put the rock in.'
  4. 'He wasn't wearing the flowing robes of the female, but a white tunic, belted at his waist with white gold along with black leggings.'
  5. 'Her gun, belted at her waist, dug painfully into his leg, and Max winced.'
  6. 'He was wearing a white shirt, brown woollen trousers, a navy woollen jacket belted with a black belt and the cloak the soldier had mentioned.'
  7. 'They wore heaving broadswords belted on at the waist.'
  8. 'Maruka wore a simple day-dress uniform: a sleeveless black and white mini-dress belted at the waist worn with knee-high socks and ballerina flats.'
  9. 'A tulip-shaped skirt, a blouse with enormous sleeves belted at the waist, teetering platform courts and matt tights in white, black or grey.'
  10. 'Simple clothing - loose black trousers and a dark grey jacket, belted at the waist.'
  11. 'Alesso, dressed in a flowing white tunic belted at the waist with gold, and shod with golden sandals, leant out to catch the fleeing Daphne around the waist.'
  12. 'He was dressed in a traditional Akrian outfit, with high-collars, long sleeves and a tunic that reached to his knees and belted at the waist.'
  13. 'he was securely belted into the passenger seat'
  14. 'After we'd both finished belting ourselves in, he began to drive.'
  15. 'The seat is stiff, and the driver is belted in very tight.'
  16. 'Having an air bag was associated with an 8% reduction in the risk of death, whether the driver was belted or not'
  17. 'He had to belt the girl in more tightly so that she would not slide.'
  18. 'A law requiring that children be belted in safety seats takes effect today.'
  19. 'She threw a worn leather book-bag into the passenger seat and belted herself in.'
Beat or strike (someone), especially with a belt as a punishment.
  1. 'On Friday night TV3 late news played the footage of that guy belting him at least three times.'
  2. 'I give Titus a lot of credit for exhibiting as much self-control as he did and not belting Ray on the spot.'
  3. 'Both times I was belted it was for transgressions committed by other children.'
  4. 'Severely shaking a child's head or belting a child across the head can result in haemorrhages, spinal and internal injuries, brain damage, delays in motor development and possibly death.'
  5. 'It is much better to prevent serious injury to a child than to prosecute a parent for causing brain damage to a child by belting them around the head.'
  6. 'We are not into battle re-enactment, going round belting each other, we are concerned about what life was like.'
  7. 'He tried to slug her, but Al belted him the groin, a convenient target from where he was seated.'
  8. 'My great-grandfather would have belted him for swearing at a lady.'
  9. 'He took a lunge towards his lead horse and, unfortunately, that horse belted him one and fractured his jaw.'
  10. 'He went on to express a personal view that he supported the Bill and that he saw a need for a clear statement that belting a child is a criminal offence.'
  11. 'he belted the ball downfield'
  12. 'Ricardo ran forward and belted the ball low past David James.'
  13. 'Presented with a series of tricky problems, the Scud decided to play safe and run like the clappers, and just belt the ball for all he was worth.'
  14. 'But, just before the final whistle, it was Hawes again who belted the ball goal-bound only to see it hit a defending foot.'
  15. 'This was quite fortunate as I seemed to belt balls in every direction apart from directly ahead.'
  16. 'There is not, alas, any great technical explanation forthcoming as just to why such a small man should belt the ball such a long distance.'
  17. 'Two or three players were belting balls into the distance.'
  18. 'He then received a pass from Gaul and belted a ball towards an apparently barren goal only to see Christy Kealy appear to divert it out the field.'
  19. 'But above all, and most memorably, he ran down the pitch and just belted the length ball back over the bowler's head.'
  20. 'Aidrian McLoughlin strode up and belted a superb shot into the roof of the net.'
  21. 'However, the top three are players with the ability to really belt the ball.'
Rush or dash in a specified direction.
  1. '‘Great’ He said belting out the room and I heard him dash down the stairs.'
  2. 'Skiing, the noble art of belting down a mountain on two planks while three sheets to the wind, will never be the same again.'
  3. 'You would have to be truly belting through the place at a rate of knots to do it 7 minutes.'
  4. 'the rain belted down on the tin roof'
  5. 'Ah, Washington when the cherry blossom is in bloom: when it can be a sunny balmy 21 degrees one day and belting with rain the next.'
  6. 'All this seasonal picture-painting is, by the way, supposed to distract me from the fact that it is in fact belting down great gusts of rain outside my window right now.'
  7. 'From the re-start the rain started belting down, effectively killing off any enterprising backline play and the Bulldogs pack were left to slog it out in the trenches.'
  8. 'The horse lay there, thrashing violently, the Cowgirl, unconscious, the rains still belting on them, the funnel taking down everything in its path to their right.'

More definitions

1. a band of flexible material, as leather or cord, for encircling the waist.

2. any encircling or transverse band, strip, or stripe.

3. an elongated region having distinctive properties or characteristics: a belt of cotton plantations.

4. Machinery. an endless flexible band passing about two or more pulleys, used to transmit motion from one pulley to the other or others or to convey materials and objects.

5. Military. a cloth strip with loops or a series of metal links with grips,

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be belt into seats."

"people can be belt."