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  1. 'the single market came into being in 1993'
  2. 'For, until they are schooled into learning the story of their nation states, children have other illuminating narratives about how they came into being.'
  3. 'That the actuality of physical existence is not so much a state of being as a process of being.'
  4. 'Systems of government came into being to enable kings to achieve their ends.'
  5. 'We, however, are now speaking of things in their issuing from the universal source of being.'
  6. 'Nature was personified as an immaterial agency striving for ever more complex forms of being.'
  7. 'We're at the stage now where there's a basis to break out of this vicious cycle and actually bring into being something radically new.'
  8. 'They do not need the fiery Mars-energy, but have a more tranquil mode of being.'
  9. 'Only when one relaxes completely can one start to experience the natural state of being.'
  10. 'He is an artist obsessed by the horror of existence and the terrible vulnerability of being.'
  11. 'Makes me wonder whether any of us are really safe, or are we all enemies of the state just by sheer virtue of being.'
The nature or essence of a person.
  1. 'My heart was brimful as I said this, and I spoke with all the fervency of my being.'
  2. 'In this way, through fully letting go of our sadness, we come to sense the openness that is the core of our being.'
  3. 'I felt terrified, as I realised that God could see into the very depths of my being.'
  4. 'This time Squib laughed and gave her a kiss filled with all the passion and love in his being.'
  5. 'Their deafness, part of their biological makeup, is inextricably tied to their being.'
  6. 'This kind of scenario has always made me very queasy, right to the very core of my being.'
  7. 'Personhood in these traditions is more a process than a state or category of being.'
  8. 'In a lot of western magic discourse the ego is confused with the core of the being.'
  9. 'Why had she phrased it as though it were an affliction rather than a state of being?'
A real or imaginary living creature or entity, especially an intelligent one.
  1. 'a rational being'
  2. 'The only beings which do expect him and greet him with unbridled joy are the stray dogs.'
  3. 'All that was there was a being that attacked them with a lot of little flying things.'
  4. 'He has created a race of alien beings for his novel, and is halfway towards completing his next book.'
  5. 'So we willingly follow his two small, sad pink beings through the various trials of life and myth.'
  6. 'If we have such a pure and powerful minds as love and compassion for all living beings, we will be part of the solution.'
  7. 'The being kept following me as if I where drawing it with a magnet, and I didn't dare to let it touch me.'
  8. 'Does this mean that God is three persons, or three individuals or three beings etc.?'
  9. 'The motif of alien beings peopling our planet is a very common one in science fiction.'
  10. 'Maybe intelligent beings cannot exist unless the world is governed by logic and mathematics?'
  11. 'Before you can react, a being will pop out from behind a lamppost and jump onto you.'
  12. 'The screech is inhuman, drawn from another part of the being which doesn't often see light.'

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1. the fact of existing; existence (as opposed to nonexistence).

2. conscious, mortal existence; life: Our being is as an instantaneous flash of light in the midst of eternal night.

3. substance or nature: of such a being as to arouse fear.

4. something that exists: inanimate beings.

5. a living thing: strange, exotic beings that live in the depths of the sea.

6. a human being; person: the most beautiful being you could imagine.

7. (initial capital letter) God.

8. Ph

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"equals can be being."

"parts can be being."

"members can be being."

"people can be being."

"backs can be being."

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