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A pale sandy fawn colour.
  1. as modifier 'a beige raincoat'
  2. 'Long stretches of peeling-paint one and two storey buildings, with molded plastic signs whose reds and whites are well on their way to turning to muted pinks and beiges.'
  3. 'The theme in the house seemed to be of neutral and warm shades like tan, stone brown and beige.'
  4. 'The colours are dominated by delicate pastels and powdery shades of white, sand, cream and beige.'
  5. 'Then there is the classic, who aims for an understated look in camel, beige, cream and navy.'
  6. 'The chassis can be ordered by customers in any colour, but black or beige are standard.'
  7. 'Twenty-two blended shades of blues, greens, reds and beiges were studied and formulated into five accepted tones for the aircraft cabins.'
  8. 'The bed had been made, probably just this morning, but pairs of socks already littered the wide planked, wooden floor, along with a braided rug of browns and beiges.'
  9. 'The popular colours are beige, cream, brown and copper which are ideal for showing off the intricate work.'
  10. 'Amid a sea of grey and beige the brighter colours are gaining favour with every age group.'
  11. 'Except, of course, I was wrong, as when we entered we could see that the main colour was a light beige.'

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1. very light brown, as of undyed wool; light gray with a brownish tinge. adjective

2. of the color beige.

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"books can be beige."

"people/places/organizations can be beige."

"reports can be beige."

"summaries can be beige."

"surveys can be beige."

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Mid 19th century (denoting a usually undyed and unbleached woollen fabric of this colour): from French, of unknown ultimate origin.