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Before an action or event; in advance.
  1. 'Adam and I had a bit of time to waste beforehand, so we just walked up and down Newtown for a while.'
  2. 'Because it is a large order I called the owner of the shop beforehand to find out whether or not the chicken was in stock.'
  3. 'In future, only community groups who make appointments beforehand will be allowed in.'
  4. 'I was nervous beforehand, but I walked up to you and you smiled at me and that totally settled my nerves.'
  5. 'Unless you've been fully briefed beforehand, you haven't a clue what they expect of you.'
  6. 'You have all those dreams beforehand and then something always goes wrong.'
  7. 'It was clear to me beforehand that there had been quite a few changes made.'
  8. 'They had been advising stores to remove affected products for several days beforehand.'
  9. 'We were warned beforehand that more than half of the time would be spent on the road.'
  10. 'But make sure you clean your teeth beforehand or have some chewing gum or a drink.'

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1. in anticipation; in advance; ahead of time: We should have made reservations beforehand. I hope to be beforehand with my report.

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"ashes can be beforehand with people."

"people can be beforehand."

"whichs can be beforehand."

"psychoanalysises can be beforehand."

"fears can be beforehand."

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Middle English (originally as two words): from before + hand; probably influenced by Old French avant main.


be beforehand with