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Muscular or robust.
  1. 'The monster had four huge arms (two on each side of its body), and two strong beefy legs.'
  2. 'A strange man came up the gaming table and put a beefy hand on James's shoulder.'
  3. 'He's a handsome guy, beefy and apparently well built, though it's tough to tell when he's wearing jeans and a t-shirt.'
  4. 'And if this is a trendsetter, our action sequences are not going to have beefy people flexing their muscles or lean and steely acrobats performing somersaults anymore.'
  5. 'And then he finds an actor who seems to purposefully carry the weight and fate of the world on his broad, beefy shoulders.'
  6. 'A 28-to 44-year-old, beefy, shaved head, easygoing buddy for inspiration!'
  7. 'It wasn't until Sophia felt a heavy hand on her shoulder and Keeran got the same beefy hand grabbing his muscular shoulder that they broke apart.'
  8. 'The young soldier's competitor was a big burly man with beefy arms and legs the size of tree trunks, while the young duelist was small and scrawny - barely half the big man's size.'
  9. '‘Right away, honey,’ said the man, swinging a white towel over one beefy shoulder.'
  10. 'She had already extracted two of her bags, and all that was left was her small box shaped one with everything she held precious inside, by the time Chris had come back, with two men behind him, they were strong, beefy men.'
  11. 'the beefy 1960s British amplifier'
  12. 'It also consumes all of your computer's memory (And I've run it on a very beefy computer) so it's basically useless unless I can strip it down slightly.'
  13. 'She makes a striking entrance in riding boots, looking every inch the aristocrat, but her emotional range is altogether too slender for this beefy role.'
  14. 'The city will reverberate to the sounds of beefy engines in April when the very first National Power Festival takes place at the Grand Prix Circuit from April 9 to 11.'
  15. 'So, seemingly trying to solve this, the new LP goes for all out, technicolour sound - big, beefy bass, super-precise funk beats and plenty of shimmering keyboards.'
  16. 'These, especially in this length, are beefy skis.'
  17. 'I suppose, in the end, I was a little disappointed, not because each of these wasn't a big, beefy concept with a positively gargantuan hinterland of potential consequences.'
Tasting like beef.
  1. 'The children have decorated the walls with pictures they drew for school - beefy cattle and chickens, Ethiopian lions, all painted in the colours of the landscape, pale yellows and greens.'
  2. 'Tasting the peppers, I was impressed by its nice chew and beefy flavour.'
  3. 'It tastes beefy in every respect: fleshy, brawny and intense.'
  4. 'A good texture and quite strong on the seasonings but not hugely beefy.'


1. of or like beef.

2. brawny; thickset; heavy.

3. obese.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be beefy."

"promoters can be beefy."

"mayors can be beefy."

"thighs can be beefy."

"faces can be beefy."

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