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  1. 'After scrambling up the steep banks and ploughing through the undergrowth with my boat in tow, I emerged bedraggled and muddy.'
  2. 'Her face loomed over his - blotchy with tears, eyes swollen, hair bedraggled.'
  3. 'I can see my reflection in the mirror, but I do not want to see the bedraggled, red-streaked hair and the angry, sad expression.'
  4. 'He had dragged himself from the bed in a tangle of blankets, his hair tousled and bedraggled like a farmer's hay stack that had been left out in the rain.'
  5. 'Her pink dress was bedraggled, her hair sopping wet.'
  6. 'His hair was bedraggled; some of it fell in the dark waves as intended, but the rest of it was divided between twisting away in haphazard directions and matting itself to his head.'
  7. 'All day long, rescuers in boats and helicopters plucked bedraggled flood refugees from rooftops and attics.'
  8. 'McLellan may have been wet, bedraggled and muddied but she could still raise a big smile at the prospect of making that first underground sighting of a wombat, cosy and safe, far down in its den.'
  9. 'After about half an hour of inability to go back to sleep, I ran a hairbrush through my bedraggled hair and stumbled down four flights of stairs to get to the dining hall.'
  10. 'I wondered in alarm, seeing all the available dry spaces being crowded out by the bedraggled refugees.'
  11. 'Her long hair was in a bedraggled mess and her normally fair skin was flushed red.'


1. limp and soiled, as with rain or dirt.

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"fields can be bedraggled with dusts."

"refugees can be bedraggled."

"armies can be bedraggled."

"people can be bedraggled."

"figures can be bedraggled."

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Early 18th century: from be- ‘thoroughly’ + draggle + -ed.