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A piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress.
  1. 'she was in bed by nine'
  2. 'Many of these fires happen when someone falls asleep in bed or on upholstered furniture such as a sofa while smoking.'
  3. 'When she was convinced her parents were asleep, she slipped out of bed and dressed herself.'
  4. 'The walls were all white and the only items inside were a bed, cabinet, desk, and chair.'
  5. 'There is no specific treatment for measles but the patient should rest in bed for a few days and be given plenty to drink.'
  6. 'The bed was the largest piece of furniture in the room and stood against the south wall, opposite the door.'
  7. 'Not wanting to go back to sleep, she slipped out of bed, and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.'
  8. 'If it takes longer than 20 or 30 minutes to get to sleep, do not lie in bed becoming anxious about sleeping.'
  9. 'I just don't enjoy leaping out of bed and into a pile of my sisters old smelly socks.'
  10. 'The alarm frightened the sleep out of me; I dragged myself out of bed, and got my guests into the car.'
  11. 'I was going to go back to bed this morning but I didn't feel tired.'
  12. 'A South Essex psychiatric hospital is to get 12 extra beds for patients who have been treated at high-security institutions like Broadmoor.'
  13. 'An East Yorkshire hospital is down to its last five free beds as adult patients are forced to use a children's ward.'
  14. 'In an average week, four patients are blocking hospital beds because they can not be moved elsewhere.'
  15. 'Staff at Hemel Hempstead General Hospital yesterday set aside extra beds and intensive care facilities for anyone suffering complications as a result of the smoke hanging over the area.'
  16. 'Elderly patients stuck in hospital beds because of a care crisis will be moved by next month, York's head of social services has promised.'
  17. 'The organisation has begun to release daily figures which show that an average of 200 patients are left lying on hospital trolleys waiting for beds.'
  18. 'He said he recognised that acute hospitals had beds occupied by patients who could be discharged if appropriate facilities were available.'
  19. 'In a bid to improve services and free up much needed emergency beds, the foundations of a new treatment centre have been laid at Darent Valley Hospital.'
  20. 'Ambulances will also cease to bring patients to the A & E unit at the hospital if there are more than 25 patients awaiting beds.'
  21. '‘The targets have meant hospitals pushing patients through beds even when they should be closed for cleaning to get rid of infection,’ he said.'
  22. in combination 'a three-bed detached house'
  23. 'Forty-nine of the proposed homes will be one-bed flats.'
  24. 'An old four bed farmhouse in need of renovation and a range of stone outbuildings on the land offer huge potential.'
  25. 'A two-bed in the same area in 1995 would cost about £550 whereas today they cost around £900 per month.'
  26. 'But, thanks to the new scheme, Donna has now signed up for a two bed flat on Limefield Brow.'
  27. 'Council bosses have branded the garden of his six-bed semi an eyesore and have ordered him to clean it up.'
  28. 'The three bed dormer detached bungalow provides many extras and is within easy reach of the town centre.'
  29. 'A five-bed bungalow is currently being built on a half acre plot.'
  30. 'There the Colonel lives in a single room with a dirt floor and a straw bed.'
  31. 'Often enough, some of them could not make the trip home and ended up spending the night in make-shift beds at my daughter's flat.'
  32. 'Mats or leaves generally serve as beds, and cooking is done on open fires near the huts.'
  33. 'Living in a bare floored, unheated cell with a bed of straw, she spent her days rising at 5.00 am.'
  34. 'Before him was a very messily thrown-together bed of a pile of leaves with a sheet spread over it.'
  35. 'Taking several steps forward, she saw a strong wooden box sitting on her straw bed.'
  36. 'They were lying together wrapped in warm furs on a bed of fresh yellow straw, inside a tent.'
  37. 'The floor was beaten earth; the bed was of straw, hides or a rude contrivance of cords tied on posts.'
  38. 'David had made a bed on the floor, of my spare duvet and a sleeping bag he had found among his personal effects.'
  39. 'Banana leaves laid on the dirt floor serve as beds for visitors.'
  40. 'he's incredibly good in bed'
  41. 'I didn't go to bed with him when he asked me because I was too tired to have sex after the amazing weekend with my lover.'
  42. 'She and Austin had been married for two whole months, but he had yet to take her to bed and make love with her.'
  43. 'She also says that any man who's obsessed with football is terrible in bed.'
  44. 'He was putting on a show at the Edinburgh Festival and asked me to join the group and then, consequently, got the girl into bed.'
The bottom of the sea or a lake or river.
  1. 'After lunch we would trail around the neighbourhood which involved a lot of exploring of stream beds and ponds and railways.'
  2. 'Sediments on lake bottoms and sea beds are far richer in biomarker molecules than we might suspect.'
  3. 'From its station near the bed of the river, it surges up to snatch at smaller fish foolish enough to swim through its field of vision.'
  4. 'With its river beds, attractive hill ridges and stunning mountains, it provides city dwellers access to nature right on their doorstep.'
  5. 'There has obviously been little rain here for a long time and the river bed is virtually dry.'
  6. 'The muddy bed of the river is littered with boulders, but not ones that have arrived by geological forces.'
  7. 'Sponges are a plant-like sea animal which are harvested from the ocean bed.'
  8. 'The water flowed over the rocks in the stream bed, and as it flowed, it seemed to sing.'
  9. 'Many goby species are found on sandy or muddy sea beds, but the rock goby, as the name implies, prefers rocky ground, and will usually be found peering out from a crevice or hole.'
  10. 'Meanwhile, Elkenback and his crew spotted the fourth truck in the stream bed to the north.'
  11. 'the Firth of Forth was once home to vast beds of oysters'
  12. 'The reef peters out in 25m or so on a dark, sandy seabed where there is a healthy scallop bed.'
  13. 'Horse mussel beds create a habitat for about 100 other species, but they are being destroyed by scallop dredging.'
  14. 'Oyster beds where young oysters are matured are as carefully looked after today as are game preserves.'
  15. 'The island has an untouched oyster bed while the general area has mussel and cockle beds.'
  16. 'The tide was out, further out than I had seen for a very long time, revealing an expanse of mud and mussel beds.'
  17. 'They winter in open, coastal environments, favoring bays and inlets with sandy shores and shellfish beds.'
  18. 'The usual lot were there on the mussel beds, and in the channel, a seal was having a tough time disposing of quite a large salmon.'
  19. 'Possibly, wanderlust could have played a role, following herds up into the Middle East or following the shell fish beds out into the Arabian peninsular and on into India.'
  20. 'After the island came a long beach stroll; oystercatchers plundered the mussel beds and crows feasted on small crabs.'
  21. 'At first glance there seemed to be nothing on the mussel beds, but closer inspection revealed a few Curlews, and about 100 Golden Plovers.'
An area of ground, typically in a garden, where flowers and plants are grown.
  1. 'a bed of tulips'
  2. 'They brighten woodland gardens and perennial beds, and are useful container plants.'
  3. 'Five raised beds in the final design represent the five senses and each class in the school has a bed to fill.'
  4. 'Apply general garden fertiliser to beds and borders and lightly work it into the soil surface.'
  5. 'Cover any bare soil areas within your beds with a bark or wood chip mulch.'
  6. 'Most home gardeners now opt for planting in beds rather than rows.'
  7. 'The first step to getting the best from your berries is to straw the bed.'
  8. 'An avid gardener, she planted beds with hardy perennials.'
  9. 'As soon as the ground can be worked, dig or till compost or other organic matter into the soil to prepare flower and vegetable beds for spring planting.'
  10. 'Raised beds make gardening possible on sites where growing plants would otherwise be impossible.'
  11. 'Gardeners who have recently moved almost always welcome new plants to fill empty beds.'
A stratum or layer of rock.
  1. 'Most beds are clearly graded, commonly with cross-bedded intervals towards the top.'
  2. 'The underlying Dosados sandstone member, 80 m below, is the source bed for the intrusions.'
  3. 'Ash layers are generally interleaved with beds of lava and sediment, and so a rock that contains such a layer was formed at approximately the time of the ash deposition.'
  4. 'The quartz here was in flat-lying beds just below the surface.'
  5. 'The formation is composed of shales, mudstones, sandstones, oil shales and coal beds accumulated in fluvial to lacustrine environments.'
  6. 'That year the school was in British Columbia near the site of the now-famous Burgess Shale fossil beds.'
  7. 'Some of the sandstone beds are c.1.5 m thick with some cross bedding and burrows.'
  8. 'The vivianite occurs in dark brown and dark gray beds of glacial silt and clay.'
  9. 'The development of Skolithos trace fossils on the upper surface of some beds suggests periodical emergence into an intertidal zone.'
  10. 'Sandstone beds within the conglomerates are locally planar cross-bedded.'
A layer of food on which other foods are served.
  1. 'This wine is ideal with slices of cool turkey, dusted with a little sea salt and draped over a crisp lettuce bed on rye bread.'
  2. 'Arrange a little bed of watercress on four small serving plates, and balance a tartine on top of each.'
  3. 'The cold plate was beautifully presented on a bed of green leaves, with little pots of mustard and mayo, hard boiled eggs and tomato.'
  4. 'Abi had veal on a bed of puy lentils with a gratin of potatoes and butternut squash.'
  5. 'These tasty dishes were served on beds of broccoli dressed with chili, garlic, spring onions and other ingredients.'
  6. 'Mine was a large piece of pink salmon on a bed of spinach, topped with red and green sauce and matchsticks of courgette.'
  7. 'The fish, coated with polenta and fried was served on a bed of rocket with a reduced red wine sauce as an accompaniment.'
  8. 'They appeared on the dreaded bed of spinach, which is always ghastly.'
  9. 'I ordered the house speciality - calves liver and spinach on a bed of mashed potato.'
  10. 'Chilli peppers are included in a mixture of minced lamb and flavourings served on a bed of Basmati rice.'
A flat base or foundation on which something rests or is supported.
  1. 'the pavement consists of granite blocks set on a bed of cobblestones and cement'
  2. 'The bed of the railway track is mainly limestone ballast, with ash on the outer margins.'
  3. 'Workers again placed concrete mud beds on the subgrade under the drains and attached angle iron to them with concrete anchors.'
  4. 'the spare tyre in the forward bed of the truck'
  5. 'Next to them on the street a woman sells fruit from her pickup truck, and the bed overflows with pomelos and papayas.'
  6. 'When they had gone through the first container, a second was delivered on the bed of a huge truck.'
  7. 'I turned sideways, leaning against the side of the truck bed, and held my arms out to her.'
  8. 'In one, he's standing beside the open bed of a pickup truck on which lies a giant, dead buck.'
  9. 'The forklift operator put it behind the first two pallets, centered on the bed of the truck.'
  10. 'Michael quickly moved out of the bed of the truck and opened the driver side door.'
  11. 'Jordan turned sideways so that his back was against the side of the truck bed.'
  12. 'The large burly man leapt on top of the of the truck bed and unsnapped the locks on the box.'
  13. 'With that he put her bags in the bed of the truck and walked over to the passenger door and opened it.'
  14. 'Soon, the car was attached by its back bumper to the miniature crane in the bed of the truck.'
  15. 'Candle light was replaced by oil lamps, but a tray was still necessary to prevent drips of oil from damaging the cloth covering the bed of the table.'
  16. 'A foul has occurred if the cue ball or an object ball comes in contact on the table's bed.'


Settle down to sleep or rest for the night in an improvised place.
  1. 'The Avenue features street kids, many of whom live from night to night, bedding down wherever they can find shelter.'
  2. 'That night he made his way out of town and bedded down on the edge of a shallow gully.'
  3. 'Each night as they bedded down, the chimps would call out to one another.'
  4. 'When the storm, with winds of up to 120 mph struck, Anna and her family were herded into their hotel's top-floor conference centre and, with blankets and pillows, told to bed down for the night.'
  5. 'Picking a good place to bed down for the night can make a big difference in combating the chill.'
  6. 'We then departed for a wooded spot a few miles away, where we bedded down in the brush for the night, hoping to regain contact with our colleagues in the morning.'
  7. 'The Evening Press reported the 39-year-old kept all his worldly possessions on the back seat, shaved in the rear-view mirror, and bedded down on the driver's seat every night wrapped in a waterproof smock.'
  8. 'For the time being, he had to find a place to bed down for the night.'
  9. 'Those not staying with relatives were last night preparing to bed down in sleeping bags at the nearby sports and amateur rugby league club, set up as the emergency centre to deal with the incident.'
  10. 'We bedded down in the forest that first night on the way back.'
  11. 'she is grooming the horses and bedding them down for the night'
  12. 'The feed was there to keep her weight on, the straw was there to bed her down on; and in my eyes the loanee was getting a very good deal, yet it still wasn't enough.'
  13. 'You'll need to see to the horse's injury and bed him down.'
  14. 'Well, I think we'd best bed you down right now, son.'
  15. 'As darkness enveloped us we made our way back to the kennels, it was time to feed the dogs then bed them down for the night.'
  16. 'We bedded him down on Friday night, tired and a little drunk, in the living room, at 2am, next to a radiator and directly opposite the morning sun, which our house faces.'
  17. 'Each evening the horses were bedded down, fed, watered, cosseted and crooned at.'
  18. 'Stable boys were bedding the horses down for the night or sweeping the stabling area clean.'
  19. 'She has rubbished the singer's claim that he bedded four of the five members of the group.'
  20. 'You don't deserve a man who's killed other men and bedded other women.'
  21. 'He sold the story of how he bedded her on his first date to the News of the World for £15,000.'
  22. 'In the film, Christina will play a young woman who beds complete strangers whenever she has a panic attack.'
  23. 'But even if he was a crime lord who bedded whores and killed his subordinates, I had seen the kind side of him too long to absolutely hate him.'
  24. 'He regularly bedded secretaries and prostitutes provided by friendly governments.'
  25. 'He is renowned for bedding scores of women.'
  26. 'In 500 years he only beds one woman and even then has to pay for the privilege.'
  27. 'The day of nuptials culminated with a brief comedy moment - as members of the cast hit the dancefloor to reveal some interesting moves - before ruthless Rob bedded the bridesmaid to keep the sordid secret under wraps.'
  28. 'I wonder if the actress knew this when she was bedded by him.'
Transfer (a plant) from a pot or seed tray to a garden plot.
  1. 'Bed the plants into the prepared trench and cover the roots with soil, which should be watered if dry.'
  2. 'The best time to bed new strawberries is in early spring.'
  3. 'I have bedded my tomato plants in the greenhouse and some more in the veg patch, whilst the wife has potted her crab apple tree in the planter.'
Fix firmly; embed.
  1. 'She returned to the task of bolting together the sides of her small greenhouse and bedding them into the soil.'
  2. 'The track in Australia is not deeply bedded on a firm base and much of it lacks proper drainage.'
  3. 'Now the council has stepped in to try and make some of them safe by using a hoist to lift the stones and bedding them in concrete two feet deep.'
  4. 'During the middle to late Tertiary Period, dikes, sills, and small irregular bodies of mafic to silicic igneous material were intruded into the bedded sedimentary and volcanic rocks.'
  5. 'The veins extend perpendicularly from the thrust fault across the skarn and pinch out in overlying rhythmically bedded limestone.'
  6. 'It is represented by the E-Lert Formation of the Ratburi Group, consisting of mudstone, shale, sandstone, and limestone with a few bedded cherts.'
  7. 'This is the only location where bedded sedimentary rocks were observed to be in direct contact with the pillow basalts.'
  8. 'It is represented by the uppermost Nong Pong and the uppermost Khao Khad Formations of the Saraburi Group, consisting of limestone with a few bedded cherts, shale, sandstone and a few volcanics.'
  9. 'To emphasize the characteristics of the bedded rocks, the right- and left-hand columns of Figure 4 exclude the primary volcanic facies.'
  10. 'In this core, a 100m thick impact breccia underlies 50 cm of bedded dolomitic limestone with diverse planktic foraminiferal assemblages of zone CF1 that spans the last 300 ka of the Maastrichtian.'
  11. 'The Haluut Bulag melange is dominantly sedimentary with lenses of bedded limestone, sandstone, siltstone, and locally vesicular basalt, enclosed in a matrix of pelitic schist.'
  12. 'The granitoids and the steeply bedded sedimentary rocks that they intruded are cut by steep or vertical regional cleavage.'
  13. 'The sedimentary rocks are well bedded and dominated by mudstones with beds 2-5 m thick.'
  14. 'a period of calm will allow the changes to bed in'
  15. 'The team now have a squad consisting of 26 players bedding in.'
  16. 'That would keep up last season's momentum, and with work under way on the club's youth academy, bedding in a couple of youngsters could be crucial.'
  17. 'While the education authority is keen to talk up the new system, it admits there are likely to be hiccups as it beds in.'
  18. 'We still have a bit of bedding in to do as it's a completely new environment for everyone.'
  19. 'As the change beds in, smoking will seem less and less like a normal thing to do.'
  20. 'We felt, however, that while the schools are bedding in, the dining room should be divided to allow teachers to operate the most effective supervision of school pupils.'
  21. 'These are the prices given when a new property is still bedding in, although do check which facilities are up and running before you commit - spas, pools and gyms often open well after the accommodation.'

More definitions

1. a piece of furniture upon which or within which a person sleeps, rests, or stays when not well.

2. the mattress and bedclothes together with the bedstead of a bed.

3. the bedstead alone.

4. the act of or time for sleeping: Now for a cup of cocoa and then bed.

5. the use of a bed for the night; lodging: I reserved a bed at the old inn.

6. the marital relationship.

7. any resting place: making his bed under a tree.

8. something resembling a bed in form or position. 9. a p

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